Confessions of a bond-breaker

A guy was asked in his interview with TCS whether having a bond of Rs. 50000 helps in retaining employees, his answer was straight forward “jisko jaana hain woh to jayega hi, having a bond or not doesn’t matter”. The guy was rejected in the interview; perhaps he did a good to himself by not joining a company which forces employees to stay using threat means like bond. But the case for having a employee bond cannot be ruled out completely, if there are employers who believe in exploiting employees there are disloyal employees too. It is fair for companies, which invest a lot in training to have a moral bond. But in no case it should be used as a means to torture employees, if you have a bond with your employer but you are not getting any work (on bench) or you are not happy with your work, it makes sense to leave. If you cant work/live happily with your present employer, your productivity would be low any way, making your employer unhappy.
I don’t recommend breaking a bond but in extreme cases if you wish to, understand the pros and cons well. There are several pros and cons, which are related to breaking bond:

1) The employer may chase you to court, I have heard Satyam doing so, Infy has quite good policies in this regard, and they may not trouble you much. Indian law does not permit Bonded Labor; the case can be fought on the basis of money spent on training by employer. Companies, which have big training batches, can go to court, they may lose the case, but it can cost your time and energy. Be careful, as some employers have started viewing breaking bond as a serious offense. It does put a question mark on your resume.
2) You may require experience letter and relieving letter, which you may not get if you break a bond. You can require experience certificate when applying for VISA, MBA or admission to any foreign university. If you go for a job it may not be required, but if a company asks for reference from your old company, whom will look for? If you broke the bond, you cannot have good relations with them.
3) Third reason is more of ethical issues/professional behavior, you get back what you give, if you chose to break the bond today, tomorrow when you start your own company, your first employee may do the same (you have already set an example for him). And it is better to have good relations with everyone, you never know what help you may need in future.
1) You can break free from something you never wanted to do, you don’t have to work just because you have a bond, all this can act as positive boost. Very similar to what happens after divorce.
2) Your new company may be prove to be your dream company.
3) Be careful and preserve your offer letter and pay slips, it can come handy when you are asked to prove your experience, imagine during an interview you are asked why the gap is there in your resume.

Last but not the least, please read the review of the company you are going to join at


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  1. Rakesh says:

    never ever join companies…. they have a bond for 1.5 lakhs …… 2 years ….. meant to torture freshers ….. which is a sin. totally unethical. you can never break free from the bond. they will chase after you for the money. it can be time consuming for your energy and money.

    • jayashree says:

      i have resigned in accenture within one month due to some problems. now i have got a post from the employer saying i have to pay 10000 rs as i have not served the notice period else they will take actions as available under law and equity. i am worried. please help me. will they pull me to court?

      • Rajan says:

        No i dont think so…bcz many of my friends had done this..One of my frined was asking for the transfer from infosys bangalore to pune…HR told him not possible…he stooped going to company..joined cognizant in pune…after 1 week automatically he was he was free but what about experience certificate…Simple after one month he left a mail to the company guys and tell them that he was so ill and suffered from jaundice etc etc.
        he send them scanned medical duplicate certificates…Company told to join them as soon..he told them doctor had advised him 6 month bed rest and also he is facing water problems in bangalore…so he need to quit company…after 15 days he got hi release letter and after 3 month h e got hi pf..:-)
        duniya jhukti hai..jhukanewala HR kya hote hai..zandubalm jese….:-)
        dont worry koi achi tarkib nikal ke nikal jao accenture me se…

      • Jacob says:

        Don’t listen to wrong advice given by unscrupulous people like Rajan. He is telling you to lie and cheat and also showing you the way to do so. I am amazed that he is so shameless and is telling openly on public forum to make duplicate medical certificates.

        My suggestion would be to go and meet the HR head of Accenture and genuinely explain the problem. Maybe they will understand and cooperate with you. Otherwise they can get you into trouble.

        I am a HR professional with 17 years of experience and am working as General Manager of HR in a private firm, so I am giving you practical advice.

  2. Innovative guy says:

    Hi there

    I’m one of the employees of one of these IT companies who just recieved a court summons letter for breaking a bond 1 year back. I’ll keep posting on this blog for the help of future people what exactly happened to me.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The problem is not with the bond, its with the way IT companies operate and the concept of Bench. I really wonder why these companies take is so many people and put them on bench. If you want an IT job get into a Product company, Not an Indian SI.

  4. Gaurav says:

    Hi Innovative guy,

    What is happening to your case.

    Please advise what to do. i also received same letter from my employer..


  5. Miltu says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Can you please let me know about the steps that you had taken against this issue.


  6. nsujoy says:

    I dont think you can do much, depending on whether you want the relieving letter or not, take the decision

  7. Miltu says:

    Hi Sujoy,

    No, I am not worried about getting the relieving letter or the experience letter. But if the company takes some legal action ( which has occured with Gaurav ) , then what to do ?


  8. nsujoy says:

    What is your company, i have heard about Satyam doing so, no other big does so and small companies cannot afford to do so

  9. Miltu says:

    Hi Sujoy,

    I joined hexaware before almost 3 yrs and left after 11 months as I was getting frustrated on the bench. Suddenly they have sent one mail in my address just before 10 days asking to pay the money, otherwise they would take legal action.

    • Praveen says:


      My sister-in-law joined in hexaware 2 years back. she signed a 2years bond.after her marriage she not able to continue the job.Suddenly last week we got letter asking to pay the money for the sum of rs 2,40,000 rs.Could you plz tell me how to handle this problem. this will help us to react accordingly based on your suggestion.

      Waiting for your valuable input.

      Thanks in advance.


  10. nsujoy says:

    Did you ask others who got similar letters what they did? Was the letter addressed to your name or your father’s name?
    I know many who got such letters from infy but didn respond back, i am not sure what happens, recently i heard these candidates are blacklisted by some companies.
    Call up those who left Hexaware and got such letters, or talk to the HR(next step only, if you see they are serious, unofficially offcourse) and dont panic 😉

    • papi says:


      My sister joined in hexaware 2 years back. she signed a 2years bond.after one year she not able to continue the job.Suddenly last week we got letter to our address asking us to pay the money for the sum of rs 2,40,000 rs.Could you plz tell me how to handle this problem.Whether we need to consult the lawyer? this will help us to react accordingly based on the suggestions.

      Waiting for your valuable input.

      Thanks in advance.


  11. Cool guy says:

    Hi guys,

    Plz help me out…

    I joined my company on Aug 2007 as a developer. While joining they told u will get better growth over here and they asked me to sign a bond for 18 months and they asked our degree certificate… I did so…That time I did not think much since i thought its good company and there is nothing wrong giving the certificates…

    They gave the training on one upcoming technology for 3 months .. One fine day they told me that since there is no development now.. Plz do some testing work till v get some project on that technolgy.. i agreed for that….. Now m realizing that here there is no growth both in terms of money and projects…. Now i’m doing some testing which is not at all my domain….

    I started applying for companies and I got an offer letter from one good company.. they asked me to show all my certificates within 15 days… The problem now is .. i dont have
    degree certificate and previous company exp certificate with me now… How can I approch my company to get back my certificates and exp letter…

    And they are not giving pay slip to us… they are simple giving us the ” check”.. SO i dont have salary slip to show… Please help me out in this regard… I ‘m not getting any idea.. I want to get rid of this company anyhow…. and start my career with that new company…

    • Rajan says:

      simple tell them u need your certificates to show to passport office…Bco in passport office u had to show original degree marksheet certificates..after they give u join ur dream company..
      then stop going to company..dont receive phones or reply to any guy..
      now u r free:-)
      but what about experience certificate…Simple after one month u leave a mail to the company guys and tell them that u were so ill and suffered from jaundice etc etc.
      send them scanned medical duplicate certificates…tell them u r facing water problems in that city..u need to go to hometown…
      and tell them doctor told about 6 month bedrest….and tell them u r quitting as u r facig seriuos health probs…

      duniya jhukti hai..jhukanewala HR kya hote hai..zandubalm jese….:-)
      dont worry koi achi tarkib nikal ke nikal jao waha se:-)

  12. pinky says:

    I had a bond of one year post training in a very big MNC. The job over there is very very hectic and they didnt used to pay much. I still didnot complete my training when i got an other job offer from another MNC which paid me double of what my prev company paid. It was very difficult for me to get relieval but I lied so much and got out finally. They accepted my resignation then. Now they came to know about it I got a mail from them that they are going to legally proceed against me and tell all this to my new company too. I am really tensed and scared. I got this mail after 5 months.
    I hv discussed this with my new manager and he is ready to help me.
    Pls help me what should i do

  13. nsujoy says:

    which company is this, tell the name then i can tell you.

  14. Narayana says:


    I joined a top MNC (name starts n ends with C) in 2007. The bond period is 2 years(upto 2009).I signed a bond – 2 years for 1 lakh.
    I wanna leave this com. , right now.
    i don want any pf,exp. letter,….

    do i need to pay anything to the com.?
    do i need to inform the HR before leaving ?

    Any advice is very much appreciated…


  15. nsujoy says:

    if it is CMC then i think you will have difficulty getting relieving letter, inform the HR that is least expected professional behavior , if they agree it is good, but i don’t think you stand any chance to be legally prosecuted as bonded labour is illegal in India.

  16. Vikas Dubey says:


    Resignation during bond period.?
    I am working in a Top IT company. I have signed a bond for 2Yrs and amount of 1.5Lacs. I am having family problem and requested my reporting manager to give me transfer or relieving letter. But he says that neither i will be transfered nor company will give me a relieving letter as i am under probation period. I also asked him that should i mail the HR stating my Problem and request, he denied to do so. I am going under mental stress and is not able to work efficiently. My question is company has not provided me any training nor did any expenditure. Can i leave company and whether i should give the resignation or there is some other way to leave the company without paying the bond amount. Will they create any trouble for my friend who is a guarantor of this bond. Kindly please help me out. Looking forward for your positive response. Thanking u in advance….

    • Jai says:

      Is it HCL comnet you are talking about?
      Please guide me, I got an appointment letter from them as a trainee with same bond conditions. Should I do the job or leave it.
      Pls. reply.

  17. nsujoy says:

    Try talking to HR as you are telling its a big company, there should be some HR.
    If nothing works out talk to your new employer.
    I think its rare they will take some legal action, but tell which company is this?

  18. Vikas Dubey says:

    the company is “HCL Comnet Ltd”” what sholud i do iam only bothered about my friend, he should not have any kind of problem.

    Company has not provided me any kind of training nor did any expenditure on me..

    Please help iam also getting a job with high package in a reputed company in my home town.

    I don’t want relieving letter of work ex. I just want to leave the job.

  19. nsujoy says:

    May be your boss thinks you are leaving as you got a better job, which is true to an extent, i don’t think they will trouble your friend, but if they do are u willing to pay the money??
    Without relieving letter you may have problem in future when you go for visa. Try to talk to your manager again, explain him you will leave so its better they relieve you

  20. Vikas Dubey says:


  21. nsujoy says:

    ask someone who has already left hcl comnet and ask him what happened, was asked to pay the bond, at most they can ask your friend to come to court and you have to fight the case.

  22. Vikas Dubey says:

    In my bond its written that the bond will be effective after the completion of the training which company has not provided. So in this case can i resign from the company???

  23. nsujoy says:

    okay you can resign as there is no training the company cannot prove it gave you training, the risk of paying money looks less to me. but other factors will be there as i said.

  24. Vikas Dubey says:

    In my bond its written that the bond shall come into effect from the date of commencment of the training, but company has not provided me any training. In my letter Annexure’B’its written that if i want to resign i have to give 60 days notice or if not i have to give the 60 days basic salary. Iam ready to pay the basic salary but do i have to pay the bond amount or it is not applicable on me? Can a company prove that it has provided me training, will there be any issue??? Plz. guide me

    • viswa says:

      hiiii!!what happened to you by the name of court notices?what is the present status?can you intimate your problem by mail or phone?
      i also gonna become a part of hcl comnet soon..reading all this im a little worried about bond and so.plz brother let me the mail id is
      no is:9030536672

    • Anonymous says:

      hi same problem for me can you please tell me what to do now I received lawter notice can you please tell me how you solved this problem. please send the solution through mail my mail id is

    • navya says:

      hi what happened to you by the name of court notices?what is the present status?can you intimate your problem by mail?
      because same problem for me my mail id

      • rachita says:

        please do reply to me also as i also want to leave hcl but bonded for 1 year for 1.25 lakhs what should i do? even i dont want to work for it nor i want the letter from them

  25. nsujoy says:

    if they have not given you training they cannot prove it.
    i think your manager would have understood you want to leave so there is no point in holding you there. For the final decision talk to hr once, if they give relieving date, you can agree otherwise eave it. Did you find anyone who has done like this before.

  26. revathi says:

    I have worked in an MNC before 8 months, i have signed a bond in that company for 10 months. I quit from that company before 6 months without informing to any one. now i have received a leagl notice from my company that i need to pay 45,000 as a compensation for the company. I don’t have that much of money to pay that company. With me many of my friends received the legal notice, they are saying that they can’t do anything. however i am afraid of that. Please advice me what can i do for this notice. Whethere they will file a case against me.

  27. Hi, I am working with **L and I am not at all satisfied with the training and the work I do. The job profile is totally different and I really want to ge out of this company. I don’t want any relieving letter or experience letter. Just want to get out of this company. The company has not spent much on my training and I am ready to give double the amount they have spent on the training but can’t pay the bond amt. Should i just leave the company and tell my HR and manager about it? The bond says it’s “Non-Judicial”. Can the company file a case against me for that?

  28. nsujoy says:

    Just ask a former employee of your company about the steps taken by HR, and i don’t think there should be any legal damage against you, but might reflect bad on resume.

  29. mohit says:

    anybody belonging to satyam buyer..I hope that clears which one i am referring to. I am also stuck in same problem. I want to leave my organization in bond period..

  30. etmunu says:

    i want to leave during training.i have finished only 2 months,but the training is about 6 months.whether i will pay 50, i m in leave for health reasons,,so what should i do?

  31. Akshay says:

    i (B.TECH MECH) got selected in L&T core & IBM.i wanted 2 join IBM . BUT received L&T offer letter first. so i joined l&T 1 month ago as IBm may delay joining. but now i got joining date in IBM too. In l&t 11 months training and 2 years bond with 2 lakh ,so what to do??????????

    • srinivas says:

      akshay can you let me know about ur case, i am in same situation as you were wrt to l&t, i have quit l&t and joined a software firm now they are sending me notices again and again. Please do help

      • abc says:

        Hi Srinivas,,,
        could you please tell me wht happened to your case… My friend is really stressed in a same situation … with respect to L&T…

      • Raghu says:

        What about you srinivas?
        What happened to your bond? My friend’s wife is facing problem to work with LnT. He gave birth to a kid and cannot continue working. But she didn’t complete 11 months training. She wants to resign.

        Any suggestion?

      • Dhaval Savla says:

        Hey i also received a letter from L&T to pay Rs 2 lakhs…..
        I dont need the experience letter…..
        Also i left the company for studying further…..
        I worked for the notice period of 1 month before leaving the company….. What should i do ? can u explain your case ?

    • Raghu says:

      Hi Akshay
      What happened to your bond? My friend’s wife is facing the problem with LnT. He gave birth to a kid and cannot continue working. But she didn’t complete 11 months training. She wants to resign.

      Any suggestion?

  32. nsujoy says:

    if you don’t like the work in L&T, you can think of joining IBM otherwise stay with L&T. I mean if you are desperate for a software career you can think of IBM.
    I don’t think it matters if you leave with giving the bond amount, but take time to make the decision based on your interest and future plans.

  33. akshay says:

    I can not give 2 lakhs . Also only 2 months have been completed.So no as such investment in me by company.

  34. kumar says:

    Even i got into L&T ….but have plans to switch to some other company as i’m not liking the work here…same problem 11 moths training and 2yrs 2Lakhs bond….wat to do if i need to leave the company….

    • Shambhoo says:

      Hey Kumar, wat decision did u take? Did u leave
      L&T? If yes wat happnd later on? Even i wanna go
      from here to do my masters.. M even facing some health problems also.. But m very scared abt d
      bond.. This year they have taken two guarantor’s
      sign on our bond also.. M not in a condition to
      pay them d money.. I joined in July 2010.. M workin as a G.E.T at present in a project in India.. And
      I am still undergoing a so called training which
      m not satisfied with.. So.. will der be any problem for me in future? how to deal with this.. Plz help
      me bro.. m really depressed thinking abt my future..

    • Raghu says:

      Hi Kumar,
      What happened to your bond? My friend’s wife is facing the problem with LnT. He gave birth to a kid and cannot continue working. But she didn’t complete 11 months training. She wants to resign.

      Any suggestion?

  35. Kabir says:

    Hey… I worked for just 1.5 months with a MNC and quit giving personal reasons… Now after alomost 7-8 mnths the court has summoned me..
    Case file on grounds of training. NO training was given to me plus I was also on probation.
    What should I do?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Any one with Satyam bond shit?
    We can collaborate and try to figure out a plan.

  37. test says:

    Anyone in Satyam bond shit?

  38. john says:


    pleaseeeeeeeee…….. help me reply me soon……….

    i just signed a bond for 1 lakh rupee
    and i submitted it..
    actually they told its technical work but at the day os submision i got to know its just like bpo

    so can i leave without informing

    i dint even undergo any training not even for single day

    within 24hours i told them i cant come

    even i asked a lawyer even he said its not a big deal u can just leave

    so guysssss please help me

  39. zzzzzzzz says:

    hey same problem with i dint undergo any training

    jus submitted bond

    i have some family problems with my dad

    so i informed next day itself dat i cant join

    so is there any problem

    company dint invest anything on me
    not even a single rupee

    so its jus matter of 3 hours

    so can i leave i really have some problems

    so i cant join…

  40. naveen says:

    hi, can anyone plz help me out of this…

    I (fresher) got two offers:
    1. TCS: selected on may23, got ol on july 25, compensation-3.15l, dey said that they will give joining date in aug, but didn’t got any joining date till now.

    2. HCL Comnet: selected on aug 30th. joining date in sep first week. compensation-2.75l,
    but after all above discussion i can’t able to decide which one to join..either join in hcl comnet or wait for tcs. OR can i join HCL Comnet until i get joining date from tcs and then break the bond. wil it be easy to break bond in ‘hcl comnet’???
    plz help me out….

  41. mgh says:

    hey.. m undergoing a serious trouble.. m wid a leading IT company from past 3 months.. dey have already taken a bond amount of rs 75000 on d joining date itself… d bond is for 15 months.. i ws given training for 2 n a half months n my location from past 3 months is hyderabad.. n nw m on Bench, waiting for a project.. my base area is delhi n m nt able to keep well in hyderabad.. i want to work in my base area itself.. bt as per my info my company dont let ppl work in ncr/gurgaon until dey hv an exp min of 2 yrs.. so i hv no option nw bt to quit.. nw my problem is whom exactly to send my resignation since i dont hv any project manager or ted.. also wat effect will it have on my resume if i want to join some other company.. if i leave d job dis early dey’ll nt give any exp certificate.. Also according to company laws i registered myself with NSR at the time of joining.. so will it create any trouble if i join another company or precisely dere rival company.. please help.. itz really urgent..

  42. RamKumar says:

    Hi guys i have a different kind of problem My company told that they will give 3 months training in SAP after Three Months they will Place me in their client MNC,on contract basis for two years BOND PERIOD for the training period they wont provide any salary once we are in the project only they will provide salary, for that they asked me to sign a bond but it was more like a agreement PROMISORY NOTE WITH REVENUE STAMP and amount rs 50,000 mentioned along with some interest and blank date, i signed along with one reference. now after completing 6 months also they are not providing placements they are giving us fake experience letters and sending us to direct walkins and if somebody got selected then they are telling us to pay one lakh amount to break bond.

    I want to know whether they can put a case against me its a small company (actually a fake SAP Training institute)if they are putting a case then what i have to do, They didnt gave us any offer letters or joining letter, we are not getting paid for around 6 months, we dont have any id cards no attendance registers we don’t have any proof that we are working for that company.

    if they are putting a case against us we are around 20 – 30 guys what we have to do pls some one help me

  43. Anonymous says:

    @Ram: I know the company you are in.W…. T………..
    as far as nsr is concerned i think that they asked for personal registration.
    So you have not added any company to it . I think it should do untill you do the registration with company id .

    2: As far as bond is concerned you can break the bond but your money will be forfitted. According to my knowledge you can never get the money back because that money is not with WIPRO its with the band so technically you will have to deal with the bank in getting your money back.

    3:Well if you can go to that extent just serve a notice to the company that according to their Appointment letter you are on Probation period for a duration of 1 year.It is written that either party can leave the organisation . so ask them what if they fire you then they will pay you your money back then why not he othe way round.

    The documents that the company has prepared are very ambiguous they read different statements on each page really confusing leaving a room for the company to exploit us.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey my last employment didnt require NSR registration even though i worked for L&T Info. However I broke out of the bond but paid the company the liquidated damages to get the experience and relieving certificate.

      Now i have been selected for WIPRO, which requires NSR registration. So my question is:
      a) Should I give details about my previous employment? Curious if I have been blacklisted for breaking the bond ( even though I have paid them the amount and I am confused abt how this NSR works)
      b) Is my concern at all valid? I mean despite clearing ur dues after breaking from the bond, should one be bothered about all this.

      Please answer.. I am in a dilemma

  44. harsh says:

    Hey I had joined Accenture on the 15th of july at Pune and left the company on the 2nd of August coz it was really a big waste of time and energy–pathetic training,poor management and chaos.So now I get a letter stating that my employment has been terminated and I have to pay an amount of 48208 for unserved notice period.WTF?They have said that they will take legal action if I do not pay up.I had not signed any bond.Only signed the offer letter.What should I do?I don’t want the relieving letter.Should I pay up?

  45. harsh says:

    Hey anyone in same situation please reply to my above query.

  46. Rajath says:

    Hi, please let me know what actions accenture can take, as i want to leave the company. I have signed a service agreement(50000), but it is not stamp paper. Its ordinary printed paper on which they took my sign. Please help out. Can they drag me to court if i do not pay them the money ? they are asking around 70000 rs and i dont want experience letter also. I am in bench, no project assigned. Initially they said i have to pay only notice period money ( for 21 days ) but now they r asking for 50k more. I am really tensed and dont know what to do ?Please help out . Thanks.

  47. harsh says:

    Hi Rajath.I am also in a soup regarding this matter as you might have observed from my previous posts.Accenture is asking me to pay Rs 48208 under vague terms like Ex-Gratia and Notice period buyout.You may post your queries on as there are a lot of people who will be willing to help you out.

  48. v.s rajan says:

    Fresher or even employees with experience have to sign Bond. They are forced to sign it and have no other go.We find lot of posts on implications of Bond. It is better to take preventive steps and not repent and be in a fix later .

    Before signing a Bond the following precaution needs to be taken:-

    In case the Bond is to cover Training Expenses i.e. Training Bond.

    i) Check on the amount of the Bond;

    ii) Check up the cost of Training and whether the Employee will actually spend the amount.;

    iii) See whether the liability to pay arises after the Company incurs the cost of training which shall be notified by the Employer separately;

    iv) Request for proportionate reduction of the Bond amount dependent on the period of service.

    In case the Bond is to cover service with the Employer for a particular period i.e. Service Bond.

    i) Check the amount of the Bond. It must be reasonable and not an unreasonable amount and also the period has to be checked. This is also to be reasonable.

    ii) It should also mention that it is for voluntary resignation and not for termination or forced termination by the Employer.

    iii) Request for proportionate reduction of the Bond amount dependant upon the period of service.

    Before breaking a Bond please dont hesitate to call us.

    With Regards

    VS Rajan Associates,
    Advocates & Notaries,
    No.27, Ist Floor, Singapore Plaza,
    No.164, Linghi Chetty Street,
    Chennai – 600 001.
    E-mail :
    Off : 044-42620864, 044-65874684,
    Mobile : 9840142164-9025792684-9025792634

    more at

  49. R Sharma says:

    I have joined a consultancy company in Dec 2009, who has given training for 3 months and there is a bond for 3 yrs for RS. 2 lakhs.They kept my certificates and even they are not paying the pay slips and even not re leaving when the company ask us on their payroll. So finding no good future, I want to leave the company and get my certificates back.
    please help

  50. ankush_ankush says:

    HI all

    I am working in a company since last 5 months under probation and now i am having an offer from big MNC and i want to switch to that , I am joining that MNC as a fresher . so do I need any relieving letter as i am having bond of 2 lakh in a current company and i am not willing to pay that just for getting relieving letter..

    plzzzzzzzz helpp plzplz

  51. Madhav says:

    Hi all,

    I joined a MNC company with bond of 1 lakh for 3 years with very low package.. Now i got a offer from a good company with good package. after completing 11 months i want to resign to go for the new offer. I am not bother about the 1 lakh, let it go… but i heard that company will not give exp certi and releaving letter for 3 years until i complete there. without those certif how can i join the new company… or is there any way of getting the releaving letter from the company…Please someone help me out of this……

    • Anonymous says:

      No one can force you to stay on the job in india. Its your decision if you have taken it go ahead and find another job.

  52. Anonymous says:

    1.sir, i resigned after my 4 months training,i have broken the bond.HR dere told me,i will receive letter from the company after 2-3 months regarding bond amount.Know if i say them that i cannot pay the bond amount,what will they do…whether they will tell me to join the company again and complete the bond or what will be the action from there side….

    2. will they allow me to join again..

  53. vipin says:

    1.sir, i resigned after my 4 months training,i have broken the bond.HR dere told me,i will receive letter from the company after 2-3 months regarding bond amount.Know if i say them that i cannot pay the bond amount,what will they do…whether they will tell me to join the company again and complete the bond or what will be the action from there side….

    2. will they allow me to join again..

  54. Anonymous says:

    I have received two notice period from my employer again and again. I resigned after one month, i have broken 1 year bond. i dont want to any releiving,exp. letter. in company legal notice written . you have to pay 25000/- lequidity damage charge. company no provide me any type of training. Company name is Progressive Infotech pvt plz tell me obout this . i am very scared ow a days.

  55. rajan says:

    i have joined tcs 15days ago.Then i left the they r asking me to pay 50000. pls tell me what i will do

  56. Naresh says:

    same here rajan… left tcs after working for two months…now hr is asking me to send the resignation letter and that i have to pay 50000… pls someone help…

  57. abhay d says:

    I joined infosys technologies on 02-Aug-2010 as a system engineer trainee and undergone training in Infosys Mysore campus. After successful completion of training(training got over in the month of Dec 2010) I have been posted to Hyderabad SEZ(Special Economic Zone) infosys campus as a system engineer .During the training i have signed a Bond which stands valid for one year from the date of joining the unit(as i am in unit from january 2011) . My contract with company clearly states that i have to pay money in case i choose to leave during that one year. As i am an aspirant of GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for M-Tech ) 2012 , i am unable to find time to study for the exam. So i have decided to leave the company and start preparing for GATE exam.
    My question is
    1. As calculated the Bond amount comes up around 3.5 Lakhs , i cannot afford to pay this huge money. can company sue me if i tender my resignation and refuse to pay the money?
    2.please suggest me how can i leave the company without paying them?
    3.Are they going to Black List me in NASSCOM ?
    Regards ,

  58. Niharika says:


    I joined Infy on 28 Dec,2009. Then after successful completion of training, I was posted to Pune DC in May, 2010. I completed project training for 1 month and since then I am on bench. My bench manager has been giving me night shift project and as I am not willing to do it, I rejected the project. One of the project managers cheated me saying that he would give me rotational shift project. When I joined the project I came to know that the project operates in continuous night shifts. I was frustrated. My managers tried to pressurize me and hence I had bitter written conversations with him. It has been a long time that I am on bench and hence I feel as if my knowledge is rusting. So I appeared for an off-campus and I got selected in other co. Now I want to join it.Many of my friends(close enough) resigned without completion of bond period and didn’t have to pay.So I also put my papers on 15th Feb, 2011 calculating the of joining in the new co. But after 7 days I got a mail asking me to pay the bond amount which was amounted to Rs.2,20,000. I contacted HR and my bench manager but they told that it is policy of the company and they can’t help me in the case. So, I had no other option than to recalling my resignation. My joining date in other co. is 18th March. My bond maturity date and confirmation date is 1st Jun,2011. It is the policy of the co. that once an employee gets confirmed he/she has to serve a notice period of 3 months, i.e. I’ll have to leave the other co.’s opportunity or I’ll have to request them to wait for around 6 months which is highly impossible. What to do? Please help me come out of this pickle.

  59. Harman Kalra says:

    I am in a bond of 1.5 years with Powertech Automation. My bond money is 90000. We are not getting salary on time, every time its delayed by 15 days minimum i.e. we never received our salary before 15th of the month. Is anyone having any idea about any law on the basis of which I can break bond, actually I heard that if a company doesn’t pay salary before 15th of the month, person is liable to break bond, is it correct. Please reply.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Presently i m working for infosys in bangalore.I don’t like my work and i want to quit infosys.But I heard that now i have to pay around 1.5 lakhs according to the bond if i leave.It is been 3 months i am in the production after training.I have dust allergy and i m facing problem in bangalore.I have talked to my manager.He told me that it is not posssible to transfer me to other place.what should i do?
    1.will they take any legal action if i leave?
    2.even if they dont,if i join some other company will they agree to take without the relieving letter of infosys?
    3.Will it create a problem while initiating visa if they come to about this absconding matter from NSR?

    please get me some solutions……

  61. karan says:


    Im karan,i joined tcs as a fresher and left after 11 i got a letter to pay 50000 rs as bond amount within seven days….wat shud i do…pls let me know

  62. santosh says:

    hi frienzz,
    I hav a bond for 3months in current company-top indian comp, but my next employer suggests me a max of 2months notice period, i dn’t wanna lose this oppurtunity so need som gud suggestions 2 tackle my current pm for an early release, appreiate ur ideas g8tly

  63. Abhay says:

    Can i break Bond agreement of 2.5 yrs of compny without paying?what r oneway bond & are they legal in india?
    I joined this company 4 months back as software engineer trainee as i had no option i signed the bond agreement with them.At the time of recruitment we were not told that if we clear a certification exam only than we shall be confirmed.In our offer letter it was mentioned that a monthly stipend of rs12500 for 6 months and annual package of 3.5 lacs shall be given after 6 months of training and nothing was mentioned regarding certification exam but when we joined and signed the bond they told us that if u don’t clear the certification exam u won’t be confirmed and u will be paid RS12500 only.The company has never co-operated with us rather has always tortured us mentally.They treat us like their slaves.No work is alloted to us(on bench).A lot of mental torture is here.Please tell me do i have to pay them amount if i quit the staying here is also next to death.Please tell me regarding one way bond and are one way bond legal in india?

  64. Forever Young says:

    I joined an IT company in 2007 and worked there for 12 months and in that process I was severely harassed in different ways by doing nothing and staying in bench without project or doing stupid jobs (only for some days)…….But as I knew that I was going to kick this job I just became indifferent…I was under a 2 year but as far as I understood it was a two-way bond….I undergone a training for 2 months….they ultimately did not grant me leave when I got an opportunity to participate in a very prestigious event……I had to quit the job…..I did not inform them anything…just stopped going …then I went for higher studies….but the IT company started to send me legal notice asking to inform me about my sudden absence…I did not receive any of those letters …..then they started sending legal notice asking for 80000 rupees initially it was like 50000……it is almost 3 years I have been receiving these notices ….but after these long time ….I think there is a chance that they might take a legal action this time which they have never done before….but can anyone pls tell me what should I do? should I continue ignoring these notices or should I go for out of the court settlement and bargain a bit for reducing the money? or are there any other options?it is 2011 now…and they are adding interest and also the cost for their legal action….

    • confused says:

      forever young, I am in the exact same predicament.My case is exactly like yours and I got a letter a couple of days back at home address to pay 80k with interest.My Q and concern since after a long time they re-haunt us, is the same. Should I attend to it or ignore it? If I ignore it, are there chances of me ending up in several lacs remuneration say in another 4 years or will they stop bugging me?Plz guide any seniors or anyone who have undergone similar situation with TCS.Thanks

  65. mahesh babu says:

    please gather all tcs fellows who they broken bond.

    • Anonymous says:

      Many TCS guys have been able to get away without paying any money. We need to team up to deal with the company.

    • brijesh says:

      ya we should be name is brijesh
      e mail

    • Anonymous says:

      count me in and anyone who has handled TCS case before, please provide ur inputs. Would help a lot of us here.
      My case is going on for quite a while now. Left the company in 2008 after 3 months or so of benching. They sent me 3/4 court summons so far like the first 2 years and then stopped.Was relieved it was just a scare as usual and they had given up.but now, a couple of days back, got another notice saying final reminder to pay about 85,000Rs with interest for the past 4 years, Dunno what to do now if I ignored this as well, since I get the feeling it will haunt again after another 3/4 years with several lacs in remuneration.
      Any suggestions/guidance whether to attend it now or can afford to ignore it would be helpful.Thanks

      • shiveen says:

        hey… I joined tcs on 24 Sept 2012, after being in training for a month… I recieved an offer from a foreign university for doing my m.s.. now I want to leave tcs… without giving any bond money.. because the training they gave was s****y at best and I wasn’t yet put into any specialised training branch.

        please guide me

      • Lavanya PM says:

        What did yo do now? I have left the company within 2 years of completion and haven’t paid 50000 INR bond. Should I even bother about it?

  66. Savvy Sethi says:

    Breaking Bond For Armed Forces
    I just joined an It company few months back with 2 yrs bond @1lac…Now I have goy my joining in India Army. As m going to serve in the Armed forces do I need to pay the bond amount???
    I dnt want any exp cetificate etc..

  67. Jake says:

    Hi Guys!! Pls help. I’ve joined a company with a 2 yr bond with bond violation fine of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs!! The company doesn’t provide any training for anyone. I want to leave the company and go for higher studies in US 12 months before the bond period.

    Will there be any problem in getting the VISA or while pursuing for a job there?
    P.S: I would like to show my one year experience in my resume.

  68. ravi karna says:

    hi guys…
    i have the problem please suggest me…
    i joined in control manufactures ltd company… i signed the bond
    of 2 years in 50rs stamp… in bond it is mentioned that if breakups
    i have to pay 10 months salary i.e. upto 60,000/ my salary is only
    6000per month… i done the job only 12 days… iam not satisfied with that salary so i left the company.. i dint get the appointment letter also from that company… company hr is calling to me regularly
    and asking that i have to pay 10 months salary otherwise he saying to me meet in court… i am worrying about this one…

    please help….

  69. Mamu says:

    I joined one s/w company (X) in 2005 at salary mere 4k per month. After 6-MONTHS I got very good offer from another company (Y). But X was not ready to relive me without bond amount.
    That time Y was ready to accept me immediately without notice period. So without thinking anything much I left X without serving notice period and joined Y. As on date I am with Y for more than 6Yrs. I want to move out of Y.

    Now the problem is, most of the employers need relieving letter from all previous companies.

    So how to handle the X-company matter where I worked only 6-months and don’t have relieving letter.

    Note: I have all other documents (offer letter, confirmation letter, last month payslip with PF account number) from the employer X.

    Please answer.

  70. xyz says:

    can someone who has quit ibm as a fresher within one year in bond period share thier experiences. Will there be any legal proceedings going to happen if we dont pay the bond amount.
    Will be thankful….

    • pdp says:

      i am in the same situation.

      • rpt says:

        Wat did u do? did u resign without paying the bond amt? will it be reflected in NSR (i am not going to show the compnies name in NSR) … i am not in a condition where i can afford to pay them the amount. i hav to leave coz my parents are not well and they are not givng me transfer..guys please help me..

      • sheela murmu says:

        I left the company without informing them and resigned after 2 months and waited for their mail.My HR said that u have signed a bond in which its clear that u need to pay n blahhh blahhhh blahhh……dont listen to them .Look first thing that u need to do is make them very clear that you are not in a financial position to pay them . Stick to your decision do not fluctuate. .They wont answer u immediately ,its already one month for me n I am still negotiating with my HR . I have also mentioned them that if possible ,then i would not demand for my experience certificate if they let go off my bond amount.They have said that they are discussing my issue. I had told them that there were few of my friends who got off without paying anything n got release letter n experience certificate so they need to consider my case as it is a genuine case.
        You need to take your HR in confidence coz thats the only person who can solve your problem but if the HR is not convienced then it could be a hard time.
        If you are ready to pay some amount depending upon no of months u have worked then u might get relaxation in the bond amount,but save it for your last option .One of my friend left after working in the company for 10 months n he paid Rs 30,000. So u can negotiate the amount with the HR. And whatever you do it professionally ie, maintain every conversation that you have with your HR through mail even if you have had the conversation in phone ask them to drop a mail every time your HR asks you to do something.

        Look donot expect everything to be solved immediately…have patience it will take time……I too am frustrated …but conviencing them will take time….so …all d best….keep trying…..:)

      • Anonymous says:

        i did the same too.. pls help me out .. what happened in ur case?

  71. anuj says:

    hi friends.. i just signed offer letter of one bpo company. after that i didnt go to that company. now they are asking me to pay Rs.50000/- if i dindnt pay.. wil they bring me to the court?
    please help..

  72. siva leela sagar says:

    haii guys.., iam working in infotech from the past 7 months, recently i got a governament job, but the bond period is for 3 yrs ,is it possible to break the bond with out paying any mny to them ???

  73. Priya says:

    Hi ,

    My name is priya and i am currently working in HCL-Comnet.I have a bondd of 18 months and my bond will be over on 11 Feb.But my marriage is fixed now on 21 January and In -laws are not allowing me to do job.So i have to leave HCL-Comnet.I discussed about it with HR .but she is saying that i have to pay bond of 1.25 lakh.I dont know what to do.I dont have any saving and My Parents are busy in arrangements of Marriage…I do not want to pay bond for 15 days..Please suggest me.What can be done in this case…..Help me,,I want relieving and experience letter So that in future i can do job on the basis of this experience…..but i dont have any monbey to pay bond for 15 days.

  74. Priya says:

    please reply

  75. Priya says:

    Guys.. Pls reply. What happened after receiving summon from court?? Did u pay the bond amount??

  76. veerabahu says:

    wat yaar therz no 1 to tell what happened after receiving notice, how u ppl acted for the notices. therz no law to protect employees from this?????????.due to situational factors v get locked up in this mess

  77. navya says:

    hi friends,
    i am working in big company and has completed my bond period. i want now to leave the company as my marriage has been fixed which is after 4 weeks and my family doesn’t want me to work in this case. i am in a project and my manager is not releasing me, even my HR is not giving releiving me , she wants me to wrk for atleast 3 weeks before any releival. i am not in a condition to work. she is also saying that she will put me absconding…. pls help… i am so tensed.. don’t know what to do….

  78. justin says:

    Hi friends,

    I was working in qatar as an engineer. I came back home bcoz of medical treatment. Now I am not planning to go back to Qatar, because of medical reason. My company is holding my Degree certificate. They are asking for huge amount to relieve my degree certificate. Is it possible to apply for duplicate certificate since this employment is outside India. Friends if you have any experience please share it with me.

  79. Anonymous says:

    hi frnds

    recentlly i hv joined wipro in pune and also completed training of 3 months .. wase programe…now i want to leave this company ..wt shud i do .. there is bond of rs 75000 which i dont want to pay … will they sue me to court?? pls reply…

  80. Anonymous says:

    What is the notice period of HCL in Probation Period ?

  81. Anonymous says:

    I am with Accenture from 15th july 2010 and currently on LOA(Leave of absence) from October 2011 for 6months as I got married and had to travel to US and stay here for few more months. I had a bond of 1 year and have completed it in July 2011. I want to leave my company now but they have a notice period of 3months to be served or else I need to back out by paying them my 3months of my gross salary (appx 100k) . What if I do not pay the money and just quit? I am not expecting a relieving or experience letter. My only concern is about “Can they take any legal action against me?”

  82. Anonymous says:

    I am with Accenture from 15th july 2010 and currently on LOA(Leave of absence) from October 2011 for 6months as I got married and had to travel to US and stay here for few more months. I had a bond of 1 year and have completed it in July 2011. I want to leave my company now but they have a notice period of 3months to be served or else I need to back out by paying them my 3months of my gross salary (appx 100k) . What if I do not pay the money and just quit? I am not expecting a relieving or experience letter. My only concern is about “Can they take any legal action against me?”

  83. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys,
    i joined in techm as a fresher .
    i have signed bond for 2 yrs
    if i break the bond i have to pay 1Lakh.
    i want to break the bond without paying amount.
    can u pls suggest me some solutions.
    thanks &Regards

  84. sandeep says:

    Hi..I have 6 months experience in one of the MNCS and later resigned because i didnt like the work…There was no bond actually…But a notice period of 2 years…was der…I didnt stay for those 2 months and didnt take the relieve letter from company..If i have to get that i have to pay 40k to the company…Now i have got admission for mtech in one of the colleges in india…I have to show the relieving letter while admission it seems..Now what to do please help anybody..??

  85. akanksha says:

    hi, i was selected as a TSO in HCL bpo, n i went just for a day for training and i didnt wanted to continue, due to certain reasons. I talked to my trainer and he has forwarded the mail to my HR regarding the same. Their isn’t any bond but i signed the form saying that says if we leave before 6 months we’ll have to pay 50,000 Rs.
    please help me and suggest me what should i do.
    I cant pay them that amount for just 1-2 days.

  86. manisha says:

    hey , i completed my training in infosys and got placed in Chandigarh but didn’t join as i opted for higher studies , i just want to know is the bond valid as i only remained a trainee and not an employee and if it is valid than how much i have to pay?? guys plz reply its really urgent

  87. Anonymous says:

    hi , im from L&T infotech, I have worked there for 3 months and then i dint want to continue further. i have got a letter from the company telling they will take legal action. can anyone inform me what will ahppen?? will any action be taken or can i ignore it.

    • Muni says:

      Hi boss am also facing the same problem with same company. Please tell me did they take any action. if taken how you managed. Please help….

  88. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Hi, My brother is working in State Street Syntel, from last 7 months, He came from US after training which has arranged by company, Before he went company has filled up the Bond where they have mentioned that personhas to be paid 2Lakh if he leaves before 1.5 years and taken the cheque of 2 Lakh. He is facing a person problem and due to night shift he is not feeling well, He always has a headache and not able to do job more with company. In bond it is mentioned that person has to give the expenses which occur while training. I want to ask that it is legal means we have to pay or we can take action .

  89. Lavanya PM says:

    Will there be any legal thing going if we are not going to pay the bond? Is one way bond system broken in India?

  90. sheela murmu says:

    hi….. i joined TCS on 26 september 2011 ….and left the company without informing the company on october 2012 due to my mother’s ill health. sum of my friends suggested to resign hence sent a resignation letter on december 29,2012. Now since i have broken the bond…company is asking me to pay Rs 50000 and additionally my one month basic salary as i didnot inform the company about my resignation before one month .
    Problem is neither me nor father who is the surety in my case is in a position to pay the amount .And if I refuse to pay them will they refund me my Provident fund amount??? Can someone advise me what to do next…..really in need of sum gud advice….:(.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I had a bond with L&T for 2 years and the amount was 2 years..16 months later I decided going for my MBA and was ready to pay the liquidated damages to them.Now I have got the relieving letter from them after paying the amount. even recieved my PF.
    I have been selected in WIPRO thru my placements in MBA..My concern is whether my previous endeavor with L&T would hamper me during my joining at WIPRO?
    Please help

    • dee says:

      since you paid the amount,you seem to have completed bond there should be no fear in showing this to your future & present companies

    • indresh yadav says:

      Hey could you please give your number….i m also facing the same problem…i had the bond with L&T for 2 years or otherwise have to pay the amt 2 lakh rupees but i have served the L&T for 14 months and now i resigned from the cmpny..i need relieving letter but they are asking me to pay full bond amount of 2 lakh rupees.. they are not ready to reduce the amount.

      Kindly please advice me.

  92. paras says:

    hi.. i joined hcl bpo and on the same day of joining i have verbally told my hr that cant do this job and i have to leave so they told me to go. but now i have received a letter of company that i u have to come to job pay upti 50000 .i wanted to know why should i pay them if i have not taken training and sing any kind of bond.they have just written it on offer letter that u have to pay if not work for 6 months
    plsss reply…
    give some good advise
    thanks in advance

    • sandhiya says:

      hey frnd pls tell me how you deal with issue becoz i too did the same thing … i f v didnt pay means will they take any serious actions?pls reply me asasoon as possible

      • nsujoy says:

        Which company HCL, do you have a copy of the resignation letter you submitted, legally not much issues but it’s good if you have all documents.

      • sandhiya says:

        actually i jst isigned my appointmnt letter till now…in that they hav mention if i resigned within 6 months i have to pay the amt of 50000 that the cmpny spnt for my training… but for me training gona start by 28th oly … now i m not willing to attnd… wat to do pls help me

      • nsujoy says:

        I guess it’s fine if u leave even before training starts, just tell them u r leaving for higher studies or personal reasons.

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  94. Anonymous says:

    i knw wipro only hire full time course graduate, and i hv done part time graduation, even though on marks sheet there is nowhere mention distance learning but in pdc(provisional degree certificate) its mention, at the time of wipro reporting i submited only mark sheet so they thought it full time course, but now i hv to submit my pdc, in case if cought at that time wt worst can be happen to me??????? i signed a bond of 75k, also submitted nsr slip.
    please help me.

  95. prateek s says:

    I joined a wipro in December-2012 as fresher. I have bond of 1.5 months for 75000rs. now i have decided to quit wipro because of location problem. Hr manager is not ready to relocate me. so finally i have decided to quit wipro. as I am in probation period, will my company give me experience and relieving letter if i pay full bond amount as well as notice period

  96. ashish says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have bond with my current employer as they offered me an onsite trip to US for 21 days. and this is a one year bond which is ending in march 2014.
    and now i have got another offer from my previous emp and they will be processing my H1b next year but i have to work for them from very next month. They dont care abt my reliving letter and when i asked them abt my visa formalities they were sure that i wnt face any issues as i joined my current emp in nov 2012 only and 7 months is not much.

    On the witness side they have my father signature.

    Kindly advise if they wil ask for money recovery.

    P.S this a small comp and they have stated this Bond trend this year only and i am the only one.

    Also when i joined the comp in my offer letter the notice period was 1 month but in my bond notice period was also extended to 90 days.

    please advice.

  97. chndni says:

    dears PLZ PLZ PLZ help me..what should i do…got tcs letter with want 50.000rs bond from me…i dont have money..i was leave my company last year..due to i really dont want to worked in tcs that tym..they dont give me any projects that thats why am leaving my job…but now the letters come and disturbing me..what should i do 4 it…..

  98. shr says:

    I worked for a top mnc…as tech support….i went there only for 1 day….that to training…ad I didnt find the timings suitable….now after 2 months they r askin me to pay sum amount….when I was hired…..i clearly adked then if there is a bond…they said no…..i asked the same qs 3 times…..still they told no…n now I get this letter…plz help…should I ignore or wat should I do???

  99. rohit says:

    hi there,
    i am an infoscion joined in may’13 and got trained in JEE in the fast track batch.
    i have been allocated to hyderabad dc in september.
    but i want a transfer to pune dc at any cost.

    im also getting another offer from reliance infotech. in my hometown.
    im ready to pay bond amount if i do not get a transfer to pune.
    right now i have taken leave saying that i got sick beacause of the hydrabad atmosphere.
    tell me solution for this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

    will they blacklist me if i break the bond?and what are the implications?

    kindly help me with this urgently.

  100. Sonu says:

    Hi, I was working for Wipro BPO and after working for five months I left the job during the probation period coz i didnt like the work envoirnment and I wanted to study. Now after 10 months leaving the company , I am receiving letters telling me to return 8000 or else they are going to take legal actions against me as I didn’t serve one months notice period . I am not willing to pay the amount . So Please let me know actions taken by Wipro in such cases. Will they get me black listed from other companies..
    Please Comment …….

  101. nishant says:

    Hello friends,
    I joined Infosys in august 2013,after 20 to 25 days I got ill,I was suffering from typhoid.I got admitted in Apollo for about 15 days,
    and was adviced a bed rest for 2 months ,my situation was too critical.After getting discharged from the hospital I met HR person ,I was so week and and ill that I took a wrong decision and resigned.
    Now I am perfectly OK and really want to join Infy again.
    Is there any provision as such that may help me joining Infy again?
    need your help ,
    please post your comments.

  102. SyntelBond says:

    Anybody from SYNTEL having onsite bond on H1B? Want to know if they got their service letter after breaing bond and not paying 2.5 la+3 month notice amount. Any suggestions?

    • SyntelBond says:


      I have also received same notice from syntel that you need to pay **** amt or else we will take legal action. Please help me out and let me know what should i do ? I do not want exp letter. Please let me knw, they have sent notice to me here also.

  103. A.K. says:

    HI ,

    My name is amol .I joine one small scale company before two months,but now I got offer from one MNC company.But I sign 2 year’s bond in current conpany & I want to break this bond now.
    What should I do?

  104. I was trained by an IT for 5months in mysore…… After training I joined my dc and is allocated a project just recently. But now I want to leave. My bond period is 12 months after training completion. What should I do not to pay the bond amount. Can Medical reason be a good way out?

  105. Anonymous says:

    sir I worked in tcs for 8 months ..then i break d bond and left my job on may 2013..i didnt pay the bond amount rs 50,000.Its been more than one year,but still i am getting letters from tcs to pay the bond amount i even got a lotice from court stating that i need to attend the hearing of the matter on feb 7 2015..whether i need to attend the case r i need to pay the amount 50000? or if didnt pay the amount wat vil be the cause sir…can u help me with this issue

    • Anonymous says:

      What happend to you Mr., did u pay the amount or are you planning to attend court to resolve the issue,please keep posted!!

  106. Anand Mishra says:

    If I leave infosys during training by paying the bond money the will it be reflected in my NSR ? plz reply

  107. srb says:

    Hello guys, I want to quit hcl technologies within my bond period to join another mnc ,bond amount is 1.25lacs ,So please guide me what to do?

  108. mail4aamit says:

    hello im in big trouble now days recently i back from USA and resigned from my current post and my new employer ready to hire me as soon as possible even ready to pay out all notice period but my current organisation asking me to pay cost of investment made for my USA trip(apx 4.5Lakh)+ 90 days notice period(basic salary)
    so overall it comes around 5lakh. which is very big amount
    i asked them why should i pay my USA trip money bcoz i worked for them but HR told me that its company policy that company may recover all cost investment made for you
    i dont know how can i send my new company about these much big amount….if they decline then i will jobless….

  109. meenakshi says:

    i joined on infosys on 22 june 2015 but i am not able to adjust there with food and training and i talked about this matter to hr but she said this i not a genuine reason to leave but she told me that i have to pay the bond i am leaving before 1 month of training as i am not feeling well here so i am ubable to attend my class till i am here? what should i do as my family financial condition is not good also

  110. jagadish says:

    hi I am jagadish signed bond for 2years for 1lakh I worked 3.5 months and left coz of severe migrain and back pain company asked medical certificate but in my MRI its showing normal but I did MRI after 1 month i left from company name called sysinformation medical billing kpo . they are telling me to join the company again but I cant if I do I will get the same problem back .I have sent notice from lawyer , gave complaint in police station but they are giving me torchure to pay money but I am poor . I decided to die ,commit sucide I don’t have other option I am depressed they have took my marks card

  111. innovation86 says:

    hey i’m facing the similar Problem..i have a bond of 2 years and if i break the bond i have to pay rs 50,000. What to do i’m in such a dilemma situation…please help me. i got job in a good company and i want to left this company asap.

  112. Anonymous says:

    I am a fresher.I had two company offer.I joined one of them Because of getting joining early.But I didn’t like job and I left after 3 months.Now I am moving to other company who also hired me as a fresher.I dont have releaving letter from 1st company.They are asking me to pay more than the salary given which I cannot afford.So please help me do I need releaving letter while joining other company.

  113. frustrated engineer says:

    Hi I work at Ericsson, i joined there as they told it was a networking related job but actually it is desktop support job. i am too much frustrated n this job became a mental trauma for me. after 5 months of joining i fell ill and got 2 and half months leaves in loss of pay. i asked them for transfer but they denied now i dont want to join back. i want to quit. i signed a bond for 18months for 1.5 lakh at the time of joining.
    if i quit can they claim for bond money ???

    Pls help me

  114. siddartha D says:

    Hello friends,
    I have joined Tcs on sep 2015 ,I have gone through training in Trivandrum then I got Pune as my base location .within a week I got support project ..
    I’m basically from Bangalore ,my parents are asking me to leave TCS now then try for government jobs or government companies and my dream is to get face upsc exams if it could not be then I atleast would like to work in government companies like Bsnl ,,
    Hence my only question is does TCS affect my career if I didn’t not pay the bond amount ..
    I had word with my manger and HR they told me that if I need experience and releasing letter I should complete 3 months with TCS and should pay 50k ,,I’m really worried on this

    Please suggest me guys ,,I’m eating for ur reply …
    Today’s date -24th March 2015,,,it’s been my 6 months with TCS ..

    • nsujoy says:

      Usually doesn’t matter, no such laws, at max you can be black listed by TCS for future. Cite personal reasons or higher education as the reason.

  115. Gayathri says:


    I Worked For A Popular MNC An Year Ago (20-10-2014 To 02-04-2015) . I Really Loved My Job And Wanted To Continue Working, But As I Was Posted In 24*7 Customer Support Project, I Was Supposed To Work For Any Shift . But I Also Had Health Issues And I Was Under Medication At That Time, So I Was Unable To Follow Medications Properly Hence I Was Put In To A Situation To Either Get A Release From The Project Or To Quit The Job.

    I Approached My HR And Project Manager Asking For Release But They Didnt Agree Stating That “If I Release U Based On Your Medical Condition Norms, Then You Peers Will Also Cite The Same Reason So We Cannot Relieve You” . So, I Left The Job Exactly 10 Days After Submitting My Resignation Letter.

    They Also Accepted My Resignation, I Thought That The Process Is All Done. But Today After An Year Approximately, I Received A Letter Asking For Final Settlements To Be Done!! I’m Really Shocked To Get This Letter After An Year. Please Suggest Me What Should I Do Further .

    Thanks And Regards,

  116. Rajesh says:

    Respected sir

    i just signed an offer letter & still not signed any separate Bond with the company, company has required three years bond i worked for there almost 10 days & not interested in this job, i resigned there is there any problem for me .

  117. Anonymous says:

    Respected sir,

    One week back i selected as a tester in one software company , but they said u need to join without appointment letter and need to sign 2 years bond and one empty check and submit ur 10th and inter certificates.
    Is it ok to join without having appointment letter ?

  118. Respected sir,

    One week back i selected as a tester in one software company , but they said u need to join without appointment letter and need to sign 2 years bond and one empty check and submit ur 10th and inter certificates.
    Is it ok to join without having appointment letter ?

  119. Abhisek says:

    Hi Sir,

    I joined on a consultant company where my client was an investment bank.

    Now i got an offer from a good company so i am planing to abscond from that consultant company and joined in that good company.I have not signed any bond but in offer letter it has been written that i should give 3 months of notice or have to pay 3 months salary.

    Please help me and guide me what i should do .

    • bro if u r working in that company more than year than better to pay that 3 months salary ..y i am suggesting like this ,because it will be very useful to u in future to get job or getting better package .

      if these things to be considered to u than better to pay.

      1)if previous work exp is more than 6 months or year
      2)that to that exp is related to ur current job than dont lose that previous exp(surely it will useful in future)
      3)consider ur financial background

      so simply money can earn anyway but u cant take that exp in future if u lose it.

  120. Kitty says:

    Hi sir I need your suggestion please, I am a BE graduate I am working in a hospital for 3years bond only 2 months passed. I am depressed with my job .I totally hate it. My colleagues and my MD insults me mostly.I totally fed up. I signed bond in 20 rupees bond paper. They mentioned 1 lakh penalty when I quit the job without any notice. I don’t have any hope that they will leave me peacefully. Can I quit my job immediately? I need your suggestion please

    Thanking you


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