Frequently asked interview questions – IX

Ninth in the series of frequently asked interview questions

Question: 81. Why have you had so many employers in the last two years?

Answer: If you are employed as a temp with different companies, then it is obvious that you will face this question. However, don’t take it as a negative aspect as most of organizations have both fulltime and temporary workers. Show your years of experience and the skills that you have picked up in these various companies and feel proud that you are able to work in different environments. Also mention the education you learn while working in these companies in temporary basis.


Question: 82. What have you gained from your work experience?

Answer: Pick out one or two work experience and explain it in detail and express what you have learnt from your activities. You can also answer, “My experience taught me to develop my interpersonal skill and lead my team. Also you can mention how you guided your teammates in different conditions that enhance your self-confidence.


Question: 83. How would you rate your persuasive skills? Give me proof of your persuasiveness.

Answer: T his answer should reflect your leadership quality but don’t mention any example in which you are working as a team leader, rather explain a situation in which you actually don’t have authority but still you were able to convince others. Describe your responsibility and the out come of your persuasion and why and how others came forward to co-operate you. Also mention you have got any reward for your effort.      


Question: 84. How would you react if your manager, your supervisor and your team leader ask you to do something at the same time?

Answer: The interviewer tries to find out the way you handle pressure and how you identify priorities? So you have to first check the level of priority of each responsibility and on the basis of that choose the most crucial one to do first.


Example: Suppose your manager is asking you to arrange an office party in the coming week and at the same time you have to submit the project to your supervisor you are working for, then you should give priority to the project as it is more important. Later you can report your manager that the party can be arranged within a couple of days. The manager can very well understand you’re responsibilities and would appreciate for your better supervision.


Question: 85. It’s your first job. Do you think that you would be able to handle the job despite your lack of experience?

Answer: If you are a fresher, the interviewer may ask this question. However, it will better for you to first find out the basics needed for the job and do some ground works accordingly. Give examples of your interest, expertise, and academics, and relate them to the current job.


You can also take help of some professionals and same kind of organization in collecting information on this field, which can make them feel that you are interested. So the most important thing is to match your skills with the occupation.


Question: 86. Are you creative? Are you analytical? Can you work under pressure?

Answer: Hey, you got to give an affirmative answer with a suitable example as these questions test your confidence and capability. Since past achievements are indication for your future success talk about your past experience, achievements and while explaining stick to what you can do. Also discuss a particular assignment in which you excelled yourself.          


Question: 87. Do you consider yourself a natural leader?

Answer: The interviewer can baffled you with this question; however, you have to come with yes with good explanation. Most of us don’t actually show that much of confidence to lead but here you have to pick out some of your skills that you have used in your previous organization or which will be useful for this one also. Yes, you have to focus on your interpersonal skills.


Question: 88. Tell me about your life at College or University.

Answer: School, college and universities are full of opportunities, so the interviewer wants to find out what qualities you have gained in these period to develop a good personality. No needs to look your past regretfully pointing out any unsuccessful things, rather present what you have learnt in a positive way so that the interviewer can assess your capability. Be honest, whether your experiences were all good or not.


Question: 89. Do you have the required qualifications to handle this job?

Answer: This question is to prove your credibility by demonstrating the skills you have learnt. If the job is technical in nature, you need to present your technical knowledge at the interview. Employers may use service data agencies to verify your details mentioned in the CVs, so avoid any kind of small lies in the details of your CVs.


Again, it’s important for you to know the required qualification otherwise it will not possible for you to show your eligibility. So study first the basic qualification required for the respective post and then highlight your selling points i.e. experience, skills, achievements and academics by targeting the job to prove their relevance to the job.        


Question: 90. Do you consider yourself organized? And do you manage your time well?

Answer: Here you have to proof your skills regarding time and task management. You can answer that you manage your time very well by completing your project before schedule. Also mention any project that you have completed in time and can tell the interviewer about your performance reviews in the previous job.


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