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7 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. sirisha says:

    i got 58% in degree i am doing mca 2nd year plz give me the companies for which i am eligible for campus placements

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oracle is not as rosy as u think…. has great work environment and amenities, but HIKE is terrible…..

  3. Respected Sir,
    As i am Working From Since Last Two Years in the Dot Net Platform And also i am Good in the ERP Based Projects.

    Manish Thakur

  4. rama kumar says:

    i did my btech in electrical engg. and now i am doing M.Tech in Energy systems engg. its an inter disciplinary branch(both electrical and mechanical) , wheter i get any offers in core or its not possible?,for wht companies i have to apply,in campus interviws they r calling some branch people only

  5. prashant says:

    everyone thinks of career in software
    apart from software there are lots of career’s
    like if u wnt to make a career after 10+2 then join
    culinary arts college.
    There are many no;s of good colleges but i suggest
    CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA,Begumpet,Hyderabad,
    U can refer to website:www.iactchefacademy.com
    or e-mail:iactca@yahoo.co.in
    Last date for applications is 20 th june 09

  6. Gayathri says:


    I Worked For A Popular MNC An Year Ago (20-10-2014 To 02-04-2015) . I Really Loved My Job And Wanted To Continue Working, But As I Was Posted In 24*7 Customer Support Project, I Was Supposed To Work For Any Shift . But I Also Had Health Issues And I Was Under Medication At That Time, So I Was Unable To Follow Medications Properly Hence I Was Put In To A Situation To Either Get A Release From The Project Or To Quit The Job.

    I Approached My HR And Project Manager Asking For Release But They Didnt Agree Stating That “If I Release U Based On Your Medical Condition Norms, Then You Peers Will Also Cite The Same Reason So We Cannot Relieve You” . So, I Left The Job Exactly 10 Days After Submitting My Resignation Letter.

    They Also Accepted My Resignation, I Thought That The Process Is All Done. But Today After An Year Approximately, I Received A Letter Asking For Final Settlements To Be Done!! I’m Really Shocked To Get This Letter After An Year. Please Suggest Me What Should I Do Further .

    Thanks And Regards,

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