Online Training in Telecommunication

If you want to learn sitting at your home an industry endorsed course for Telecom and Wireless professionals here is your chance.
The course is titled as “Certificate program for Telecom and Wireless professional” and has been prepared by leading industry trainers who have 22 years of rich corporate experience in telecom wireless and embedded technologies and have developed and delivered technology and competence building programs for over 1000 participants from Sasken, Wipro, Kyocera, IBM, Honeywell and others. It is designed to make learning very useful for application in industry scenarios.
You get a chance to interact with the faculty, subject matter experts as well as with co-students. It also includes questions asked by companies during job interviews.

Pre-requisites = you need to be a science/diploma or engineering student aspiring for a career in telecommunication.

Course Content: Certificate Course – Telecom and wireless Professional
1. Data Communication
2. Exploring CDMA Networks
3. GSM Networks
4. Data communication over GPRS Networks
5. Evolution to 3G UMTS Networks
6. Wireless Data Communication using Wi-Fi 802.11
7. Exploring Telecom Technologies
8. Telecom Operations Management

Course Details:
The course is designed to be self paced and self timed as per your need.
The course fee is only Rs. 6000 for a limited time after which the course will be available for Rs. 11,500.
You can complete the entire training online (you just need a computer and internet connection). You will be given a unique user id and password after you make the payment.

Q. What is the credibility of this course?
A. This course has been prepared by corporate trainers who provide training in top notch companies, the course content is same as given in the internal training provided by companies after fresher induction. Over 1200 engineers have undergone this training. This course is endorsed by leading telecommunication companies such as Sasken and Teleca.

Q. Will this course land me a job?
A. This course is written based on the requirement of companies working in telecommunications. There are many companies working in this area in India and there are openings at various levels. Companies like prepared candidates who have genuine interest in the job they are going to do and after going through this course you would be able to prove your proficiency levels in telecommunications.

Q. How long do I have access to this online material?
A – Course enrollments are valid for 6 months. Extensions of up to another 30 days may be granted upon request.

More details available upon request.
Contact us by sending a mail to Please mention subject of email as “Telecom Online Course”.


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  1. That’s really a great post with a complete info about this valuable online training. I am also very much interested in joining such telecommunication courses. Is there is any further concession in its fee?

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