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Brand Value -Nill

Career growth and onsite opportunities? Growth as far as package is concerned on an average its very good. You can expect a good hike after every six months but onsite opportunities are very less and for short term.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? In terms of Work environment this is not a good place. Company can fire if you are not up to their standards or there is shortage of projects. Also in terms of communication that is not very good place.

Work pressure/Work – life balance. On an average workload is too much, that’s why they are offering hefty packages. A one-year experience guy can be designated as Senior Software Engineer and on an average after two & half years of experience there is big chances that you can be termed as Associate Team Lead.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. Salary and quality of work is above industry level again it depends on personal satiation level

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? Major work they have is product development.

Job security. This is the first company where I have seen this type of hire and fire policy. If you are not up to their mark you can be fired any time, also here personal relations are more important for growth, a good relations with HR department can bring you many rewards. This is first company where I have seen a HR can make your life like a hell.

Some positives and negatives of the company.
Positive: Work Standard (because it’s a pure product development so u can expect good work), Package
Negative: Job Security, Personal Relations, No Transparency in the system, Work Environment

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? No, as I have already mentioned after working here for one or two years you can not work anywhere else (On three year experience you will become Associate Team Lead and no company can take you on this designation), work environment is also not good, but still if you want hefty packages you are welcome to Nagarro.


53 Responses to Nagarro

  1. himanshu says:

    how can i know about the fresher walki in ur company

  2. deepak kumar says:

    how can i know about the freser walk in ur company

  3. Sandeepan says:

    I never recomend that company as i have worked there.
    Its very true that there is no tranparency into that organization.
    There is pure exploitation without u even come to know.
    Moreover lots of partiality. Employees working are good but not the process. Few teams are really good.
    I have been working but left the company within 2 months because of all this reasons.
    what i have seen is that sometime they will keep person in bench and sometime overload with extra work

  4. d-84,thermal colony kota

  5. Curriculum Vitae

    Name : Jagdish Narwar
    Father’s Name : RamRatan Narwar
    Address :, JDA colony sirsi road,
    bhankrota jaipur (raj)
    Contact No. : 09352569144
    E-Mail :

    Intend to build a career with leading Corporate of Information Technology, which is initialing to work as a key player challenging &creative environment.

    Academic Qualification
    Xth from Board of Secondary Education Ajmer, raj. With 62.50%
    XIIth from Board of Secondary Education Ajmer, raj. With 47.89%

    Professional Qualification
    B.E. in Information Technology from Rajasthan University (Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology Bhankrota in Jaipur) .with 57.40%

    Project Title : “Libreary Management System”
    Duration : 2 Months
    Team Size : 4
    College : Rajasthan Institute of Engineering &
    Technology Bhankrota
    Language/Platform Used: Visual Basic 6 & Ms Access

    Brief Overview of Project
    The objective of LMS project is to develop Information storage and retrieval system for Library Books and Catalogs. The Software provides a user friendly graphical user Interface(GUI) which allows library and user to store information on books, videos, encyclopedias etc. Also catalog searches, books reservation and holds, books loans and renewal process are the part of this information system. Library users are highly benefited by searching the books and relevant materials using this software which provides very efficient information retrieval and presentation. Front-end used in the project is Java Swing and Database connectivity is provided by JDBC with Visual Basic.

    Industrial Training
    Topic : Electronic LED, digital to Analog/
    Operational EWSD Exchange
    Company Name : B.S.N.L. (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Kota)
    Period : May to June

    Details of Training
    I had worked there in EWSD exchange, which uses switching Techniqur based on electronic wheeler digital, provides fast swiching to telephone connections. Several other switches are connected to that EWSD switch. The requested calls are switched by using the EWSD switch.

    Project Title : “Data Dictionary”
    Duration : 2 Months
    Team Size : 4
    College : Rajasthan Institute of Engineering &
    Technology Bhankrota
    Language/Platform Used: Java

    Brief Overview of Project :-DATA DICTIONARY SYSTEM
    The objective of DDS project is to develop Information storage and retrieval system for meaning. The Software provides a user friendly graphical user Interface(GUI) it also search, meaning, word etc. It is part of information system users are highly benefited by searching the books and relevant materials using this software which provides very efficient information retrieval and presentation. Front-end used in the project is Java Swing and Database connectivity is provided

    Industrial Training
     Topic : Electronic LED, digital to Analog/
    Operational EWSD Exchange
    Company Name : B.S.N.L. (Bharat Sanchar Nigam
    Limited Kota)
    Period : May to July

     Topic : Electronic LED, digital to Analog/
    Operational EWSD Exchange
    Company Name : KTPS(Kota Thermal Power Station)
    Period : 10 Days

    Project Title : “Inventory Management System ”
    Duration : 3 Months
    Team Size : 4
    College : Rajasthan Institute of Engineering &
    Technology Bhankrota
    Language/Platform Used: C++

    Brief Overview of Project:-ENVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
    Computer Software
    Language : C, C++, Java(1.22)
    Database : Ms Access, DBMS, VB.
    GUI Programming : HTMl, Java Swing Applets
    Operating System : Concept of Operating System,
    Win98, XP
    Others : Data Structure,
    Area of Interest : C,C++, Software Engineering ,
    DBMS, Computer Network, DMWH,
    Operating System, Network Programing
    E Commerce

    Personal Profile
    Name : Jagdish Narwar
    Date of Birth : 17 Sept. 1984
    Father’s Name : RamRatan Narwar
    Address : D-84, Thermal Colony, Kota
    Contact No 0744-2372054
    Hobbies : Listening the silent music of classical
    song, playing cricket, reading.
    E-Mail :

    Pro, K.D. Sharma, Head department in Information Technology & Computer Department, Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology Bhankrota, Jaipur.

    Jagdish narwar

    Jagdish Narwar

  6. Puneet Verma says:

    Me working with Nagarro since two years.What does an employee expect?A good work along with the good packages.Think about those companies who not even provide you the work and money even.According to me if you have the intention of real learning along with good packages,Nagarro is the best place to work with.Sitting idle and less money many options are there in the market,go grab them.

    Puneet Verma

  7. V (for Vendatta) says:

    Its true that company has no tranparency (from my experience as I have worked here). HR peaople are the kings here. Its a heaven for boot lickers.

  8. Nitesh says:

    I have spent 15 months in the Nagarro and currently working in the same company.
    For a fresher Nagarro is a very gud company. I dont know about any other company that asks freshers about their technology prefrence before putting him to the work. Isn’t it a very good point about the Nagarro.

    There is a bit of work load, but as i understand this is good for freshers. After doing work in Nagarro, you can easily work at other places.

  9. Siddharth says:

    How about just working and not bother about stupid politics?

    If you do hard work and provide output it shows. And hard work do not need any justification or approval from anyone.

    NOTE: – Its up to an employee how much load he/she wanna take. And HR are kings everywhere, its not just this company.

    Just Do It.

  10. TechGuy says:


    All that is written and stressed upon is Stress, Pressure, Package.

    And have seen this first amateur blog give a BRAND rating.

    I do not think somebody who is sitting idle and not performing should deserve to stay. Moreover, the blog is less of criticism and more of personal grudges.

    This is a GOOD company and people becoming ATL in 3 years pave their way to success. They work hard and not sit under performing.

    Packages are GOOD because roles, skills of the employees are GOOD.

    Work environment is not related to your performance. If you are GOOD, you are good. Work environment is something else and when if one knows what it is, I am sure you would agree that it is GREAT in Nagarro.

    And it is GREAT to know that somebody who has worked in Nagarro (like the writer) does not know that major work is in Services, not Product development.

    There are Goods and Bads about any company, what makes the difference is your performance. The company can train you, but it cannot hold your hand and make you work or it cannot increase your IQ.

    As an employee of the company (Still far away from ATL :)), I would say Nagarro is a place and company for achievers and is a REALLY GOOD PLACE TO WORK.


    • Techy says:

      Thanks for so beautiful comments.

      “Great power brings in great responsibility”. And great power requires a lot of maturity to handle it.
      People becoming ATL in 3 years of work exp. I am not sure how much mature they are to decide any one else future (people working in their team).

      Onsite – This is purely opportunity and politics. This is probably how it works in every company.

      Compensation – It is higher than company standards, so when you want to switch, you will have to look for some hand full of companies which might give you a higher package or settle for other company with less package. Do check for take home and compare with any other company giving you 1 lakh Rs less than Nagarro. Other company will be paying you higher than that.

      Developer/Tester – Life of both is like over pressure. Dev is still paid good, tester is doing manual testing which a 10th class pass out can even do, probably this is the reason tester’s are not paid good.

      Overall, I would say, come at your own risk with no expectations. What ever you get, good or bad is purely your luck.

      Try to learn good amount of politics and lure your manager to rise in company, else there is no scope to raise.

      I hope this helps to make your wise decision.

  11. Easy Rider says:

    1) Whats great about being a ATL in less than 3 years. Here SSE and ATL are just a fools paradise. Most of the times ATL is doing development work instead of leading a small team.

    2) Nagarro is a company of achievers :). A big joke… although it has decent guys compared to other companies.

    3) Work environment is real poor. U are expected to work overtime and there is lot of behind the scene process going on instead of frank, open and honest culture. U can expect HR people to lie without battling eyelids.

    @Techguy These point are not due to any personal grudges. I have been in company for more than 2 years and left for good.

  12. Rajesh says:

    Helloooo…can anybody refer me and help me to join this company…I have good technical knowledge but sometimes I fail to clear my aptitude I request the one who’s reading this to please refer me and help me join this company..Advance thanks

  13. Reema says:

    I will be joning in HR team and eally afraid of poilitics. please give honest advice about work culture and environment. Are there any welfare policies for employees

  14. Easy Rider says:

    @Reema Not a wise thing to do, using your name in public forum. Anyone can track you down. Any way best of luck

  15. anunymous says:

    I had been interviews by this company recently..
    Firstly, I was given some designing problems to solve in an hour..Then the person came to interviews me..The designing problems which I had solved were simply kept aside and interview started on Core java..The person interviewing had some interview questions page opned on his laptop and was simply quoting out from it..The designing problem on which I had spent over an hour was simply not discussed..After which I was asked to leave.HR told me that they would be contacting me for manager interviews next day but have not received any call..I assume I was rejected by panel..But only thing which is pissing me off was the manner they conducted the process..The person who took the interviews did not seem worth working either(Poor etiquettes and speech ability)..

  16. vaibhav says:

    This company has no working standard,
    your career will booom only if you are boot licker,
    you enjoy politics.
    as far as package is concerned it’s CTC is high but inhand is less.
    you career will be in mess.
    No life only work which seems gud initially but it’s hell after sometime.

    my advice look for good option.

    Gud luck

  17. n____ says:

    if u are looking for high positions
    i am the inspiration
    come and join this company
    i have achieved so much in such a less time only by boot licking

    only if u are a boot licker…

  18. amit says:

    If anybody plz let me know the hr email id or can send my resume from employee refrence,help highly appreciated.


  19. sanjay says:

    I have worked in this company. This company is worst comapny of my life.

  20. prakash says:

    How much does nagarro pay for the freshers? kindly anybody say abt the package fr freshers.

  21. HastaLavista says:

    This is a goddamn haven of bootlickers and a fool’s paradise. Not an iota of honesty and transparency… just get going.. if you are starving and wanna get screwd up inside out wihtout even asking abt the reason then go for it..

  22. HastaLavista says:

    just please ur boss and say yess.. and lick his bloody ///and u r bingo!!!

  23. Singh says:

    Nagarro is an average company overall, every company has good or bads so as with Nagarro, its better in many ways as it is very much human oriented and btw they just don’t fire any one easily or just like that (as someone wrote above, I strongly disagree with him) – I’ve closely seen this that Nagarro mgmt. tries to retain each and every good, average employee. I can’t comment on if they have fired someone who is just a super under performer or any other behavior reason. I didn’t work for much time there but I saw people growing exponentially (especially the tech./ development teams). There is obviously a partiality factor, old employees have their strong “say” there and which is understandable, after all they’ve been with this company in its thick and thin, helped it to grew from just handful to hundreds, but at the same time they shouldn’t give or take undue/ due advantage on the basis of their relationships, it should be work always! overall its a good company to get good work, money, learning, and atmosphere. HR doesn’t come in projects execution etc and hence if some one work nicely, he’ll be appreciated there mostly.

    Very good company for development freshers (not for testers ;), support staff etc.)So freshers can always consider it as a stepping stone in their career path.

  24. Sandeepan says:

    In respect to the ongoing discussion i would like to mention that on the day I was there for interview, i was came to know the designation as SSE, but after entire process I was being chosen as ATL based on my experience and previous experience on setting up team in my previous company. But I had to do coding as well. yes i was being given team, but whats the point since i was being reassigned to 3 different teams. and Interestingly in one of the team 2 different projects. i.e. 8 weeks, within that time multiple aspects. That is something strange. If you say underperformance or growth.. i can’t comment as my association with this company was for a little time only. One more thing, w.r.t package yes.. they give what they will promise also they allow you to comment/change on the CTC structure which can help you out. i don’t want to comment anything on HR but what i can say is that HR’s are very-very active, organize various events, movies,.. games… tshirts… puzzles.. training.. etc etc.. very few companies does it so actively…

  25. Champ Guy says:

    It’s been a longtime i have not written about nagarro.

    Boss CTC degi magar in hand nhi hai jayda.

    Techie thing here- Kuch log good techie hain yahan pe i respect them.

    PM- most of them BC kartey hain,process nhi hai kuch.

    Estimates – kuch jayda he kum rehtey hain in short aapki hamesha lagi rahegi as a devloper.

    ATL- most of them donn work.

    SSE- starts playing games to become ATL.

    SE- baachaa hai yahan learning curve pe hai .

    QA- pareshan rehta hai job change nhi kar pata .

    Management- typical baniya hai.

    TL- kuch log aache hain, ek TL hai yaha she’s only female TL i guess ,dumboo hai bilkul,sweetheart donn mind, you are like tat only.

    Work – as devloper chances are that you can become a godd techie that depends upon your team n politics, project.
    But in short most of the project donnhave any process which can pinch you when you move further in you career.

    Advice- soch samjh ke jao , nhi toh kkabhi bhi fire kar degi ya itna pareshan kr degi ki aap kahogey chalo ji bye.

    For growth- awesome techie nhi toh mast boot licker, agar kahin mid mein ho than never go.

  26. techie... says:

    I agree company is for the boot lickers or in other words pple who r good at politics.. being an IT company.. no infrastructure for work from home andeven if you do.. a lot if approval is required not to mark this day as leave.. same as for calls.. if ui leave early or on leave.. no chane to take call from home … facilities r there for managers.. not for ppl who actly work.. so work life balance is always in trouble..
    do they ask tech. to freshers.. may be good..for experienced pple they hire for a skill and on joining u get to know that tech stack u need to work is completly diff.. and they tell u.. that they have hired u for this purpose only.. so at the end employee is in fix.. so the only option is to leave the company..

  27. Ansh says:

    Some more points and you can guess how is the company:

    1. They pay first month partial salary at the end of second month. e.g. if you join on 6th July, you will get your first salary on 1 Sep.

    2. All leaves encashment on basic pay but shortfall in notice period deduction will be on actual pay. Notice period is 2 months long i.e. if your per day salary is Rs 100/- (out of this Rs 30/- is basic) and you are giving only 1 month notice period (which is true in most of the cases). You have 30 balanced leaves which can be enchased, you have to still pay something. For 30 leaves you will get 900/- and for 30 days shortfall you have pay 3000/-, means you need to pay 2100/- even if you have complete 1 month leaves in your account. nice policy 🙂

    3. 10% of your CTC will be variable and first 6 month variable you will get once you complete 13 months with the company. Imagine if you are leaving company before 13 months.

    4. Other companies generally says that your F&F cheque will be delivered in one month or so but nagarro says that your F&F will be processed after 2 months from 1st of next month i.e. average 3 months later, too complex :O and they will not send F&F cheque by courier or post.

    5. Management expect you to put more hours, more than 10 hrs in day. Manager don’t hesitate at all to call you on weekends.

    6. Every year HR choose some holidays on Weekends i.e. falling Sat/Sun which result in less than 10 public holiday in a year.

    7. They deduct very less PF, many people think it is good that they are getting good in hand as compared to their previous company.

    8. HR use to organize many food events and do lot of internal advertisement. In these food event you will get food items by paying a higher price than the market.

    9. If you are doing what you are not suppose to do, it is good for you. Like if you are a developer and performing IT activities like scanning system etc.

    In short it is difficult to enter and exit in this company. Many small companies follow such practices. My honest suggestion is if you have a offer from better global brand with less CTC, go with that because end of the day you will get more with less CTC in a good global brand. If you have no other option then something is better than nothing 🙂

  28. Rahul says:

    I recently appeared for interview at Nagarro for Testing profile. Can you guys recommend joining Nagarro for Testing profile?

    I’m a fresher, and don’t have any option at hand. Also, openings are not easily available seeing market condition. Please advise!

  29. Gurpreet Walia says:

    What kind of questions are asked in interview for Lead Java developer (3+ yrs)?I have one in few days, please advise or post links.

    Thanks a bunch!

  30. fresher says:

    I am a fresher currently in final year of my graduation…
    right now i have 2 offer in my hand
    one is nagarro and another one is CGI (
    package is almost same bt CGI has kind of a bond of 2 year (they will pay me 80000 after completion of 2 year)
    so i am confuse which should i join.
    Joining date of both companies are also same

  31. Anonymous says:

    i have just given the interview at naggaro for testing profile.can u guys suggest of joining the naggaro for testing profile…

    i am a fresher and don’t have ny other option in hand??

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have cleared first round of this company.I am waiting for the final result.I am the only girl selected in first round.In total there were 32 candidates.Is there any possibility that they will prefer me over guys just to maintain the ratio..? But I have seen that there are only 10 to 20 percent girls in coding.So I am not expecting as my interview did not go well.

  33. cool_dude says:

    hii all!! please i need your help
    i am a fresher and in IT branch .i would be facing nagarro interview soon.can you people please suggest me what all should i study to prepare for the company.

    what all topics are asked in the interview??
    what all questions do they ask in interview??
    is there any other round than written and interview??
    thank u in advance 🙂

  34. Hi guys!!

    I have seen many downs in my short career path.
    I tell u in brief.

    First HCL technologies has fooled me.I got selected in HCL tech as software engineer through campus interview in 2008.But after one year of my degree completion hey trapped me in a helpdesk profile in HCL Comnet.

    I resigned after 10 months and joined a start up company in testing profile, where nothing much I am getting to learn as there is not at work to be done on testing tools.

    I cleared all the rounds with Nagarro for testing/Quality but they are offering me 3 lac ctc which i am already getting with my current company as they are considering me as a fresher despite of my 2 years IT experience(only 6 months in testing).
    WHAT should I do?
    After visiting through this blogspot I am now feared to get into Nagarro specialy in Testing domain.
    Kindly give an honest suggetion ASAP
    A needy guy

  35. HJ says:

    Dear Sumit,

    Many thanks for your VIWE (VIWE i thing wrong) but LIFE is Real… and we have to have that one.. you start.. that’s the only reason for the same. Have Fun and LOT of your work Expi. this is the only way to get… that……… @!#$#%%$#@! My dear Dude! love you always!

  36. techues says:

    i worked their for one month….horrible HR…i left after one month…more apt to say “ran away”

    lack of transparency…”let’s torture them” in every motive…are main reasons….

  37. abc says:

    I was confused whether to go for my Interview or not.
    But then appeared, I was given an application to design. I spent one hour drawing Use Case/Class/ORM diagram, but all wasted, Interviewer didn’t looked at them, no discussion at all. After first round I was told by interviewer the he would be sending Program Manager, but then after some time HR guy came & asked me to wait upto next Monday. Then one the same day I got a mail that I ‘s unable to clear technical round.
    All bluff, no code of conduct, no Ground Rules.
    All bluddy Indian IT companies cheat, sent people on tourist VISA rather sendind on WORK Visa, no ethic for them. All Bloody Indian cheaters like our politicians. Full of curruption.

  38. Kapris says:

    i am a fresher and in IT branch .i would be facing nagarro interview soon.can you people please suggest me what all should i study to prepare for the company.
    I also want to know abt the pay package for freshers(sw engg).

  39. Anonymous says:

    friends what is the cutoff for freshers placement paper.. and what are the chances of getting into nagarro if u r not technically sound but have a good aptitude !! i am about to appear for the written soon…. plz reply

  40. Anonymous says:

    Its a shit company. They asked me only 4 questions in final round, I answered all correct even though rejected.

  41. vikram says:

    its a nice company. and politics is part of every company. also if you think that you shouldd be retained even after poor performance then its not the place for you.

  42. Ex-manager says:

    I am an ex employee of Nagarro and left it at Senior Level. Believe me, this was the most horrible experience in 10 years of my IT career. Here are the reasons:
    1. The *** is one of the owners of Vidya Mandir classes and 15 days he stays in US and rest 15 in India. Would come down to the level of micro management and arguement with freshers/juniors.
    2. The *** does everything except Operations. He is more interested in Admin *****….
    3. The ** would always try to put blame on you for one reason or the other. Awards/recognitions/hikes are all fixed and is not decided by performance.
    4. The ******* ******** are all a bunch of *********. They would yell, fight and argue with you just to prove your point.
    5. The ***** **** would commit deadlines to the customers whithout any consultation. Most of the projects running inside are in Red/Amber status.
    6. The ******** are a ********* lot as they have no say in the organization and with the customers. Most of them look depressed or searching for jobs….

    If any of the information is found to be untrue or incorrect, I am ready to face whatever suits as a penalty…..

  43. new_girl says:

    Well I have my interview with Nagarro tomorrow and I was seriously not looking forward to it because I dont like the company as such, its just that they came for campus placements and I cleared their rounds. I was surfing the internet to find some reasons that I may start liking Nagarro. But now after seeing this blog, I am so sure I dont want to be there. Thanks for clearing any 10% doubt I had in my mind that I might be leaving a good option. 🙂

  44. Fresher says:

    Can any one tell me that this company has a bond or something with fresher or not????
    Pls reply…

  45. Mohit says:

    Hello All,
    Nagarro is different company now.
    Before joining i read this blog and was scared to join.
    But after joining i don’t have words to express.
    Go ahead and this is best company for freshers to make carrier.

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