Brand value: Average

Onsite Opportunities: Not much.

Work Environment: Very cool and supportive.

Work pressure/Work-Life Balance: Not much of workload. Though depends on the project. But you’ll surely not regret at any moment that you are eating software, sleeping software ๐Ÿ™‚ Flexi timings helps you fulfill all your personal obligations.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work: Salary is good. But quality of work, well again, depends on the project.


What type of work they do: There are projects on development, maintenance/ enhancement, and support. Most of them are maintenance / enhancement. Very few are Purely development.


Some positives and negatives of the company:

Positives: Very nice work culture, no dress code, Flexi timings, cool n friendly people.

Negatives: you may sometime not get good work if you are “really” interested in doing well in Software Industry.


Do you recommend your company to others: I wont recommend to freshers coming with a dream of becoming Next-Gen Bill Gates. For the people keen on learning Finance, Banking, Security Market etc, this is the place and these are the people. But in the end it is the Salary that does matter, so i do recommend!



77 Responses to HeadStrong

  1. Rajat says:

    I have an offer from Cognizant and Headstrong. Which one I should take? which one is a better company in terms of onsite and pay?

  2. Nishant Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Rajat,
    Can you please tell me the written and interview
    pattern of headstrong.

    Nishant Bhardwaj

  3. Nag says:

    Hey I have an offer from headstrong… and I want to know more about headstrong… like infrastructure…games/gym/ onsite opportunities… layoff’s… fires… and current position of company as financial crisis of big financial companies… intra transfers from one location to other location….

  4. Rupert says:


    I am an MBA from a top 5 Bschool in India. I have an offer from Cognizant and Headstrong. Which one I should take? which one is a better company in terms of onsite and pay?


  5. Mohit says:


    its totally depende on you aspiration.Just to make money headstrong is a nice place.But cant say what kind of work you will get.In terms of job security there is nothing to say.A lots of layoffs are there.
    Will recommend to join any ither company not headstrong.

  6. IT says:

    Well, headstrong does some niche work in financial mkts which not many of us, with just B.Es/ B.Techs & MCAs under our belt, get a chance to do with even big IT power houses.

    • Anonymous says:

      its just a consultancy with a lot of ******* creatures in the leadership.. they are serviving on the base which was created by ex-leaders and who’ve left the firm now ….. now they r loosing thier client-base, becoz in the name of domain they r making a **** of their clients like ******* ******* etc…such a firm can just provide u good salary for a few months, unless they fire u…but they cant provide you a long term career.

  7. Shankar says:

    Hi, I am working for Headstrong for the past 2 years.

    Headstrong is a hire and fire company. They hire you when they have work and fire you when something got scrapped. Not good for techies and good for those managers who has orientation towards financial domain.

    Salarywise it is good but take home amount is surprisingly low. Working environment is very cool and very less work load.

    Good company for a short term stay but not as a long run partner.

    Resource management is very poor and ppl here are forced to work in different technologies irrespective of their prior exp.

    Most of the projects are support projects and very less are purely development projects.

    A very low level of individual growth for techies. Their orthodox approach of working for financial domain clients only is really pathetic.

    Lay-offs in headstrong are routine basis no matter how the whole mkt is doing. They do a lot of lay-offs every year.

    • bharat hotwani says:

      Headstrong will **** your career, if you are a real techie at heart never ever join such a company.

  8. Ritiviz says:

    Headstrong is bad company. Do not join this company. They just hire and fire people.

  9. An Ex Employee says:

    I was working with headstrong since last 1 year. Its a worst organization.My expertise lies in java technologies and they forced me to do BPO job there.
    They have a vertical BOSS that’s a BPO. Finaly they fired me and I am very happy as I got the job that I deserve.

  10. Suraj says:

    Dear Leaders,


    I am Suraj working as a SSE in Mahindra Satyam and my current package is 3.3. I am 2 years and 6 months exp in .Net technology.

    I have got offer from IBM but package is 3.3 LPA in INR and they are willing to take me as fresher. They are giving me DW-BI technology (its a king technology). They will give me training on that.

    2) I have got offer from Headstrong package is 5.09 and they are giving me same .Net technology. Since the company is CMMi 3 (i think so) please suggest me where to go or I will stay in Satyam itself and look for better job?

    Kindly suggest ASAP because I have very less time to join.

  11. nsujoy says:

    Hi Suraj,

    I have heard headstrong doesn’t have very good infrastructure but your take home will be very good, on the other hand IBM gives minuscule hikes so salary will less than what you get now in headstrong even after 2-3 years,hikes may be max 10-15 % in IBM under normal conditions.

    But i suggest you to take decision ONLY based on whether you like programming in dot net or you like using datawarehousing tools say informatica, because in the long run say after 10 years you can become a big success only if you are someone who enjoys your work and can deliver things which others can’t , just look around all successful people are those who followed their heart and did what they enjoyed doing most.

    Admin- jobsamiksha

  12. Suraj says:

    Thanks a lot sir.


  13. shipra says:

    hi, I am a Software engg with 5 years of experience. My core skill is java. Just want to know something on interview pattern in headstrong at this level

  14. sanjeev Gupta says:

    Plz don’t go in headstrong, HR policies are not good here..

  15. Pallavi says:

    Hi Sanjeev Gupta,
    Please can you elaborate when you say HR policies are not good. I want to know the details so that I too can take an informed decision. Anyone else who has something to share please let everyone know.


  16. gaurav says:

    how many does headstrong on an average recruit from campuses??

  17. Anonymous says:

    can any one please tell me about the placement paper of headstrong asap..
    as i’ l soon be giving interview..
    and i have found no paper online..
    IT sector..??

  18. ramneek says:

    can any one please tell me about the placement paper of headstrong asap..
    as i’ l soon be giving interview..
    and i have found no paper online..
    IT sector..??

  19. softwareEngineer says:

    Hi ,
    I have gor 2 years of work ex and got a offer from Headstrong , Patni and hewitt .
    Which one is the best out of the lot.
    I dont want to grow in IT sector , I want to go for MBA but salary is an important part for me.

  20. nsujoy says:

    Go for headstrong if u want better salary, but you would need time to prepare for MBA also.

  21. KK says:

    i have an offer from headstrong, currently i am working with Fiserv. can someone tell should i join headstrong. package they r providing me is ok. but how is work environment. how are the HR polocies.do they stll hire and fire

  22. asdf says:


    I recently got an offer frm headstrong to join as fresher they have considered me to be frm a Tier 2 college(even though my college being among top 10 colleges of India). I also have offers from Sapient Nitro and IBM. I am only considering sapient and headstrong to join. I have a couple of queries regarding the same.

    1) What is the difference between job profiles offerer to students of Tier 1 colleges and tier 2 colleges?

    2) Which company among Sapient Nitro(in ecommerce related domain) and Headstrong should i join if i am looking for a long term career? which domain is better to be in ecommerce or Financial services

  23. Sujoy says:

    1) No difference in job profile will be there for different colleges.
    2) Financial sector would be better terms of opportunities and pay scale.

  24. Rashi says:

    I have just got a call from Headstrong, NOIDA. I also have TCS in my hand wid 3.3 pkg. If i get thru headstrong, what shall i join ? My main motive to come into Corporate world is to earn Money widout heavy pressure and that too for couple of yrs say max 2 !! Pls suggest ..


  25. indu says:

    hii all,

    i have an interview in headstrong soon,, plss mail me the placement papers or pattern or anything u remember about the test for freshers(b.tech).


    • neha says:

      can any one please tell me about the placement paper of headstrong asap..
      as iโ€™ l soon be giving interview..
      and i have found no paper online..

  26. mish says:

    I need to know Headstrong’s selection procedure asap.
    I will soon be apperaing for the initial round.
    Can any one pls help with some questions they ask or the written test??
    I am looking for a post of s/w engineer with 2+exp.

  27. ankur says:

    tell me about the sex ratio of headstrong in india mainly in noida and banglore..

  28. Puneet says:

    I have to appear for a written test of HeadStrong. Kindly guide me what would be the questions asked in written test for 2 yrs experienced guy in Java / J2EE technology. Also, if I look in long terms then is it worth joining HeadStrong because I heard its hire and fire company.

    My main motive is to gain more and more knowledge at technical front and Financial Domain and earn money at the same time.

    Please guide me.


  29. N says:

    Hi Guys, I have offer from IBM & Headstong..Which one i can choose?? Of-course salary may be high in HS. But to choose with which one is good (policy/Work culture) wise..?

  30. Prabhakar says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have an offer with Headstrong. Please suggest me if I can join the company.

  31. mansi says:

    can anyone plz let me know about the type of questions asked in the written exam of headstrong. I have’nt found any placement paper of headstrong in net.


    • Tina says:

      hi mansi…..well there r 3 rounds of written test..ist paper is of english where there r 2 paragraphs n u hv 2 attempt in 10min..be quick..
      2nd paper is of reasoning n verbal logic.rs aggrwal is sufficient..
      3rd paper is of quantitative n logical reasoning..
      in all follow rs aggrawal..
      After this u have gd ,interview round n finally hr round….
      All d best

      • pardha says:

        @Tina ..
        Hi tina .. i am a fresher and i have offers from both accenture and headstrong. Can you advice me on which comp to join. And also tell me whr HS would place me initially b’lore or noida ?

  32. hsp says:

    which one is best among headstrong and polaris?

  33. rich says:

    which is better?
    wipro or headstrong

  34. santosh kumar says:

    hi.. everybody i have been placed in HCL as well in Sapiennitro. i am confused which to join. also i came to know that sapient is good option but has a demerit that she is found of firing and there is no stability for freshers. i am not sure about it. So i request you all to PLEASE give your responses,, thanks in advance.

  35. archana says:

    i ….everyboby…i m fresher…headstrong coming for recruitment in our college campus…can u plzz…someone send placement paper ……as soon as possible….


  36. Anonymous says:

    can anyone plz tell bout the on campus placement procedure of headstrong.will b a great help .thanx.

  37. riya says:

    can anyone please tell me the pattern of headstrong. the pattern of 2010, which i got is entirely different from that of 2011. is it of 10+20+20 pattern or 45+15+15 pattere… please replry me soon. the date of recruitement is 22nd sept. so guys pls…..its very urgent

  38. Anonymous says:

    hey where did i can find headstrong placement papers.tell me the link plz .send that to my mail…..gusha98@gmail.com

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can someone pls tell me abt the technical questions pattern asked in headstrong…

  40. i have an offer from headstrong and i have also got through the Indian Army ,UES entry…can anyone suggest which is better?

    • Sumedha says:

      I barely think that’s a question to ask! Go for the Army! No comparison whatsoever. I’d pick the Army over Adobe or Google!

      • look, i get the basic attraction towards the army stems from honour and glory,but the life of a army man is not like i would like to see myself 25 years later. I would love to be able to quit a job if i dont like it. I have got Permanent Commission.

        con no.- 1. No promotion unless the boss over you quits or dies
        2. cant leave after having signed a bond even if you dont like the job
        3. family has to sacrifice with the transfers across the entire nation every 3 years.
        4 what happens when you retire? The skill sets developed are meant for a corporate job.

        you answer me now!

    • Anonymous says:

      See, If you feel you are fit and suitable for Army then go git it! I worked for Headstrong for 2 years and 2 months… I had very pleasant experience there. I started my carrier in Mahindra Satyam… Headstrong gave me 100% hike If you notice, In the current thread I asked same question two years back… I had IBM and Headstrong in choice. I choosed Headstrong. And I will say my decision was very good one. This is a very cool company to work with decent package. This company recently merged with Genpact. Management and policies are very good here. I am now working for TCS Gurgaon. And believe me my friend, during job change I remember interviewer (of TCS/HCL/Fareportal/Sapient) asking me “Hey! You leaving Headstrong!! R u sure?” TCS Gave me 35% hike and my plan is to come back to Headstrong after 1 Year to get another 50% hike ๐Ÿ™‚ Headstrong has such repo in market!

      • anonymous says:

        All these good comments about headstrong are written. By Some HR people who are specifically hired just to put some good comments on web portals like this one and they also keep an eye on the employees who are writing against this company..such employees are fired without notice…. but the actual feedback about the company comes frm employees who r actually working there..

    • bharat says:

      Let me tell you that I secures all india rank 229 in Gate 2010 …. but I had to join any company coz my family is dependent on me ..I thought I’ll at least learn something here although it could never be equivalent to IIT degree ..

      Now its been two years here n I feel like a pathetic stuid…no significant increment. And the worst thing is no learning !! The stupid manager forced me to work in a project of manual testing where I used to find spelling mistakes in pdf docs..!! And I ws nt d only one many seniors having 6-7 years of exp were also doing d same.. d diff is dat they used to buy wisky for the manger every weekend.. bt I nvr did dat.. that’s why they got onnsite oppotunities and I’m still ther..can’t even resign becoz I joined as a fresher and signed a bond of 2 yrs…

      I’m just waiting for d completion of two years and get out of here..!!
      If u have a good academic record and you know u deserv a good job then never join such a consultancy ..u better be unemployed for few months .. u’ll definitely get a better job.. headstrong is worst in IT industry..

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi bharat thank you for the insights in the company. Whether this is the scenario of every IT company or only Headstrong?

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t think about the bond and all buddy, BTW, what is the bond amount? whatever but not more than your happiness and satisfaction, right? Go get what you deserve, don’t waste time there..

    • - says:

      the army isnt all about honor and glory, it also builds in you a peronality which believe you me you will not build anywhere else in the world. I dont know what army man you have seen 25 years down the line. He is more man than any CEO in the world. I guess you might have already made your decision, but i just saw this and thought i must reply.
      1. You have very incomplete knowledge about promotions. It doesnt work that way. In fact, trust me promotions are guaranteed a lot more than in the IT sector.
      2. I barely think you would WANT to leave the job, however, a lot of people do. there are ways
      3. The family of an armyman is no less commendable than the officer himself. My father was in the navy, and no other profession can give your family a sense of pride even after you have left the world. Also, moving around the nation makes your wife and kids smarter ๐Ÿ˜‰
      4. Are you kidding me? A post-retirement armyman gets ANY job he wishes for!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi …i recently got an offer from headstrong for java support. Could anyone pls suggest me that shall i go for it? Are there any onsite opportunities in java support projects? Also heard that HR policies are not good there…Also for support people do they put them in night shifts as well depending upon the reqt ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, It’s Depend upon the project ..there are lots of oppurtunity for onsite but all depends upon project (true for for every IT company)..yes support people have to work in night shift as well if business require, if your project is 24*7 ..

      • Anonymous says:

        onsite opportunities lie in the field of BPO/KPO work only .. for those who are into technology, their are no opportunities as such, not even in India , forget about onsite

  42. Anonymous says:

    hi , iam bit confusion whether to join in Head Strong, i have capGemini offer as well , so can any one tell how good head strong is? any oniste opportunities .

  43. krunalhp says:

    Hi, I have offer from headstrong for some morgan stanley wealth management project, Please suggest should i join headstrong or not ?

    • - says:

      Yeah you should. Morgan Stanley happens to be their biggest client, and its projects the most reputed within the company. Not sure if you’ll be able to get such a project elsewhere.

  44. sindhu says:

    if you get selected in headstrong then when will they give the offer letter??

  45. anonymous says:

    Hi guys, I had joined this company last year. I graduated one of the premier institutes in india ..IT bhu, I was expecting a job in technology in this company.. but wat I saw here was so surprising.. there r big teams consisting if 100s of jerks all hired just to find some spelling mistakes in documents/web pages etc. Since they find spelling or grammatical mistakesin the docs for big banks like morgan stanley ..they are called domain experts!

    Those who find maximum errors and provide their screen shots as well are termed as good performers… and those who r doing all this happily without worrying about their future or career are termed as extraordinary resources ! I saw that most of these stupids are frm bihar who can barely understand english.. luckily I was fired last month and most of my talented friends were also fired because we were not doing our work happily ! .. this is the reason wat we got from manager and HR and now I’m serving a reputed firm which is paying me for my tech skills and nt jst for speaking in english nd finding some spelling mistakes.. moral of the story is that don’t get swayed away with the winds ..think 100 times before joining such a tiny consultancy whcich consists of more than 90% ofย *******

  46. nidhi says:

    I had served this ******* company for more than 4 years.. and my exp has been like hell.. my manager and his friends were known for misbehaving with the female colleauges and playing wid careers of their subordinates . No one could try to speak up against them becauze they were scared of loosing their job. and when I treid to reach out to HR ..my IPR was ruined and I was expelled frm d project I was being forced to leave the company ..even after leaving this hell I still get some unethical and ****** emails frm those *******.. all I can do is to post these comments here so that people know about the reality and avoid getting into such an experience.

  47. Anonymous says:

    headstrong is not good for freshers and females .. there are many managers in this company who are known for misbehaving with the females and playing with the careers of the freshers .. that is why n .

  48. Anonymous says:

    Headstrong is nothing but a call center hidden behind the name of financial-domain expertise … Those who have a working brain should never join headstrong because such employees are not required in headstrong …

  49. Anonymous says:

    NOT a good company for freshers .. be careful if you are being asked to sign a bond …a 2 years bond means they will **** your career at least for 2 years ..and it may extend upto 3-4 years unless you resign And surprisingly, if you work with headstrong specially in Testing you wil not get another job for next 3 years or so. .. so be very before signing a Bond with a call center.

    • Sir/mam,
      I m Atul kumar singh from delhi, and i have to join Headstrong now called genpact on 1st jan 2014, after reading all the above reviews i m frightened now, though i wanna know is there anything i have to prepare before joining, what about there training period, and what base location they will usually give to the freshers, for how much time they ask to sit on benches and all…

  50. headstart says:

    Its rightly said to be ****strong for those who expect a career out of it… Such small consultancies Judy play with the minds of their employees and their clients as well…

    As it is mentioned in this portal headstrong is known for finding spelling mistakes in the websites of some big banks like morgan… And thats what they assume to be a niche work in financial domain….

    You will find many stupids here.. Who call themselves domain experts… But actually they r just experts in finding these sowing mistakes for some investment banks… Be very careful if u r asked to sign any bond before join this **** ..

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