IDBI (Industrial Development bank of India) Bank

A government regulated bank (58 % GoI stake) with Other “Public Sector Bank” status in RBI. IDBI Ltd, as a DFI (Development Financial Institution) exposed to market only in 1992 and became government body after merger of IDBI Bank in Oct 2004, which started working together in April 2005. Balance sheet size is more then one lac Crore, march, 2007.
IDBI Bank as a Dynamic private Banking Institution. As per an informal statement, the merger of both institutions is compared like marriage of SIXTY-Year-old man (IDBI Ltd) with sixteen-year young & dynamic lady (IDBI Bank).
Merger of employees is scheduled on Feb 2008.

Brand Value
Brand is perception in the eyes of customers. As per IDBI Ltd is concerned, it has limited Braches in India 7 very prevalent in Metro and B-Class Cities. The name IDBI creates different Brand value to different segment of customers.

First level Customer (Employees)- if you are Interested to work in Banking Sector with fat starting perks, then organization will be next to RBI.
(After five Yrs of Working, people rarely dares to leave organization, or other dynamic/private Bank hesitate to hire them except you are self motivated)

Second level Customer- Origination is very good by infrastructure, location of Branches is very good but no of Branch and BABU-ism (Govt. Attitude) is prevalent in employees.
Some products like Home Loan of Fixed Deposit is good and Profit center for the bank.

Career Growth.
Once you recruited, you may have feel-good with you. An amusing perks like well-furnished house, Car and different allowances may attract you but that may be limit of your satisfaction in organization, because growth is very minimal (Onsite Opportunity
Nil, except you are on some higher post for eligible to attend some SEMINAR or Symposium sort of things that is only for few days.

Work Environment
It’s a government Bank. The one point, which is very strong, is you have exposure as per your interest and more avenues to learn rather than working in small units, but you needs to be self-motivated.

Work Pressure/ life Balance
Cool, you can get everything except fat amount after certain period of working in the organization. Hell lot of scheduled leave is there with paid/ unpaid leaves.

Satisfaction of salary and Quality of Job
You will realize after working one year that Salary is proportional to your effort in organization. Quality of Job is O.K. If you are dreaming to reach the sky, then don’t’ dare to join organization, in case you opted don’t’ live more than one years.
As Infrastructure is very good, there are chances that after management change; most of negatives may be sorted out

Type of Work-
IDBI Ltd is a Banking Service Industry. It had Funded Most of the successful Business Houses. If you randomly select five organizations three must be funded by IDBI, you can take..BSC, Reliance, tata, Bharti or ITC etc

Job Security
If you are in probation period and you slapped your BOSS, then there are chances of your firing after certain paper work. That disciplinary action would be by the HR Department.

Some Positive and negative of the company

(+) ve Points
You will feel like Officer, just after Campus you would be in your office provided House.
You have facility to opt any service area in Banking Domain, as per you interest
Bank promote for a better life at time of just joining, Car Allowance and other allowance as par of RBI employee.
Medical Facility just after joining, you can access medical services free of cost in different Hospitals over the country.
(-) ve Points
Nominal Salary growth
Government work culture
Brand Value in Private Banks is not good.

My recommendation
The aforesaid statement made is only my perception about the bank it can be easily vary from person to person and with time/place of working. Your decision is precious for you, and may affect your life forever.
You may think on points and make further query at the time of final decision if you would be having more than one option for opting decision.
Best of Luck


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  1. Dipika says:

    Dear Sir,

    I Just want to know how many chance to recurt IDBI Bank when he/she showing in wait list………Please tell me

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