Wipro FAQs for Freshers

A quick Q&A session on Wipro:

Regarding DOJ (Date of Joining)?

DOJ will be the first day of joining. The day you officially get integrated with wipro. Why it is getting delayed, there could be many reasons from lot internal allocation to business scope. Don’t worry abt doj. When the HR sent you a mail that you are selected for wipro and do the Medical test and blah blah blah, you got selected. The DOJ and the place to join will be intimated later.

But try to explore oppurtunities in meantime on software/ testing domains which will be helpful when u enter into trainings.

Now regarding trainings, It is not sure that you will be placed in the language you are taught in college. So be open for the oppurtunities. Training will be a peice of cake if you are open for oppurtunities. There is nothing called impossible so be open.

Regarding the placement and the option of transfer?

Well it is a mystery for everyone, because you will be placed based on the requirement not based on your interest. More over you can get transfer if your manager agrees but it is a tough job because they have their own commiments based on your availablity. That is the reason we have a choice of selecting location (based on priorities) before joining. Once joined/filled the form the door is closed for sometime. It might open if needed.

Regarding medical test?

You need to finish your medical before joining (atleast 4 working days before). There is no way without medical you can join wipro

Department and scope?

AS i said earlier about trainings, the scope of your job will be changing time to time. Sicne you are freshers it is easy for wipro to mould you. If you guys say me to work on testing i won’t because i am experienced in some other thing and we always have our options wide open than you. My advice is to learn whatever you see. I know some guys with 2 years experience leading a big projects for fortune 500 clients because of their work in first year.

Regarding department, mostly all departments (means TIS/SAP/HR/TES/PES/EAS etc) are having good scope so don’t worry about department. I accept you are good in s/w development, but i am sure what we know is very little when it comes to client requirement, I have examples of senior persons failing on client interview (a interview to work for clients) so the scope is open if you do it while training. You can change projects when you are not commited to projects (billed) but there are policies for that which will be said on induction.

Well induction (formal joining) will happen on mondays not on fridays

Technologies that you need to know?

You don’t need to know any technology which we studied in our college. because what we are studying in college is not applicable here (except java, .net guys) When i entered into the job (not in wipro but before that), i never know any languages which they asked. but the training they give will be good enough to catch the pace and after that it is your entho to learn more deeper.

Documents to submit?

It must have been said to you guys by HR and course completion certificate is not a provisional certificate. Provisional certificate will be issued by university upon your completion of all semesters.


16 Responses to Wipro FAQs for Freshers

  1. L.SARAVANA PRIYA 19/1, Jallikattu Street
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    Sri Meenakshi College for women.


    Diploma in UNIX, C, C#


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    1. Summer Training in Bojaraj Textile Mill, At Theni .

    Have under gone induction at various departments at Bojaraj Textile Mill. The departments covered were production, Finance, Systems, Marketing and Human resources. Report was submitted on the various processes in these departments

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    I hereby declare that above furnished information is true and best of my knowledge and belief.


  2. HI says:

    Good initiative….nice info carry on

  3. sveta says:

    thank u ,

  4. sveta says:

    thank u for the information.

  5. Ajay says:

    Thanku So Much for this information

  6. P.Ashwini says:

    i need faq’s to ask the freshers as iam a recruiter

  7. malvika gupta says:

    i just want to know do we have to submit our marksheets while joining? if we have one back remaining at the time of joining then will they allow me to join the company?

  8. khushbu says:

    what languages are required for software development.When 2010 pass out batch will get joining?Where does they schedule training for electrical engineering freshers?

  9. shivabasayya says:

    I, just finishing my final year exams (BE),got placed in wipro and also offer letter.my only doubt is,what if i get back in any one subject of final semester,will my job offer remains? or wipro will reject me?…

  10. nsujoy says:

    complete your back up and get ur degree before joining date or u can submit a affidavit for the same.(that u will submit degree).

  11. pradeep says:

    my name is pradeep….i am a fresher i got placed on campus recruitment….in rmk coll chennai….15 days back….can u tell me when can we be called….for training….most probably where ll be training…
    thank you

  12. anil says:

    passport is mandatory?????????
    plz rep i got placed in wipro.

  13. Rahul says:

    Bro my sis is a selected by wipro she has to attend a formality test in kochi and training in chennai will she get a job in Bangalore because we live Bangalore or can they change if she request them pls rly

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