Frequently asked interview questions – V

Fifth in the series of frequently asked interview questions

Question: 41. How can you describe your previous job?
Answer: Here the intention of the interviewer is to find out your priorities. The interviewer wants to know, whether you are going to focus on your achievements, the organization or the project on hand but you can focus on any of them depending on the type of job you are looking. You can describe what you have learnt, how you enjoyed your job while working in a team and many more but in a positive note.

Question: 42. What is the biggest mistake you have committed?
Answer: Don’t say that you have not done any mistake rather tell them any one of your mistake and mention what lesson you have learnt from it, so that you will not repeat the same in future.

Question: 43. Do you think that your academic performance truly reflect your talents?
Answer: Don’t say that you deserved better marks rather you may mention that if you had avoided certain mistakes, perhaps you would have performed better. But you have learnt lessons from it.

Questions: 44. What did you hate most on your previous job or organization?
Answer: Your answer should be something like that you have not find any such thing as an employ should enjoy every part of his job. Only this kind of attitude can show your efficiency and dedication.

Question: 45. You have a job. If you were appointed here, how long would you take to join us?
Answer: This question is to check your commitment. So if you are keen to join the new organization don’t ever tell that you can join the next day. Just tell that you will join as soon as possible. You can explain that you have some pending work in hand which you need to finish and so you need one or two weeks. Such an answer will make the interviewer clear that you are committed to your work and you better understand your responsibility.

Question: 46. You are an employed person. Now you are seeking this job. Don’t you feel that you are snatching the opportunity of an unemployed person?
Answer: Example – No I don’t think so. I know that I have a good job now but it doesn’t provide that much opportunity to grow my professional capabilities. I think your organization is in a state of growth and expect better prospect here. Again when I will leave my current company, a vacancy will be generated there. In this way I am not snatching the opportunity of an unemployed person.

Question: 47. How did you cope with the stresses and strains in obeying the instructions of your supervisor? Did you not feel that you were surrendering your self-respect on such situations?
Answer: In every organization there are rules and regulations to follow, which are necessary for its growth. In fact, if my supervisor points out any mistake of mine, I take it in a positive way and do the best to avoid in future. So I experienced no difficulty in obeying instruction or handling criticism.

Question: 48. Why haven’t you found a new position before now?
Answer: I am not looking for any job and finding the right kind of job takes time.

Question: 49. What position do you expect to have in two years?
Answer: Just say that you wish to improve yourself personally and professionally so that you will be in a promotional track.

Question: 50. What kind of hours are you used to working?
Answer: I can work as many hours to complete my job at the right time.


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