Frequently asked interview questions – IV

Fourth in the series of frequently asked interview questions

Question: 31. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
Answer: This is to assess your attitude towards pressure. To answer this question give an example related to you’re past job and how did you handle it. Don’t hesitate to tell that usually you don’t easily cope with pressure but add that knowing the deadline in advance helps in working better in that condition.

Question: 32. Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?
Answer: Answer should reflect that you like this job and describe this as it suits your profile and interest.

Question: 33. What motivates you to do your best on the job?
Answer: This answer is based on your own feelings so it can be different for everyone.
Example – courage to face new challenge, a hunger to achieve something new and a little recognition and identity really makes me to do the best on the job.

Question: 34. Are you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends?
Answer: Be totally honest while answering this. It depends on your own comfort, so really doesn’t matter much.

Question: 35. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Answer: Interviewer wants to reveal your career plan whether in short term or long terms as far as the job and the company is concerned. Answer this in such a way that will show your ambition but in a practical way. Show the importance of the job you are interviewing for as a part of your career goal.
Example – I have certain goals, which I wish to achieve with this company.
I want to develop myself professionally in this company with complete dedication.

Question: 36. Would you be willing to relocate if required?
Answer: This is totally based on personal comfort level. So no need to say yes if don’t want in really otherwise it will create a lot problem later on.

Question: 37. Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own?
Answer: This question directly invites your attitude of dedication and loyalty. So, just say ‘yes’ without its ethical implication.

Question: 38. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
Answer: Don’t analyze your qualification and just say that you are well qualified for this position.

Question: 39. Describe your work ethic?
Answer: Emphasize on the benefit of the organization. Answer should be like this:
I want to work with complete determination and for the betterment of the organization and finally working means enjoying my work.

Question: 40. What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?
Answer: If you think that you can manage a team as a team leader then your answer can be a team leader. Otherwise, if you feel satisfied in any particular position then don’t hesitate to point that out.


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