IBM or Accenture

IBM or Accenture? TCS or Infy or Wipro? Satyam or Patni or CTS?

Many of us would face this problem. All these are big brands in India (or world) today. They cannot be compared on the basis of brand value. Though globally Accenture is into pure consulting and IBM is more into technology services, in India both carry out the same work as Infy or TCS. We will rule out the brand option completely though you can stick to Indian brands, which are well known names in Stock Market. Your would be father-in-law must have heard about Infy or Satyam, I mean getting a good bride/dowry may be easier for a Infy guy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coming to Salary more or less they are equal and when it comes to salary the bigger question is location, money wise Infosys in Hyderabad would be a better option than
IBM in Banglore.

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  1. Siddy says:

    The article certainly useful and gives directions to somebody who is fresh from college and has unrealistic expectations from bulk companies. Thanks a lot to the author.

  2. Siddy says:

    The article certainly useful and gives directions to somebody who is fresh from college and has unrealistic expectations from bulk companies. Thanks a lot to the author.

  3. abc says:

    Very realistic analysis. You really know about the Indian software scenario. Kudos!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi..i am an accenture employeee and can tell u that accenture gives good shift allowance and to an extent they consider ur choice of the kind of work u want to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not like that now dude…there is a lot of difference after recession….it really sucks your bloood

    • def says:

      Sorry to contradict, but i was accenture employee till last month and the pay is shit and they treat you like as if you dont have a life beyond office.

  5. pawan kumar rai says:

    I am very impresed to get the information.

  6. rajesh says:

    the article is great..but how would you compare TCS with IBM? both seem to be more or less same

  7. Girish says:

    i guess Accenture is the best ….. as i could read the cultures of Accenture , Infosys and IBM ….. no one can match Accenture , but its a silent performer …. u need much knowledge to understand about accenture.

  8. Wil says:

    I have a possible opportunity with Satyam in Irvine, CA, US. As a US citizen working in a U.S. location how should I consider this opportunity? How would it compare to working in Satyam in India. They would want me to start without giving two weeks notice to my current employer (in fact, the start date is 10/12 – giving one day for an interview, one day for a decision and Friday be on the job). Culturally, would this be acceptable in India? Is this the company trying to push things or should I think that the recruiter is being pushy? I like what I see of the company from research but I want to make sure I have enough information for my decision – I don’t want to get hired and be out of a job in three months.

  9. nsujoy says:

    From what i know about Satyam it even chases its employees to court if they leave the company during bond period. And its the norm to have a 1 month notice period in every company in India. Some ask companies even ask for a longer notice period of 2 months.
    I think they are looking for an urgent opening still you can bargain for 2 weeks time if they are willing to take you.(my personal opinion)

  10. SANIA says:


    • Anonymous says:

      LOL.. thats preposterous……… all companies are same, Accenture is not special in any way. Highly unethical policies introduced lately.

  11. ABC says:


    I have an offer from Infosys and IBM global services,and am very,very confused between the two.Graduated in June โ€˜07,and got a joining date in november for IBM and Infosys.However,IBM has postponed its date to the end of december and Im worried that its too late.Can you kindly advise on what to join because Im very worried!!

  12. nsujoy says:

    You can join Infy, they ask you to sign the bond after few days, if you dont like it by then, you can still have the chance to join IBM.

  13. ABC says:

    Can you tell me after how many days they ask us to sign the bond,approximately?

  14. ABC says:

    Can you tell me after how many days they ask us to sign the bond,approximately?You know a lot about career growth and its prospects..can you please tell me how I could advance my career depending on which company I join?

  15. nsujoy says:

    The bond is signed within first 2 months, i believe for good career growth you should work hard and work on something you like to do.

  16. XYZABC says:

    I hav 3.5 years of experience in java/j2ee.I have 4 offers from different organisation.offers are from iflex,satyam,ibm,techmahindra.I am very much confused which organisation to join.I am looking for long term commitment to the company.Can you please suggest which will be better in terms of growth,work culture,career.

  17. Pune_CmpSci_Geek says:

    Your was a very well written and informative article. One line however seems to be pretty wrong now – “Work culture or HR policies are better in IBM “.

    I have a BE degree in Comp Engg from Univ of Pune. My Date of joining was initially postponed to Nov’07 , then to dec’07 and now to 1st July’2008!!!

    IBM is managed pretty badly in India. They have played with the careers of hundreds of fresh engineers from Univ of Pune , Univ of Hyd , Jadavpur univ and atleast 3 NIT’s.

    People talk of a hiring boom by IBM but truth is that it can not manage the employees its hiring in droves now.

    Guide to future ibm aspirants – “Avoid it if you can “.

  18. Pune_CmpSci_Geek says:

    Do check the IBM 2007 recruits community on orkut of you doubt the veracity of my statements.

    More on this will appear on national media next week.

  19. rahul says:

    i am working with infosys right now.i m a B.E passed out from PESIT Bangalore which is one of the top colleges in karnataka.But the kind of work I do is something non-technical.It is all support kind of work.I have been here for jus 6 months and want to apply somewhere else.If I break their bond without informing them,will it be a problem? coz they really are nt caring about our careers there.plz sum1 help me

  20. rahul says:

    some1 plz help me…i m in crisis….

  21. nsujoy says:

    read this one about pros and cons of breaking bond,

    but i would advice not to break unless it is very bad, please mail us if you want to know more (

  22. ajay says:

    First of all let me tell you that the analysis here is very realistic.

    I have worked in Accenture and Oracle. Let me tell you services companies in general require low end skills and pay less CTC comparatively.

    Accenture recruits in bulk and you won’t find colleagues over there who you can be proud of.

    I believe Infosys/Wipro/IBM/Accenture is the right order when you compare services companies in general in India.

  23. kumar says:

    IBM India is one of the worst company for technical people. People managers will treat employees as slaves. If he likes you will grow else u will never get hikes. Please please note that IBM CTC contains performance bonus say for example 4 lacs salary u will be having 30-35k as a performance bonus. Best performer may get 40%. No technical knowledge needed to work in projects and SSLC guy can complete the work.

    Before join IBM read this

    Note : I have 3 Years exp in IBM

    • Supreme says:

      To contradict kumar I could say onething that if you are not a good performer you can’t really expect a growth in IBM. IBM still one of the best brands in the world for his vision. I have joined Oracle recently but IBM still command huge respects around the globe. You just need to know how to break the system in IBM and make your path. I am looking forward to join IBM once again. Those who are trying to make their way to IBM – Only one piece of advice – Please negotiate your salary while getting into IBM or else you will come across souls like Kumar. I was having 5.5 yrs exp in IBM, India and IBM, U.S

    • Anonymous says:

      you are absolutely right. I’m an IBMer working for the company for past 6 years.

      • anonymous says:

        Hey Im BEIT student batch 2011. Im placed in TCS,Infosys and IBM.Im confused among 3.Please guide me regarding this.which would be best company among 3 to learn(technical side) as fresher

  24. Chandra Prakash says:


    I have got into Accenture Analytics team at Langford road , need to understand the work pressure there during projects, work timings,flexibility . Heard it makes u work hard, do we have sure shot off during weekends or we may land up working during weekends as well.


  25. parmjeet says:

    i think so you could not give that much of knowledge as much a person wants so i’m not satisfy with your view sorry to say

  26. Vinod says:

    I would like to share my experience at IBM Kolkata. I worked in IBM Kolkata.All of a sudden my manager started telling me to improve my performance & wanted me to report to two other people (one junior to me and one of my levl.)simultaneously.Then it was hell, the people who came in as my managers stared scolding me in languages which only slum dwellers will use.My customers were all praises for me but my manager kept telling me that my performance is going from bad to worse.Once in a meeting he also told me that i am fortunate that i could talk to him in person, otherwise people managers are kicking employees out of the co.When they want to kick people out they make such situation that you will have to leave

  27. abcd says:

    Feedback about Accenture-

    Accenture is a very good company in terms of job stability. Despite of market situation, I believe very few/no people were fired. However majority of the projects are support projects. HR policies are good. Not much work pressure (basically depends on project to project).

    Good company for long term.

  28. XYZ says:

    i have 2 years and 8 months of work ex in IBM.I support vinod regarding his views abt IBm.I have also similar experience.Moreover i want to say there is lot of politics in IBM.So please think twice before joining.

  29. anonymous says:

    I completly agree with what Vinod has mentioned.
    This is my fourth year at IBM Kolkata.I have always been one of the best performers thru out my career(school/college/job) still the situation is so pathetic that I am still at the same designation on which I joined 4 years back as a fresher..talking about the rennumeration…it has not yet crossed 3.5L and work responsibilities??? they expect u to work so much and leverage so much work from u as if they pay u in million$…I warn every fresher never ever join IBM Kolkata else ur career is doomed for sure…yes as an experianced u can join after bargaining for a good hike and designation too..not that bad for experianced joinies..

  30. Ajay says:

    I agree too, IBM Kolkata is the worst of all. Now they have started to retain people forcefully by complying to 3 months notice period. I know cases where they are using technical architects for monitoring jobs and people are working for 16 hours witout overtime. please forget about ibm here.

  31. ash562 says:

    I completely agree with you people, I’m facing the same problem. I work for IBM and got a much better offer in hand where they’re ready to wait for me for a max of 45 days after I’ve requested them but my managers are soo against my personal growth that they’re forcing me to serve complete 90 days of notice period, which is crazy. which company in world would wait that long? that way noone would be able to leave IBM. There should be some kind of action against this policy of theirs, its so Anti-Employee. Morons are not even ready to sell off the notice period partially. I wish I could sue them or approach some court against them.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yes.. I too and many of my colleagues are facing the same issue with IBM…. What on the earth they need 3 months notice??!!!! a KT can be completed in 1 month and they can get a guy in 1 month a max would be more than sufficient. this surely is a bad technique to hold people back!! I strongly suggest not to join IBM it may be good for people who doesn’t want money and dont want to leave IBM.. but if you are open to look out for better opportunities IBM is a big NO..

    • Anonymous says:

      This is for bangalore IBM too… We have to stay at least 3 months eventhough you dont have much responsibility in your project.

      • anonymous says:

        Me too facing the same problem from IBM Noida office…This something happening throughout IBM, a very mean way to reduce attrition, but this way they are only going heighten our desire to leave at any cost…Now many of the companies are aware of this policy of IBM… I think this is only one of the anti employee policy IBM India has…there are many more such policies as IBMers should be aware…There is no direct access to the HR…Everything is thru call center…It’s really frustrating…The relieving letter is couriered to u after 45 days of ur last…Isnt this ridiculous…If u need it early raise a request for a provisional relieving letter…I would never recommend anyone to join IBM…Even if they join it wud be good to leave within first year when the notice period is 1 month

      • Supreme says:

        Guys!!! The 3 months notice period has been imposed in all the major corporates and IBM is the last one to introduce it..Keep a good rapport with your upline manager then everything will fall in place.

  33. Giri says:

    Hi, I have an offer from Accenture as Sr. Soft. Engg and HCL as Tech lead and package also more in HCL than Accenture. Location is Banglore for both compy., but which one can I choose?

    Brand wise Accenture is best but designation and pack less than HCL. HCL have Indian brand name but I heard on site is more in this (I don’t have idea on on site in Acenture).

    Any idea/suggestion? Please help me out in this.


    • Dev says:

      Hcl is an Indian company with a better job security and indian values. Hr and admin are quite good and you have a direct contact with them. I can say this because i am a ex- hclite. Job pressurre is more or less same in both the companies. I have changed the company and joined ibm kolkata and now cursing myself.

  34. Tany says:

    IBM sucks. I hope people do read this before joining and wont’ join
    IBM employee (2 years completed)

  35. Kumar says:

    Giri, Can you please post your years of experience/platform and the salaries offered in Accenture/HCL here. My interview process are going on for these companies. It will help me in understanding the salary structure and to decide on my expected salary. Thanks in advance

  36. deep1970 says:

    I got an offer to join the IBM kolkata. is it the right company to work with how good is there resource managment polecy
    2 I got the Offer Excluding the Bonus and GDP 8,07000
    wht will be the monthly take home salary I asked several times to HR People but no peoper reply only getting mail that we are raise your concern

    • XYZ says:

      dear dont go for this offer this guys show u lot of flowrish things & nothing will get after joining & u hv to do lot of fight for ur project assignment & forget @ onsite opportunity in IBM & lot of politics in ibm kolkata specially if u r bengally thn it is quite good for u

  37. Ashish says:

    Hye, I have got a job offer from both accenture and infosys. Which is better???

  38. mano says:

    hi,everyone i got placed in IBM(apr 2010)can anyone tell me abt the fresher job experience at ibm plss..

  39. Anonymous says:

    hi,everyone i got placed in IBM(apr 2010)can anyone tell me abt the fresher job experience at ibm plss..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi i got Offer from Accenture.

    I think their pay is less.Can i ask for More salary

  41. nsujoy says:

    You can put forward your argument but there is a little chance they reconsider the offer.

  42. anoynmous says:

    Hi All,

    I am currently working in Accenture with 2.9 years of exp..had a bad time here..was on bench for one whole year and after that they put me in Mumbai for some project and i struggled for one year to get a transfer to i want to switch the company as their is no hike for last two years..I have cleared my technical round with IBM last week and have a HR round next week..

    Can someone tell me how much package i can expect from IBM …i am currently getting 3.3 in Accenture..(Not good for freshers but good for laterals with good salary )

  43. gaurav says:

    hello everyone
    I got placed in mahindra satyam. Should I join it
    I am very confused about it and I also want to know about training? I want to clear it before joining as i had bad experience with another company(which i left in 2 days). They promised training,i signed 2 yrs bond,but after joining i got to know that condition were pathetic and there was no training.
    Is mahindra satyam safe to join?

  44. SL85 says:


    I got offers from IBM, TCS and Accenture, IBM being the lowest in pay. Can any one suggest me which is better?

    • anonymous says:

      can you tell me what is the salary package offered to a fresher computer engineer recruited by IBM posted in kolkata?

  45. Anonymous says:

    hi, i work for AS400 technoogy with 5yrs of Exp, how much can i put as my expected ctc?..

  46. noname says:

    IBM is the worst company I have ever worked with.
    I left IBM after completion of December and I did not get Performance Bonus coz my manager did not confirm it.
    There is no HR in IBM and it is all handled by Manager so that they bahave like gods.and as per the policy I am eligible for Performance bonus.

  47. ABC says:

    Can any one tell me…. Which one is better …
    .NET in CTS or ABAP in IBM?

    Also pkg is same….
    and onsite opportunities in which are more?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I got offers from IBM and Accenture for automation QTP testing both for Bangalore location.Please help me which company shud i join?Pay is more in Accenture.But I am afraid of 10 working hrs in Accenture.I want good work/life balance.

    • ABCD says:

      Go for Accenture..But no body will give you the surity about ur working hours in any company,it depends upon ur project.

    • Anonymous says:

      Never join IBM.If you join IBM you will be getting the same salary after 2 to 3 years.You will need to work extra hours and there is no extra pay nor any claim.You may survive if you are good at politics.

      • karthik says:

        If onsite chances or bloated hikes is what you are after – then you should over look IBM. In my personal experience IBM india is better in terms of work culture than a infosys or accenture. You will have chances to grow as a techie.

        Go to desi companies if you want onsite.

    • jim says:

      Never join IBM.If you join IBM you will be getting the same salary after 2 to 3 years.You will need to work extra hours and there is no extra pay nor any claim.You may survive if you are good at politics.

  49. Anonymous says:

    How is Accenture?Is it good for ladies?how is work/life balance ?I heard they keep employees on bench for long time.Is it true?

  50. nsujoy says:

    almost all companies are safe for women, as far as work life is concerned, i am sure managers are considerate towards female employee timings. you may not be on bench for a long time.

  51. Vijay M says:

    Hi All,

    I joined in IBM on last month but i am in Bench only, i am having experiance in .Net.

    Now i got offer in HCL, the initial assignment is in Austerlia for the 6months.

    Could you suggest me which one is the best, i confused lot.

  52. Ovi says:


    Can anyone pls tell me whether Accenture lay off employees if anyone does not get project and be on bench for more than 1 month?any new joinee in Accenture pls write ur experience.Are people getting projects immediately after joining?

    • Anonymous says:

      No it won’t. Most of the cases after u join Accenture
      u get calls from different projects from different
      locations wher acc is located. If u like the project
      and would like to go to that location then they will
      put u there
      there r persons who r on bench for more than 2 mths.
      I just joined a month back. I feel cool here. first of all I like hr policies here,
      u will get answers about any doubts in ur offer or
      ur salary or any thing
      i felt they handel every thing professionaly.

      • Anonymous says:

        r u an experienced professsional into testing? can u tell me in which Accenture Bangalore office most of the new joinees are getting projects?

      • SRK says:

        I have to know that what accenture is offering for 6.5 yrs exp as an consultant.
        And how is the work culture & HR policies

  53. Sandesh says:


    Guys, i got selected in IBM Pune and Patni in mumbai , well i am having 4 yrs exp in BI i.e cognos and datawarehousing.I am from mumbai and my curr sal is 3 , but as i am expertise and cleared all rounds of both companies they are offering 6+ package.

    Now, i am little confused which one 2 join . IBM in pune or patni in mumbai.. please guide me..

    As per me both companies are good , well if i go for IBM then my expenses will incured compared to patni in mumbai itself. also, i am not aware of projects from both companies… Please give your valuable feedback so that i cam take right decision… How is IBM in pune? and patni in mumbai? i mean work culture,HR,polities.. please guide.. thanks in advance.

    • Supreme says:

      Hi Sandesh,

      IBM is anytime a much better brand than Patni. No comparision in that. If you are solely looking on the financial part then its your take which one you like to choose but brandwise absolutely no comparision

  54. nsujoy says:

    you can ask the HR about the projects, salary wise Pune offer is better as Mumbai is costlier, but it depends on your personal choice as well.

  55. Anu says:

    I did my M Sc in Materials Science (Nearing my 30 and I have only teaching experience)Currently,I am getting trained in SAP pp module.I am Certified ISO 9001:2008 IQA.Also undergoing Six Sigma Yellow belt Training&Certfcn.I have no Relevant Domain Experience (Production Planning).Can I get any Industry job?Kindly Advice…

  56. Giri says:

    I did my M Sc in Materials Science (Nearing my 30 and I have only teaching experience)Currently,I am getting trained in SAP pp module.I am Certified ISO 9001:2008 IQA.Also undergoing Six Sigma Yellow belt Training&Certfcn.I have no Relevant Domain Experience (Production Planning).Can I get any Industry job?Kindly Advice…

  57. Abc says:

    Hi. I have completed 3 months in IBM Bangalore. My People manager is a maniac and he has been nothing but rude to me since my first week. He absolutely hates me!! I need to quit. Can anyone please tell me if these crazy people managers screw your exit. That is make negative remarks on your relieving letter etc. Please someone answer!!

  58. nsujoy says:

    No your relieving letter will be given by HR, and it is not related to your performance.

  59. Nilanjan says:

    i have 3 offers
    i am fresher..packagewise tcs is best but i am very confused which1 2 join..plss suggest me. anyone

  60. xyz says:

    Guys i am in IBM now working into project for past two months..

    Place over here is good..

    Believe in work ,think positive..

    Do the best let god to decide…

    Avoid commenting on others or any company problem is within you guys fix them up first and go ahead.. Stop facebooking and chatting during work hours and spend some time towards ur growth..

    keep smiling

    • anonymous says:

      hey I m BEIT student of batch 2011.Im placed in TCS,IBM and Infosys.Which company is best among 3?what kind of domains we would be working on?how are HR policies, work environment,pressure? which company is best out of 3 for fresher to learn(technical side).Please guide me
      thank you

  61. Aarav says:

    Hi folks !!!
    I joined IBM couple of months back.
    The work culture in IBM is really good.Here you have immense opportunities to go ahead.
    Even IBM have big brand name.So IBM is the best

  62. says:

    Hi ,
    I was recruited by accenture a few days back only. I want to know how is the job security , work pressure present there. What are the salary increments as the starting salary is low!! and also how about the training they offer , is it strict ??

  63. varuu says:

    Hi Guys,

    I got offer from accenture having 6.2 years exp and 4+ in SAP MM..They are offering SSE and sal of 8(fixed)…

    Can i go ahead with the offer

    Please do help me,….

    • Ranjan says:

      Now days how accenture is taking interview , I had tech round over telephone, after interview they said HR will contact you for another round. What should I under stand about this it was for SAP MM consultant job profile.In HR round how much I should ask them?

      • Supreme says:

        This HR round takes lot of time to happen so be cautious about it..Need to followup or else you might not get a HR round call ever.

    • Supreme says:

      Its a reasonably good salary and u could goahead.

    • Supreme says:

      Its a reasonably good salary and you could goahead

  64. Ashish says:

    Hi Friends,

    I have got an offer from TCS, HCL & LnT for SAP – SD.
    Can u help me which is a better option as far as SAP is concerned( Salary package is same in ALL). Am having 6 yrs of SAP exp.


  65. Vishal IBM says:

    Hi all IBM folks, Im vishal here, i dont agree many of the view posted by guys here about IBM, because, im really enjoying my life here without knowing anything in SAP. That too with good promotion, When i read peoples comment, only now i realize im playing politics to get this. he he he

  66. rahul says:


    Can you please tell me for how many years experience does accenture give TL position. I am SAP MM consultant with a total of 6.5 years and relavant 4 years ..they offered me SSE.and IBM is offering Band 6B

    please suggest

  67. pardha says:

    HI guys
    can someone please tell me where i’d get placed if i join accenture as a fresher

  68. Pankaj says:

    i being with IBM since 4 years and i having almost 8 yrs of experience and i found that IBM is the worst IT company in india.This is totally like manager oriented company if ur manager want than only u can get promot else not ,doesn’t matter how good and what type of work u r doing .There is lot of politice and this is company like gorment organization and u should have ur God father.

  69. mohit says:

    I have been placed in Accenture through campus recruitment with a CTC of 3.25L. I have also applied in IBM coz i know the IBM-HR of Asia-pacific region. They are offering 7.1L.
    I am confused as to what to do because i know that growth opportunities in Accy are immense and promotion is very frequent. Work environment is also good there with less work pressure. I am confused about IBM though. What should i do?? Should i leave Accy if i get a call from IBM?

    • shekar says:

      Hi Mohit

      I am an IBMer, personally I do not recommend IBM.

      BUT, as you mentioned BM-HR of Asia-pacific region is a known person to you, go for it. Because in IBM you need a godfather to grow. Go for any location of IBM they are professional “EXCEPT KOLKATA”. Plan kolkata if you are a bengaly. As other regions are treated as out casts, which would effect your rating also.

      • Sink says:

        Thats true… am an IBMer for the past 8 years. You need to have a godfather to grow. If you have one, you will be top rater, excellent performer, etc. Everything is in the hands of your manager.

      • Dharmesh Kohli says:

        Hi Mohit, I do not think IBM Kolkata is doing any different than other locations.I have worked for 3 location in IBM India Noida,Pune and Kolkata and I am from Delhi. I have found this regional biasness in every location. That is common Indian nature.Go to Pune and you will see how Marathi people get advantage there,same holds for Noida if you are from Delhi.

  70. Narasimha says:

    IBM 3 months notice period means,,,
    no salary for 3 months aa????

  71. arun says:

    pls for god sake . dont ever come to TCS. simply u can tear of ur offer letter if u hav got it .. trust me .

  72. nelly says:

    I worked for a faggot sr exec who desperately believed managers should also perform coding, testing etc.

    Well, I did try the best; after all the team
    comprised of highly unskilled IT workers.

    The company just doesn’t have proper competencies.

    Anyways somehow managed to tide over problems, ran pillar to post to make both ends meet and satisfy the grumpy US client team.

    Beware the client team is more political than the client themselves as IDC is their fav punching bag.

    Ultimately when the hour arrived Mr Faggot (SR EXEC) denied any recognition/promotion.

    He promply put forth the excuse that still I was involved in technical and low level design work which was contradictory. Talk about getting fired for cleaning boss’es closet !

    I promptly packed my bags and ran faster than ever. Truth is this is a place where mediocrity rules and
    industry rejects fill top management strategists.

  73. Anonymous says:


    I m working for IBM (since last 10 months), though i got 2+ rating but didnt get hike this year. What could be reason behnd it??

  74. Anonymous says:


    I have exp of 5.8years in Websphere tools.Currently have an offer from IBM Noida, They ae paying me 10 lakhs+. Any suggestions.Should i go for IBM or look for another oppurtunity?

  75. swap says:

    My experience says TCS is best company to join


    Good work life balance
    Transperent salary structure
    Ample onsit opportunities

    As far as Accenture is concerned as i know is a **** **** ***

    Hopeless work life balance
    useless traning and knowledge sessions
    Less in hand salary

  76. siddharth says:

    I got placement in accenture and infosys through college placements.
    I am an ECE guy and want to do mba after 2 years from india or abroad. So is there any benefits accenture brand value will provide me in foreign .? plz help

  77. Deep says:

    My take on IBM

    I have been working with IBM for 4yrs months… joined as fresher…Saw ups and downs… And I do not know how it is like to work with others companies. However, IBM is a good place to work if you know how you can get yourself well-placed. A good rapport with manager does helps.But in IBM, the toughest thing is to understand its processes and requirements. Once you understand them and strive to stick with them, you will grow.

    I won’t disagree with the fact that in IBM, managers play vital role. Quite depends on hows you manager is. I had a decent time. I joined as associate and now I am a senior system engineer. Though, salary is not that high, but I started on low and I can say it doubled over this patient 4 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. confused_accenture employee says:

    People, I am a dba working in accenture as a contractor from past 1 year and i have got an offer from IBM. package is ok not great, but now accenture has given a counter offer with slightly better pay. and i have placed a condition that i will work in this project only for 3 to 4 months after which i want a different project.
    but for me career path, work and project is far more important, i am completely dissatisfied with the project i am working in accenture although the people here are very good.
    i have a decision to make in a day or 2 between IBM bangalore or ACCENTURE bangalore. please help me please i am way too confused now

  79. Anonymous says:

    I am with Accenture from 15th july 2010 and currently on LOA(Leave of absence) from October 2011 for 6months as I got married and had to travel to US and stay here for few more months. I had a bond of 1 year and have completed it in July 2011. I want to leave my company now but they have a notice period of 3months to be served or else I need to back out by paying them my 3months of my gross salary (appx 100k) . What if I do not pay the money and just quit? I am not expecting a relieving or experience letter. My only concern is about “Can they take any legal action against me?”

    • ex-accenture employee says:

      They can’t take any legal action and in your case they wouldn’t anyway as you were in LOP. If you are not looking for a relieving letter or experience letter, you can just quit. but i would suggest stay for 3 months, because you will be assigned no project as you have just come back from the leave of absence and the 3 months u will be on bench. all you have to do is just come sign and take home your monthly salary.

  80. Bar Code says:

    hi frendz
    i got placed in google with 19 lpa and i have cleared the hr for microsoft stday and waiting for the result. im confident that i will crack it. But i don know which one to choose as im a coding freak…
    Kindly help me . im expecting a valuable suggestion.

  81. sahil says:

    if accenture is giving posting only in kolkata office then should
    i go for it or not ?do accenture have projects in kolkata??

  82. Anonymous says:

    I was working as a contractor in IBM.But ni got and i got an offer from Amdocs with a good package.I resigned from IBM,but not they want to retain me with the same package what Amdocs is offering me.I m very much confused what to do.Can anyone suggests Plz.

  83. anonymous says:

    what u people do in company i mean u write coding in ur own or not?nd can all pass in training in ibm or it is very tough?what r the softwares that ibm works on?

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