Brand value, Career growth and onsite opportunities?
Brand value – Good, These things depend on your department and projects, this could be very different for person to
person. But yeah, onsite opportunities and career growth is good for people who are from H/W, VLSI background.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department?
Work environment is good. People are cooperative and good opportunity to pust your voice at any
level…. Communication b/w employees and management is good as for as i think.

Work pressure/Work – life balance. Well organized teams and work culture, This is a big plus point for ST. In fact ST kind of forces its employees to make a balance in their work and personal life, many forced leaves…n not much work load. Fixed daily 9.30 -5.30
routine job.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. Salary…is not good. Ur take home salary could be very less, but yea still fair enough. for freshers its around 5 LPA package but take home would be around 30000 PM, Quality of work will be different from one person to another.
People are expected to do their job independently here based on their skills set.

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? All type of work…. product development as well as services( for internal ST only, not for others I think), basically
its a semiconductor product development company

Job security.Its Good. There is no policy of firing in ST India (especially), but they do lot of cost cutting

Technology/Platform/Language your cos work. Many technologies…both in H/w and S/W domain. Everything as per latest technologies in Embedded software and

Hardware fields…also core IT like JAVA. .NET etc

Some positives and negatives of the company.
Positive – your work and life balance, brand, cool work culture
Negative – I don’t think anything, but yea i m sure it would be different for others. May b somewhat take home

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? For freshers it’s good to join this company. If they plan for further studies or so…they can manage that being here and for experienced people I think may not be a good option if their priority is money.
Also for freshers who want to develop their career technically being with organization, ST is a good option.

Vital Statistics: Fresher salary, Total No of employees, India headcount, Normal %age salary hikes or any
freshers its around 5 LPA package
employees no. around 50000(world wide), 1700+ (India)
Average hike 15-20%
yeah annual bonus based on performance

Location : STM Noida


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  1. bikash says:

    send me the freshers job in stm india.

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