Placement at Offbeat Branches

Placement at IITs generates a lot of media hype; but the picture they paint of placement at IITs is incorrect. Websites like, which unfortunately have a good reach, don’t have well researched articles. The number of candidates getting international jobs at IITs may be well below 4 %. But I am not surprised when wannabe IITians have the impression that everyone in IITs get a 25-lakh rupee job.

We would be bringing to you the real campus placement statistics at colleges with a special focus on non-computer science branches.

To start with we go to placement at Department of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee, this branch is an offbeat branch. It may figure last on the list of anyone going for engineering job.

The placement figure does not indicate real aspirations of the students as these days the placement at IITs starts after 7th semester or half of fourth year is over. By that time, GRE score/ CAT is out/over so guys going to Stanford/ IIMs may not push themselves hard for the job (some may miss the placement altogether). The idea of having a job just for backup does not motivate you to be selective.

Department of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee
Branch Strength – around 30 (B.Tech)
Placement Figures for 2007 batch
Company Name – Package (No. Of employees) – Job Profile

TCS – 2.8 lpa (3) – Software Engineer
Onmobile – 4.4 lpa (3) – Software Engineer
Trident – 4.2 lpa (2) – Process Engineer
Kotak Mahindra – 4.5 lpa (1) – Management Trainee
Tata Steel – 4.5 lpa (4) – Management Trainee in IT dept
Evalueserve – 4.01 lpa (1) – Business Analyst
IBM – 3 lpa (8) – Software Engineer
Wipro – 3.1 lpa (1) – Software Engineer
Yasu Technology 3.45 lpa (3) – Software Engineer
Infosys – 2.7 lpa (4) – Software Engineer
Doon Consulting Inc., New Jersey US – USD 55K (3) – C/C++ developer/tester


6 Responses to Placement at Offbeat Branches

  1. Tejas says:

    Placing 30 students out of 200 with a package of 20+ Lac packages is not a joke. For a person that has done only BTech (only a bachlors degree), if they are been offered such huge packages then no wonder IIT’s are no.3 in World Ranking of Technology-Oriented Universities.

  2. Sajal says:

    this looks decent info…..about salaries

  3. Anonymous says:

    To Tejas, Due pls correct urself, each iits have arnd 600-800 passouts every year. 30 out of them is 5%. its not 200.

  4. manish says:

    i m an iitian, came across this while searching for papers. its really true. what seems from outside is not what it is inside.

  5. damodararao says:

    hai iam doing mca final year if placement is theare then you can call me my contact no is 09966579235

  6. Tapas Mishra says:

    What exactly do you want to convey by this article?

    Do you understand there is a word known as “value”.
    Forget the placements all together.Job is not the every thing.
    Have you yourself given a single competitive exam in your life then you will understand the value that is added to your resume.

    Having said that this does not mean that non-IITians do not get good jobs but getting into IIT is definitely in advantage.

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