Bhubaneswar as a job destination

Bhubaneswar figures in the list of Tier II cities for software companies. Tier II cities are
targeted by software companies, as attrition is less in these centers as majority of employees belong to near by places. You guessed it right like Infosys Bhubaneswar is full of Oriyas/Bengalis and there are quite a few Biharis. Kolkata being 6 hours journey, Bengalis in Infy prefer this DC. Infosys, Satyam, TCS and Wipro have opened their development centers in the city.
There is a popular saying here which tells “If you meet another software engineer in the city he has to be from Infosys”.
Bhubaneswar has opened up lots of engineering colleges and the wannabe engineers from Bihar and Jharkhand flock Orissa these days. The ready availability of man power from these colleges would come handy in bringing more Software companies to the city.

Cost of living

Cost of living is very reasonable in Bhubaneswar. What you may not like is people are not entrepreneurial in nature and sometimes its difficult to get basic things.


Being near to the coast, this place is damn humid, the summer months of April to June are very unbearable. Even Infosys relaxes the tie rule (formal dress code) they have during these months. It rains a lot here, but barring the summer months, its good place to be.


There is no public transport system, if you don’t have your own vehicle you have to depend on Autos. Every auto-wallah here has a phone and you can book one for yourself.


This city does not have traffic jams and there are no traffic lights at most of the places and no Street lights for majority of the roads.

Night Life and Entertainment

Bhubaneswar is a temple town and you can see a lot of our rich heritage. It has its own Forum, definitely not as good as Banglore’s but yup Big Bazzar is there and several malls are coming up and city expects to get it first multiplex soon. For now there are twin cinema halls by the name of Shriya/ Swati / Stutee. The good part about the city is its close to places like Puri and Konark. And because of continuous tourist inflow there are several large hotels like Mayfair and Swosti Plaza (Infosys puts the employees here for the first week). Most popular hangout amongst the youth is Café Coffee Day. The area near JaiDev Vihar is good one. But people would say the city is dead as there is no night life and young people may find it a little boring.


38 Responses to Bhubaneswar

  1. VIVEK says:

    I totally disagree, what mentioned here.

    Bhubaneswar is best city for IT.
    1> People are very good with lots of enthu.
    2> Damn reasonable and easy comutting.
    3> In IT company you dont need to work outside, and as per my long exp in bbsr, its one of best less poluted tier-2 city.
    4> air facility is very good now.
    5> Best East india IT destination, far better than any eastern and western city in india.

  2. Melody says:

    Though I lived in BBSR only for 3.5 months(Yes, for Infy training), but i liked the place.You still get flats on very reasonable rent.No Traffic problems, not very crowded, no pollution.I found it beautiful and peaceful city.But mind it you may have problem sometimes finding your basic needs(tough i m talking 3 yr old story,it might have improved by now).You may also have problem finding good n “reasonable” food outlet definitely not a good city for people who like to party n dine out everyweekend 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    u r right…

  4. amit mohanty says:

    Bhubaneswar is going to rock in next few years.undoubtably the cleanest , pollution free and beautiful city in IT companies have started establishing their centers here the city wud definitely be the first choice for all .if u talk about food ..Well Lemme say some thing..the variety and tastiest food u get here is way ahead of other cities including some metro.lets talk about night has three full fleged disco with inhouse dj, express highway for those who love long drives in weekends.alcohol is cheers!!!

  5. Arka Mohanty says:

    Bhubaneswar is the next IT Hub of India .
    I would like to recommend , stay some time in Bhubaneswar and try to understand Oriya culture and society , then comment ..Regarding facilities like transportation , Night life …if you have searhced for Bar Dance It may not be there ..

  6. Ritesh says:

    Bhubaneswar . Next IT Hub of eastern India. Why Not. We have good roads, growing infrastructure, connected to India by rail/air everyday. Whatever an Indian seek for is there. Cost of living is low. And far better quality of living if compared to any nar bycity , say it Calcutta(its already a huge city with great development and sometimes sense saturated ), Guwhati or Patna or ranchi.

    So lets Lead the east, And for odia people I’d say they are friendly, accommodative and God fearing law abide citizens who are now have come with new mantra”Live locally and Think globally.” Also would say Its our time to share the growth story of India with others.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Sudhir says:

    With so many positive responses, it is surprising that you have not changed your text on Bhubaneswar. Its an upcoming city and obviously going to take time to be comparable with Metros. That it is a small city now has its own strengths one looks for a peaceful dwelling. If your yardsticks of a good city are rising cost, Traffic congestions, Night Clubs inviting more crimes then we would like BBSR to be what it is at present. I also fail to understand what basic things you refer to that are not available.

    May I request you to refrain from giving a very personalised and biased opinion on BBSR!

  9. By near future lots of IT companies are coming to orissa.
    cost of living is low asw compared to other cities.
    So it is a very good place to stay here as it is the next planned city after

  10. omprakash says:

    I am staying outside orissa …since a long time and its great to hear all these things about bhubaneswar ….however i still concern the air connectivity of bhubaneswar …it has the only Airport in orissa where as my opinion is apart from rail and road connectivity …the air connectivity should also be thrusted to other parts of the state …for instance Kerala is small state 5 times small in size as compared to orissa having 3 international airport ….and same is true for other states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka,or MP. …this is a matter of concern …

  11. omprakash says:

    govt should pay attention …towards building more airports in cities like Berhampur ,Rourkela ,Sambalpur from where a large population is now working outside state …..

  12. lekshmy.u says:

    hai, i would like to know the cost of living in bhubaneswar n detail, if anyone could help me it would be really good, i know its cheap, but would like to know in more detailed….so kindly come up with a helping hand.thanks

  13. simply I can say Bhubaneswar is an outstanding city,even better for leaving than those metros,I want to ask one question,do u want peace in life or those machine life style in metro,finally u r not going to be benefited from liquor,disco nothing……
    can the publisher say please what basic things is not available in bhubaneswar,then he must be a outsider who just want to show bbsr a lower grade city.

    simply friends u just stay for 4 to 5 months,u will see,food is outstanding,no traffic,no such crimes like metro….u will just love this city,my 6 years of study career and 1 yr professional career,I m just dying to be placed there………

    ya lekshmy,u ask anyhting,petrol,diesel,food items and house rent (in hyd r bangalore u will get 2 bed room house minimum costs 10 to 15k where as in bbsr in 3k to 4.5 k u will get in gud places also) and movie ticket also very cheap 25,35 whatelse u need u tell me,i will expalin

    • Prasenjit sinha says:

      Hi buddy,
      Thanks for such an positive response regarding the Bhubaneshwar. Well I ma IT professional and Got shifted to BHubaneswar in month of September.
      So i am in need of all information regarding House rent, food, Good place to live In and all sort of hangout place. I will be really happy if you can help me for passing me the Information.

  14. Nachiketa says:

    Please come now to Bhubaneswar. We have traffic light in every signals. We have more more wider & cleaner roads.more beautiful. BUt now days traffic problem has been increased and also crimes. Now we got a police commisioner in Bhubaneswar. Helmate is compl.

  15. Amit Singh says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have got job in Infosy bhubaneswar , can anyone suggest me with is the best place to stay with family. I heard Sailashree vihar, acharya vihar and jaidev vihar are good localities.
    Please give you valuable comments

  16. nsujoy says:

    i think Infosys Bulletin Board is the best resource available, check out the ads there, all these are good areas, you can stay anywhere – all are nice for family.

  17. Debabrata Swain says:

    for apply job

  18. Debabrata Swain says:

    for apply job for iti

  19. biswabijay parida says:

    nothing to say

  20. Kjeller says:

    Can anybody please recommend a website or other way of finding temporary accomodation in Bhubaneswar? We are staying between 6 and 12 weeks for a physiotherapy internship.

  21. Ravi says:

    Hi, I have got an offer to work in Bhubaneshwar. I really dont know about the living conditions. How safe & secure is the city? how are the people & neighbours? Is it safe to get my family there? or is it advisable to stay alone ?

  22. ayush says:

    the above stated is all wrong there is good transport system and all places have street lights

  23. SS says:

    Hi all

    Born and Broughtup in BBSR. Now living in US but I am trying to shift to BBSR as soon as possible. The Temple City BBSR is the best place to live in. People are very friendly in nature. The Roads are too good. Whereever you stay in BBSR, access to major destinations like RailwayStation or Airport or Bus Depo or Movie Halls or Shopping Malls or Hospitals will take at most 30 mins drive. For leisure you can visit the famous NandanKanan Zoo(White Tigers) again 30 to 40 mins drive. You can visit the marvellous DHAULI STUPA or Caves of KhandaGiri all within 30 mins of drive. Access to some best schools or colleges within 10 to 20 mins of drive.

    As this is a Temple City, you can find many temples with different architecture.

    Child or an adult….for everyone this city has something to offer.

    Single or Married……. no one will get bored here. There is a marine drive from Bhubaneswar to PURI and KONARK……Enjoy the weekend in one of the finest Beach and Resort at Puri. 60 KMS drive from BBSR.

    If you like longdrive then you can visit places like Harishankar or Panchalingaswar or sambalpur(Samaleswari)…many others are there..I am unable to recall all of them.

    So guys, if you want to spend time with your family and friends then BBSR is the best place to live and enjoy.

    • Sohan says:

      Hi, r u back in bbsr now. Hi I am an NRI as well, I have lived in London for 5 years and now planning to settle in bbsr. Now i m searching for a house in bbsr. I m looking for like minded people, I would love to know more about bbsr and would like to make some young n chilled friend. my email address is Lets be in touch.

  24. Aditya says:

    Its true that this town doesn’t have any public transport system. Only option for general people(If you don’t have bike/car) is auto and only auto (auto riksa). And they can charge you anything, they dont have any standard rate. If they(Not everyone, but most of the sailashreevihar autowalas) sense that you are outsider/ IT guy, you will have to give a premium charge. Until and unless this town is having proper and good bus services common man (specially outsiders and people without bike/car) will suffer.
    But roads are good. Most of the people are very simple, down to earth, good human being.

  25. Aditya2 says:

    This city is doesn’t have anything to attract if someone is coming from Bangalore/ Hydrabad/ Chennai/ Mumbai/ Delhi/ Calcutta/. It doesn’t have any multiplex (But can be a good business opportunity gor INOX/Adlabs etc), No place to hang out. Autos are very rare after 9-30 / 10.

    • Anonymous says:

      u r right…….even smaller cities are now having multiplexes but being the capital city of orissa, bhubaneswar is still running 20 yrs back. even 2de v hav 2 purchase the movie tickets in black, which is really funny. corruption is a bigger problem. Even basic necessities, like gas connection is not achievable easily……orissa needs political change and some good enterpreneur, so that it also can develop like other cities of india

      • sanjeet says:

        Hey Dude,

        Multiplexes are not the only places to hang
        out. You can visit many places like Dhauli/Khandagiri or Nandan Kanan to experience the worth seeing
        nature hubs. I stay in Mumbai, Multiplexes are
        demanding about Rs250 to Rs300 for a movie.
        But in BBSR, with this much amount you can take your whole family for a movie treat. Savings Man…..think abt saving.

  26. jillam says:

    if u r talking about multiplexex………then bbsr really lags behind any other city but bbsr will soon get its first multiplex inox in early 2010….for sure….its a confirm news.and several new malls will be there within 3 year…atleast a minimium of 4 malls with multiplexes………

  27. NK says:

    Dear All,

    Bhubaneswar is a wonderful city specially known as temple city but the drawback is that its very difficult to get Job with in the city, I am from Gujarat and after marraige got settled in Bhubaneswar and I was working with ICICI Bank as Asst Manager but know I am looking for job and till today I have not got the same, so career vise its very difficult to sustain.

    • sukanta says:

      Dear sir ,

      I am form orissa .Can you help ? Can u tell me any opening in ICICI bank in bhubaneswar.I Am MBA finance ,with having 3 year experience.

  28. BackToIndia says:

    I am an NRI thinking of heading to Bhubaneshwar though I am from Mumbai. I did my research and I found this city is better than Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. If you are looking for an “OK” job but with great quality of life this might be the place. You are still in India and your folks visit you by just hopping on a train (though not that same as living in the same city), but atleast keeps your unwanted relatives away, some freedom. Any thoughts on this?

    • Sohan says:

      Hi I am an NRI as well, I have lived in London for 5 years and now planning to settle in bbsr. I am looking for like minded people. my email address is
      lets be in touch. I would love to know more about bbsr and would like to make some young n chilled friend.

  29. Niranjan says:

    Hey all, Why “hala gulla.”
    I am concluding this “hall gula” in 1 sentence.
    ” Bhubaneswar is the best city in India that offers a a good life”

    This city does not have traffic problem and no problems of crimes.All basic need of life is available hwere with resonable cost. For enterainment “puri konark marine drive and Puri is available,just 2 hrs journey.

    What not available here, as per some said, night life and liquor life’ For your kind information,those low grade things are not available here because still today, it is cultural city and local people are devotees of Lord Jagannath and Baba Lingaraja” Come here,see and feel

  30. rock says:

    Some of us may or may not agree but there are spaces between perfect and almost perfect.So you have to compromise night life and great weekends for peaceful and lesspolluted and least traffic jam.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Bhubaneswar is a lovely place ,far better than the so called metros in india….

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