Company Synopsis

Techspan, now part of Headstrong was founded by Arjun Malhotra in 1998. Arjun Malhotra co-founded HCL Technologies in 1975 and is an entrepreneur to the core.

Company Structure: It has operations in US, Europe, Japan and India. Five of these centers are on-shore in the U.S, and others are offshore in India (at Noida and Bangalore) and Philippines (Manila), Tokyo and Hong Kong. The outsourcing model is pretty similar to that of Infosys or Accenture but seems to focus more on domain expertise more like consulting companies. In the beginning it focussed on Internet companies with newer technolgies to leverage on the growth of the clients.

Major source of revenue: It outsources projects from finance companies like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, CSFB, Barclays Bank. They work mainly for financial domain but there are projects related to web business for other domains.

Nature of work: Work at Techspan revolves mostly around development of web-based applications for Investment banks. Most of these applications are developed on j2ee platform, though a few use .NET technologies as well. The job involves an excellent mix of technical and finance domain knowledge. Typical projects at Techspan: — Order Management systems for securities- Foreign Exchange transaction systems- Sec-Lending systems – Securities trading systems

Skills required: .NET, C#, ASP.NET / VB.NET, OOPS, .NET framework

Hiring Strategy: It recruits mainly from IITs, even if you are a pretty average guy from IIT you stand a good chance of getting a job there(If you say IITians can’t be average then atleast their software skills could be average).

Positive/Negative highlights of the company:

Pays well around 5.2 to 5.5 for freshers. Sends you onsite for long term as well as short term. The company infrastructure is not very good and work load can be high

Location: Banglore and Noida.

Company Website:


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