Hyderabad as a job destination

Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing IT destinations in India. It houses most of the big names in software including Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, Infosys, TCS and Wipro. Most of the software companies in Hyderabad are big ones while Banglore happens to have numerous small companies as well as big companies. Hyderabad lags behind Banglore and Pune when it comes to young crowd (read BPO employees and college students). But there are software job opportunities in Hyderabad, which make it a preferred destination for job seekers. It has computer training institutes mushrooming all over areas like Ameerpet. But if you are looking for jobs in certain special skills like embedded programming or system programming opportunities it is advisable to go to Banglore.

Cost of living

Hyderabad is much cheaper than cities like Banglore and Pune. There are areas, which are costly like Banjara Hills, Madhapur, but there are very cheap areas like Secunderabad and Mehendipatnam too. Hitech city is the center for software companies so adjoining areas like Kondapur, Kukatpally and Miyapur are developing fast and becoming costly. But if you compare house rent with other cities it is pretty cheap and advance is deposited only for a period of 2 months. On the whole Hyderabad would figure high on the Purchasing Power Parity list of big Indian cities.


Its very hot in the months of April and May, rest of the year is pretty moderate.


There are only 2 modes of public transport buses and autos. Metro rail (MRTS) covers only few routes. Buses are mostly overloaded and its difficult to come out if you enter the bus and if you hang on the door you cannot go inside and neither risk to fall down (no need to get scared this line is exaggerated). Shared autos ply for busy routes and meter autos are always there. Meter autos are cheap when compared to Pune and Delhi but a lot of them are tampered by 20%.


Roads are wide but people have poor traffic sense which leads to frequent traffic jams. There are several flyovers coming that may ease the situation.

Night Life and Entertainment

Hyderabad is a conservative city so party people may not like it much. It’s not hip and trendy. There are few spots but not what you expect from a big city. There are only 2 multiplexes Prasadz, PVR and you are damn lucky if you get a movie ticket there. The good news is 30 more multiplexes are coming up. You can watch most of the Hindi movies but English flicks get released after few weeks of wait. Hussain Sagar is nice place to hang out and a major food joint where North Indians like to have food is Angeethi.


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