Onsite Salary

What is the onsite salary in software companies? Is the onsite salary in TCS more than other Indian Companies?

Onsite salary can vary from company to company and from designation to designation. A very appropriate figure for companies like TCS is 60K US Dollars per annum in US. In UK it should be around 1800 pounds (for ASE in TCS) British Pound per month. In Caritor the onsite salary is the lone component, i.e. no Indian base salary in case of onsite. If you are a joining as SE or SSE or TL then it would be 52K USD, PL 57K USD PM 63K USD and salary depends on the location, the above salary is for New Jersey, Arizona, in other places the salaries are much less.

What is the composition of onsite salary package?

You normally get the salary in US as well as Indian salary for the period you are in US.
It can also be expressed as living allowance plus Indian salary converted to USD. In companies like HSBC it is like HSBC accommodation + regular salary+ onsite allowance.

How much of onsite salary can be saved?

I have heard people say they can save 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees per month when in onsite. May not be completely true, as areas like Bay Area/ California are pretty costly in US, and average consumption per day can be 80 dollars (minimum), taking into account only normal cost of living. And don’t forget about taxation.

What about taxation? Do I have to pay the tax in both the countries?

Double Taxation mostly impacts those people who earn income outside India for some months in a financial year. E.g.: – A person was there in US for 8 months and in India for 4 months. Tax in US paid on the income of 8 months in US. Tax in India paid on the income of complete 12 months (not only 4). So, when a person comes back from US to India, huge amount of Tax is deducted. Mostly resulting in Net Salary of Rs 0. This additional tax of 8 months is paid firstly to the Indian government (due to some treaty). This additional tax will get refunded, when you file IT returns in India. It means a loss to a person as his money is lying with government and only God can track the status of IT returns in India!!! Nothing to worry though everyone will have a double taxation certificate and get their money back once they file IT returns along with the certificate.
More details…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_taxation


28 Responses to Onsite Salary

  1. engineer says:

    thnk a lot dude for giving such a nice information

  2. GSingh says:

    Hi abt Stayam the onsite salaries in Aus are not great and company even tries to fleece its employees and does not provide any help in settling.

    The HR is least helpful and virtually non-present leaving employee to find their own way.

    Some of its policies are not practical and far off from ground realities.

  3. Essa Morty says:

    and i don’t know, how to make it bette. Essa Morty.

  4. Mohan says:

    It is true… the world is flattening; except when it comes to taxes!

  5. Amit says:

    This website great tool for checking on site salaries.

  6. kumar kislay says:

    E.g.: – A person was there in US for 8 months and in India for 4 months. Tax in US paid on the income of 8 months in US. Tax in India paid on the income of complete 12 months (not only 4).

    i have a question suppose a person stayed in US from april to next april in that case when he come back india how much he needs to pay to indian govt.

    i heard that if someone will be living less than 60 days in one financial year he will considered as NON RESIDENT. as eg: suppse a person came to US in month of march 2008 and going back to india in feb 2009. so he will be staying in india in fianncial year 2008-2009 lessthan 60 days and he will treated as non resident and he is not eligible for TAX PAY while coming back to india. is that correct?????

  7. jagan says:

    Yes, it is correct. As this person is living india less than 60 days, he will be considered as NRI and is is not taxable in India

  8. kirti says:

    My question is- how do these companies( like tcs) manage to give such high salaries as 60K$ per year for graduates such as B.Tech and B.E? The reason is,undergraduates in the U.S universities- like B.tech Computers get a salary in range of 45k$- 58k$ per year for companies here. So, actualy it would be loss for Indian companies. U.S companies outsource their work to Indian IT giants because of cost cutting. So if an Indian graduate gets more pay in US$ for a same level(say B.Tech) as compared to a US graduate, why do these US people prefer to outsoure work to Indians? It would be the other way round. Getting the work done by US professionals would be cheaper instead.

  9. Don says:


    It is due to offshoring, you know normally software companies maintain 2:8 ratio for onsite vs offshore work force. So they bill all those people (with offshore at lower dollar amount and onsite at higher ) in foreign currency but pay offshore workforce in INR, Now you would be clear how it is sustainable and profitable.

  10. shweta says:

    What is salary in Capgemini UK? Capgemini is offering me immediate onsite.My post is ITA in TCS.
    looking to change company.

  11. Aawez says:

    What is salary in Hexaware Australia? Company is offering me immediate onsite.My post will be senior enigneer.
    Also hows Hexaware in context with onsites. I have heard tht they promise 2 yrs and will get u back within 3-4 months….
    Waiting for reply

  12. MohanDas says:

    I have got an onsite opportunity to Johannesburg from TCS what would be the salary there and cost of living??

    • hi says:

      Pls check if you really want to go to Johannesburg..
      It doesn’t seem to be a safe place to live..

    • mayanka says:

      Hi … Joburg down town is not that safe… but then thats true with NY , Washington and London Down town as well. So dont worry…. go ahead… I had stayed in JOburg for 3 years…. generally most IT projects are not in downtown but in suburbs like sandton and pretoria. these places are very very safe. though you should drive as people dont walk in general… and people who walk might get mugged….
      TCS pays about 15000 to 17000 for an ASE or ITA… looks small… but then they give you accomodation and if you can drive a twin share vehicle…. so you end up saving a lot… flues is your own cost though…. but in south afria fuel is very cheap as compared to india…..

  13. gauravjain1983@gmail.om says:

    Samsung India gives 50$ per day allowance and hotel bill reimbursement. In addition to that you will be eligible for full Indian salary. For me its coming around 75K(indian salary)+65000(onsite alloance) = 1.5 lacs.. I think its very less… stay is max 3 months…

  14. chandu says:

    how long one has to work approximately if he gets an onsite opportunity.

  15. akshay says:


    Out of 60k$ from TCS onsite salary can anyone clearly tell me how much can be save from it with family. I heard with family 80k INR can be save, is it true. How much can be save as a bachelor?

  16. Anonymous says:

    What is the salary range in syntel at onsite US?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi All,

    I am going to South America(Uruguay) and it will be minimum for a year from TCS.Currently i am working as an Assistant Consultant here so just wanted to know how much tcs pays for there.

    • mohammadali says:

      hi … my name is Ali. i just had a small question in my mind i.e ” how long it has taken you to get the onsite opportunity.” ??

      i have been selected in the company so asking u …

      plz answer the question….

  18. Anonymous says:

    For syntel, it is $36K and no indian salary..

  19. Arshiya says:

    how do these MNC’s convert salary in INR to pounds or USD?

  20. Mindtree says:

    Hi all,
    any idea what will be the salary in Mindtree for SSE in UK (onsite)?
    and what will be savings?

  21. Anonymous says:

    what is the allowance from Saksoft in UK for 3 weeks?

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