IBM— i will say .. IBM is one of the least paying companies in the Indian market these days … well ..about work culture .. IBM is second in world as far as ppl management is concerned .. but that not for IGSI India .. in which we ppl are .. but still its good in India too. Another thing .. there is very little chances u will find some real development work (which is so called cream in industry) going in IBM .. except for in ISL(IBM software labs) .. most of the work ppl are working on is either maintenance or support ..
Well.. its a big name .. so u can cash upon it in ur future career ..that’s the best part..

Career growth and onsite opportunities?
Career Growth– doubtful.. most of the projects are support one and all of us know what we can learn out of it .
Onsite oppo… most of the onsite works are taken care by IBM of that country so there is really a dearth of onsite opp in IBM ..If u are lucky enough then u can get a chance after 2 yrs provided ur manager must be happy with u [not with ur work..i guess u got what i mean to say .]

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department?
Work environment
is kool — the best part in IBM rather only gud thing ..
work pressure is ok types.. no one will force u to work so and so .. its just like a gov company dude ..

regarding communication , i must say that .. conducting meeting with out any conclusion is a
common practice out here .. If someone feels bore .. he/she will call a meeting ..

Work pressure/Work – life balance.
As i already mentioned .. work pressure is not much .. so life will be kool .. will get lots of time for
family etc ……….. life rocks..

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work.
IBM is famous for underpaying its employees and moreover increment is like 5-7%

Work quality .. pathetic,,,, IBM is full of nuts .. in every projects 70% of the team members are nuts ,, they don’t know anything thus they are in IBM ..

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent?
Mix types .. 70-30 %

Job security.
secured .. these guys are crying for resources and u r taking about job sec.. u r fully secured here..

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?
When you join IBM as a fresher, IBM pays more.. no technical choice !
When you become 2 yrs experienced, IBM pays less compared to others .. you become slightly technical ,gain name ,fame, confidence , brand name
When you become more experienced ,you feel you are lagging behind in the race.. you approach manager asking for more .. and he knows what to do for you .. so I would say a fresher join IBM .. u r in the best place that time ..and after 2 yrs ,decide what u want


2 Responses to IBM

  1. Avijit says:

    IBM Kolkata location is worst among all other in INDIA. so Never join kolkata location.

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