Yasu Technologies

Brand value, Career growth and onsite opportunities?

Brand Value– If your are talking about Brand Value of YASU then answer is below average brand value. In market people know about YASU’s product QuickRules but they are not aware of YASU itself as a company.

Career growth– Career growth is good for the initial 2 yrs of your carrer, if you are joining as a fresher, after that the prospect are not so green as employee growth is somewhere linked with company and YASU growth rate is not so good.

Onsite opportunities– depend upon your team
PSG Team- Yes, onsite opportunities are there
Developers Team- No

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department?
Work environment is nice, flexi timing, very few dead lines.
Communication b/w teams or department- it’s depend upon you and your interaction with your Manager/Tech Lead.
Work pressure/Work – life balance.Again depend upon your Manager; otherwise work pressure is not as such high.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work.
Salaries are OK type but quality of work is really good for the starting two years for a fresher as he get good exposure to software development. For mid-level I don’t think it is a right choice.

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? Product development of their product Quick-rules, which is available in following two domains- java and dot-net.

Job security– Again depend upon your performance.
Technology/Platform/Language your company work.
Java and Microsoft technologies

Some positives and negatives of the company.
Small company, No formals, flexi timing, good interaction, friendly environment, good work for initial years of career

Average Salary, Poor Management, No Facilities like canteen, initial accommodation arrangements, lack of good amenities as compare to other companies of same level.

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?
If you are fresher and you don’t have other good options then answer can be YES as you can stay here for few years (depend upon you) and get chance to learn new things.

For others guys, answer is NO, try to explore some other good opportunities as they are available in the market.

Vital Statistics:
Fresher Salary- 3.45 lakh/annum
Total No of employees- 150 (approximate)
India headcount- 110
Salary Hike- 15- 25 %
Bonuses- Just for the sack of name, I can say minuscule in the comparison of market standards.


6 Responses to Yasu Technologies

  1. Noname says:

    For Freshers i would say its a awesome company to work for, that is for some one who wants to make career in J2EE or .NET technologies. Especially product development

    Not a company to work for especially if you are looking for mid level positions because they are none (TL,PM etc)

  2. Alright says:

    SAP to acquire YASU

    I dont know which moron wrote this review of YASU. YASU was always a strong company with partners across the globe and over 100 customers, high growth rate, a great team that took care and avant garde technology. Coupled with the fact that as a middle manager you get to see multiple facets. There are over 4 additional companies that e-YASUites started off (in a span of 3 years) and is the only true successful infrastructure software company from India.

  3. Ravikishore says:

    How to apply as fresher?

  4. Ankit Agarwal says:

    Dear All,
    I want to apply in yasu technologies. Because i think that my future explosure is more in yasu technologies. But i am successfull to applying in yasu technologies.If anyone who works in yasu technologies then pls contact me as soon as possible on my mail id.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit Agarwal

  5. NIRANJAN says:

    my email id niranjan_nie@yahoo.com……
    pls mail here i already placed in TCS…. but i want to try in offcampus
    is anybody know how can i apply to companies in offcampus pls inform….

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