Delmia Solutions

Company Website:

DELMIA offers a comprehensive suite of digital Manufacturing Solutions to automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, consumer goods, electrical & electronics, fabrication & assembly and automation.

Brand Value: Reputed for its domain-PLM (product lifecycle management)

Career Growth: Decent

Onsite Assignments: Very less, even if u do its for a short while

Work Environment/pressure: Incredibly cool, Helps U to pursue things which ur passionate about and also gives u enough time to prepare for competitive exams which u aspire for.

What type of work do they do: Product development

Job Security:150%..Unless its something to do with ethics or misbehaviour

Technology: company proprietary architecture(C++, COM based platform).This is one area where u tend to loose out.. It doesn’t help u if u want to get exposed to various widely used technologies

Do you recommend: Yes if u want to have a peaceful life, prepare for exams, need time for ur personal life
No: If u want to learn widely used technologies.. It tends to make u feel like a frog in the well in that aspect


One Response to Delmia Solutions

  1. Anonymous says:

    As far as the Career Growth is concerned, its not decent.. Its Bad. Even after 3-4 years you will be in the same postion as you had entered the company.

    Regarding Recommendations
    Its one of the best companies to work , only for the newly married ppl ;), Ppl who need peace in their life, Elder guys who are not willing to learn anything, Ppl who need time and money parallely to prepare for higher studies
    Its the worst place for a fresher, and ppl who want to learn many things.

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