For a change some nice posts about Infosys!

Read about Abhinav Viswambharan’s experience at Infy here: link

A small excerpt

Our project is 3 years old, we have 32 people in our team out of which 13 people are at onsite now,i.e. at various US locations of our client – a ‘US telecom service provider’. We maintain the billing software of our client. In fact every day we connect to our client’s network at US through VPN-Virtual Private Network. One unique thing is that Infy works for its client almost 24hours a day, 5 days a week. Thats because when its 9am here, its 930pm at onsite, so when we enter office our Onsite friends leave, and when we move out at night, they start working. So, Indian IT companies have a big advantage on that front. Sounds cool na….. All seniors in our project are very cool, we are not supposed to call anyone Sir or Madam at Infy, its against the company culture. Work wise life is not very hectic. I just do some scripting in Unix & run some PL/SQL queries, thats it. Not much work, as of now, dont know about the future.

Regarding Infy Bangalore campus, its just awesome. 48 buildings, with over 19 thousand people working at one single campus, and as of now its the single largest IT campus in the entire world, in terms the number of people working out of it.

Another link about Infy

The buildings rocks. We’ve all the facilities over here. Supermarket, ATM, Salon, Hospital, Multiplex, Food Courts, Book Shop, Laundry and many more. And the recreation section is awesome. Tennis, Badminton, Football, Cricket (Venkitesh Prasad was here two days back), Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Billiards, Snooker, Swimming Pool, Carroms and many more. I haven’t finished visiting all the places. The only probs is that We’ll not be getting enough time to enjoy all these once core training is started.


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