Brand or Job profile

What do you look for in a Job? Would you work as a back office worker in McKinsey or Lehman just because it has a big brand or go for a small company where you get more responsibilities.

Remember the old Hindi song “Kuch to log kehege, logon ka kaam hain kehna”, never base your decision on what people say. If you are confident of your abilities and believe in yourself you should definitely go where you get better work and if you want to show off to others or job is just a part of your life you can pick a big brand. A cool job at a billion dollar company may earn you appreciation from your relatives or friends but create a hole in your job satisfaction.

Some of these outsourced jobs (from biggies) could be good ones, but most of these companies only carry off their backend IT operations in India.

Read what a pagalguy newbie had to say about Lehman’s Mumbai Operation

“Sometime back, Lehman opened an outsourcing hub in mumbai. They are now opening a front office to carry out front end operations and they’ve recruited people from the iits for the same purpose. I’ve been hired by the exotic derivatives pricing group and i’ll be working as an analyst. The HR in charge and the Lehman london guy who flew down to iitm told me that they are looking at developing good teams here. Lehman wants the mumbai office to grow and be on par with tokyo,london and ny. The mumbai guys will not however be working on the indian stock market. Lehman tokyo has also recruited 3 ppl from iit madras. Pay:100,000 us dollars per annum. They are supposedly disillusioned with the performance of iim grads. They have been recruiting from the iims for this particular job profile.”

And also read a nice article by S.Anand on his interview at Lehman Brothers( This one is for International Operations)

What matters for selection at Lehman Brothers.
The resume matters a lot. I filled mine with what looks ‘impressive’, and was shortlisted for both I-Banking and STR.
Lehman’s shortlisting parameters are: a good academic record, work experience in a reputed firm, and extra-curriculars — strictly in that order.
It helps to have a senior in the panel. (Manoj is from the IITs too.)
I think my work experience and prior travel to Japan worked in my favour too.
Read the full article at link


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