Brand value, Career growth and onsite opportunities? In India Average. In US it has better brand.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? People usually stay late night since dependency exists on onsite. Coordination between team is good.

Work pressure/Work – life balance. work pressure is high. But it depends on how you manage. If you stay late night you get better insight, better visibility

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. both are good. I suggest to new joinee to bargain more while joining.

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? Services 80% prod 20%

Job security. better (90%)

Some positives and negatives of the company. Positive – job security is high. getting business knowledge is high. Negative – late night stay is common.

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? Yes if he is interested for Telecom services domain, he can get better experience.

Vital Statistics:
Fresher salary: 3 lakhs, 2.5 lakhs +
Normal %age salary hikes: 8K +/ 10% in avg. (except exception)
Bonus avg. you will get 150%


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