Camp Systems

CAMP Systems provides the tools, information, and services needed to effectively maintain and manage aircrafts. The CAMP product suite includes Maintenance Management, Inventory Control and Flight Scheduling. The CAMP products and services are fully web-enabled. It is located in US, Europe, India. The total Indian head count is around 100.

Brand value: It is not well known name in India as it’s very new like many other US MNCs who are setting their offshore center in India.

Career growth: Its quite average as there are not many hierarchies and low headcount. But if anybody understands their legacy systems then he will be a valuable resource for the company and can be rewarded highly for this.

Onsite opportunities: Till now I saw this for only high level people who are having top level project execution responsibility. Very less for developers.

How is work environment and how efficient are the communication b/w teams or department: Communication b/w different group is very open and efficient. Generally we have direct interaction with managers.

Work pressure/Work – life balance: Work load is on higher side. People work in small groups and so responsibility on every resource is greater. Balancing life with work always depend upon person to person.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work: Camp pays its employee handsomely and at the same time you will get very nice work to do. With experience around 1 year, u can get around 4 lakhs. It recruits experience guys and from premier colleges like IIT, NITs.

What type of work they do: They are having one legacy system, which is a flight scheduling and management web service for aircrafts. Work is now completely on Microsoft technologies like .Net and other web technology.Job security: Its very good. Fully secured till u perform well.

Some positives and negatives of the company:
Positive is that it’s a MNC but still its Indian operation working culture is like startup, very open, interactive and flexi.
Negative may be its less hierarchy.

Do you recommend your company to other?
Yes who want to learn and open to new technology and challenges.


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