Brand Value: Tata is a synonym for trust, integrity and honesty. TCS holds the same image.

Career growth and onsite opportunities? Onsite opportunities are abundant and available to everyone. About 30% of TCS workforce is placed onsite.
How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? – Modern & pleasant environment in most cases, it is also true sometimes that associates work in a relatively odd atmosphere when there is space crunch. Communication across team/department is efficient and it is possible to access information without much headache. A lot of processes have been digitized to ease communication issues.
Work pressure/Work – life balance. – Life is well balanced.
Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. – Salary is justified per market standards however there is always a scope for salary improvements. Quality of work is primarily dependent on the type od assignment (support, enhancement, development etc)
What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? – Both. TCS has roped into product development recently in an aggrassive manner.
Job security. Highly secured job which is what makes it difficult to get out of TCS.
Some positives and negatives of the company.
1. Employee satisfaction can be increased by providing them the A/C bus services.
2. Associates can be made aware of the expectation in the begining of the year rather than in the middle or end.
3. Associates can be freed up more easily by their existing managers when there is no work available.
Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?
Yes. My times are well spent in TCS and I wish the same for my friends.


23 Responses to TCS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brand Value: Brand Value is great. “Tata” name is sufficient to impress anyone.
    Work culture: Its like Indian govt job. A lot of complacency and politics go hand-in hand.

    Work-pressure: Not much but depends on the project and your supervisor also. If your supervisor is a workaholic person he wants you too to sit back upto 9 pm and won’t like you to leave office even if you don’t have any eork in office for the day.

    Bench concept: Best in the industry. If you’re a fresher don’t expect work for the first 6 months or so. But you’ve to come to the office every day from 9 to 6.

    Salary: 2.14 lac to 2.36 lacs. (Never trust any HR’s promises. They make false promises before hiring like “…the package has been increased and has been revised but its not getting reflected on the offer letter right now. Once you join the company you’ll get a revised offer letter.”)

    Dress code: Have to wear formals, always.

    Job Security: Very high

    Co-workers competencies: Poor.

    Recommendation: If you want a peaceful life TCS is the best but if you’ve high aspirations in terms of your career growth DON’T ever join it.

  2. salary? says:

    What is present salary u r getting in TCS?
    And how frequently the salary increases?that is within one year is there any scope of increase in salary?

  3. rinku says:

    Hi ,

    I cleared all rounds on 27th August 2007. TCS HR Told me that …I will receive a HR call within 2-3 days ….but till date I haven’t got any call or even any news. Still I am expecting the offer letter ..Can u tell me how hong it will take.

  4. ashish says:

    what is salary hike in TCS after 1 year for BTech peaple from computers background of 2006 batch , kinndly explain with rating funda , plz do drop mail at

  5. Mahima says:

    After having worked close to 3 years in TCS, I really have no words to express the plight of the employees in this company.Let’s go point by point:
    1)Work atmosphere: There’s only work, without a proper atmosphere for it.I must say, the work is highly mismanaged. There’s no proper way of doing things it seems. Over committment, above all false committment to clients, takes a toll on the employees.
    Working hours are from 9 a.m. to anything beyond 9 p.m in the evening.
    But, the issue is that in that duration of over 12 hours involves 1 or maybe 2 hours of work. The rest of the time is spent in rework. This needs to be believed and noticed.
    The managers here are highly incompetent.
    When it comes to communicating with anynone, employees or clients, either through mails or verbally, one really ponders how these people managed to reach where they are.
    It’s not that I’m pointing fingers. I have actually tried my level best to communicate this to the people incharge, but what I have received is always a cold shoulder and a bad appraisal.
    I sometimes feel that I am a blue collared worker, working in a factory at the behest of my ‘sahibs’.
    2)I also had the opportunity to work onsite at the client side. It was then that I realised that the entire humdrum of ‘Client Satisfaction’ that the TCS is so upbeat about in the media, is nothing but fallacy.
    During my duration of 6 months at onsite, I saw several escalations by client.
    There were numerous ocassions when the client side manager threatened to scrap the project.
    Then again the TCS management would jump in with some new false promises and the cycle would go on. This seemed to be nothing less than a ‘Viscious Cycle’ to me.
    One message that came out clearly was that the project was saved from scrapping was that in the condition of the project(in which the client had already invested a lot) being scrapped, the client side team stood under the risk of being brought to books. And I think this is what saves TCS all the time.
    The quality of work is poor.The employees are overstressed and this is bound to lower the productivity.
    Another point is that rude comments on gender biasing.We were being made to work till 12a.m. in the morning.When I asked permission to leave(which is something actually ridiculous and that too when one is leaving at 12a.m, but this is TCS culture), my manager retorted with a ‘beautiful’ comment , ‘Why do girls are always fighting for equality? It is clear that girls can never work as much as boys and don’t have the the stamina of boys. Fair enough, if what is taken into account is the no. of hours put in and not the resultant.
    I am not an anti TCSer or a crusader, but the main purpose oft my comment was to bring out in the open, whatever is going behind closed gates and fully insulated and air conditioned work areas.
    Let me quote what one of my colleagues jokingly said about the company,
    ‘If paid for it, TCS can even make it’s employees sweep the roads”
    In all my senses and going by my opinion of TCS, I would never recommend this company to anyone.
    This was an honest, genuine and unbiased effort to bring out what I consider is going wrong in TCS.
    Lot many good things have been written and said about TCS.These are the things that matter to the ‘Higher Management’, but to us employees, it is those small things, which TCS is lacking in that make a difference.

    • insider of TCS says:

      this s very true… after spending initial importatnt years of my career , can say ..m totally frustated how things work here.
      Never recommend for those who r serious abt their career and have a choice.
      sooner or later, due to several faulty policies( about appraisal ) this company s going to lose its status …

      • virat says:

        Thanks for the posts,
        I got an offer from TCS, after reading this post, I really feel my current position in my company is good [eventhough my salary is a bit less].
        It is really surprising to me that TATA is behaving in this manner.

      • Priyank says:

        I quit TCS after 3.2 years. Let me put my exp in words:
        I worked in a domestic project India Share market located in Mumbai. after working for 3.5 months offshore, I was sent client location( other part of Mumbai). There I worked from 9am -… in the initial phase for 6 months. This bullshit company doesn’t pay anything for them who are at domestic client site. I was there for 2.5 years. In my project no one wants to go client site, so they chose some people and send them and then forget. I fought very hard to come back to offshore as the client didn’t have canteen, but managers didn’t pay heed to my requests. Some people in offshore didn’t go client site. This was the way they treated people.
        They didn’t even give release to the people after 3+ years of working. All these years I went through a lot of frustration…
        They have a link in ultimatix for grievance handling. One of my teammates raised grievance, after 2 months of raising still nothing has been done by the HR. HR are good for nothing in TCS. you can find people haing 10+ yrs of exp continuously in TCS in chunks..they are the people who have decided to retire from TCS and they are the culprits. they are with tcs not because it is good company but they can play their politics. I have a lot to say.. join TCS if don’t want to grow otherwise when u don’t have any other offer in hand.
        I tried to explore outside and got 3 offers Headstrong,Polaris,Accenture. I joined Polaris…and I regret ditching Accenture.
        If anyone have some info on Polaris workculture, annual hikes and onsite opportunity..please let me know.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi am doin up a reserch bout honest companies india. all i heard is tat tata is one of the best when it comes to honesty. with all tat i ve read above i really doubt tat. help me out in this.

  7. Arnab says:

    all the things mentioned above is true!
    TCS is nuts! there is no process and HR(MATC- the project allocators) is not at all sure where to place people where and try to offload and send people to locations other than the preffered ones. They hardly sending deserving candidates onsite or providing growth opportunities. They force them to join some crappy projects with no future or no learning opportunities. they hardly provide good training to offbeat technology! a sure shot career spoiler if you join here! they are far away from honest path!

  8. ANISH says:

    hey….i’ll be joining Tcs shortly…..i ‘ve also got an offer from TCS fasteners,wchich is a mechanical compan,offering a lesser pay…..what is good for me….help me out and please do send me a mail….i need your help…i guess you could help me…….please……..
    i’m totally confused………help me out……….

  9. Rasika says:

    Very True,

    I just spent 1 year with TCS and the trauma is undescribable. It was my fresher year and believe me, they want to make you sit doing nothing from 9 to 10, 11 whatever in the night.

    And never ever ever expect that TCS onsite is a piece of cake, they are getting you here in place of 3 people, so u can expect the amount of work load. And, being with TCS in US, is nothing, believe me, nothing to be what it is like to be in US. You can never experience the “US” thing what you come for having in mind if you are here with TCS.

    All facts based on experiences.

  10. shino says:

    k now u got the exact picture about TCS.(what was happeninin for last 2 months).
    yes you can experience even harder .Again TCS is going to lay off their PETS.
    And more ……………….they didn’t given join letters for their new folks(2007 hired)
    which was sid to provide by JAN 2008

  11. Deepak Garg says:

    TCS is not a company to work in.
    They are not providing any facility to their employees.
    No AC, No Cab, Routine mail audit (They will fire you if found guilty), No sitting space….

    Low salary as compared to others….
    No parties……No team and project parties.
    I have never seen such a dry company………
    Onsite chances are decreasing as so many guys can’t be sent to abroad….
    Remaining is ur decision……
    Don’t suicide…..I will suggest only this……..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi all, Believe me TCS is the sickest place in the world. Please! please! please! dont ever join TCS. Soo many unethicals thing happen there. Its the dirtiest place in the world.

  13. rock says:

    I have worked for 2 year in TCS and now working in a switz bank in singapore.
    My Experience of TCS- Its a difficult company to work in if u r looking for a fast paced career. Highly beauteucatic culture.
    But I wont mind joining back TCS after i have earned something like 50L and I m feeling tired of all the work.
    TCS is a nice company if you just want to take it easy.. noone makes u work hard if u dont want to. no job security issues as salaries are already very low.
    There are always pros and cons, same people who complain about low onsite and offshore salary dont want to take up high paying high risk jobs with low job security.
    what a dichotomy…

  14. Roxanne Anderson says:

    These reviews frustrates me as I am going to pass out B.Tech (CSE) in 2009 and recruited by only TCS, in this market scenerio. I am yet to receive the offer letter though it is almost a year since I was recruited by them. But if this is the work culture there then definitely I will have to start preparing for the next GATE after the bond period gets over.

  15. From Bangalore says:

    I am an experienced senior developer (more than 7 yrs) got an offer from TCS. After getting offer letter, I resigned from my current employment. From Jan 2009 till now, TCS has not given me the joining dates. I am jobless now. The recruitment teams says they do not have any idea about the joining dates as the market is not good.
    Please do not trust this company. They made me jobless…

    • virat says:

      man, this is hopeless, they did this during hard times ?
      TCS is spoiling TATA’s image. TATA would have committed suicide if he was alive.

  16. naveen prasad says:

    I completed Tcs interview process in 2007 got selected and got the offer letter in 2008 dint even attended any other company left the offer from other Mncs and untill now there is no response from
    Tcs and when iam calling they are disconnecting the call and there is no response to my mail now iam jobless all my friends are either working in wipro ,infosys ..etc and some are pursuing higher education but iam still waiting for response from Tcs. i lost my one valuable year and this is becos of Tcs and they say that they are hiring more 20,000 people this year do not believe it you will be left with no option

  17. Anonymous says:

    can anybody tell me how is the client location for DVC powerplant project in tcs???????

  18. Ganesh AC says:

    The actual post seems like praising TCS, but later after reading out the comments I am little scary. I don’t know what to believe.

  19. mahesh says:

    I have been in TCS for the past 7 years:
    Less attrition rate, good onsite oppurtunities, can shift projects if you are a senior
    Less salary, worst politics, worst process,useless managers (not all), Stingent in all aspects. I say no to this company…….

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