Review on Syntel by AshishKumar Awasthi
Brand Value: SYNTEL is well known IT company in USA. It is a global service provider, technology services and outsourcing company with more than 8000+ people. From last 25 yrs SYNTEL performs very well in Indian Market. Brand Value is excellent.
Career growth and onsite opportunities? Career prospect is very good and Ratio of onsite offshore is 40:60.Its takes 18-22 months to get onsite opportunities for fresher.
How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? We work in team, We work in friendly environment. We conduct regular meeting for sharing the knowledge and better interaction.
Work pressure/Work – life balance. Work pressure is not too much. We enjoy the work. We learn lot of things which is used in daily routine also.
Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. Most of us is satisfied with their salary and about quality no comments because we got high priority work and we deliver with best quality on time.
What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? We are providing services to the Client and as per Client’s requirement. We support Client System.We use to design new system as per requirement. We are maintaining their existing system.
Job security. If we perform well our job is secure anywhere. So job security is 100%
Some positives and negatives of the company.
Negative: I don’t wanna to disclose. Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? Yes. bcoz in my organization U can learn to much and u got the best compensation in the indusry.


55 Responses to Syntel

  1. Anonymous says:

    I could not digest the salary part of syntel

  2. Anonymous says:

    I could not digest the salary part of syntel

  3. nidhi says:

    what is the package for 2008 freshers

  4. nidhi says:

    what is the package for 2008 fresher batch.

  5. iYEMGAR says:

    2008 SALARY-MIN

    IT -3 TO 3.5
    NON IT 3.5 TO 5.5


  6. dhaval says:

    salary is 2.8 lpa for 2008 jr

  7. Janaradan says:

    What the hell is the salary ,they are providing for 2007 freshers if I am from government college of Rajasthan

  8. manohar says:

    i wanted to know the details hw to get in to subex im mca final year student 2008 batch plz inform any offcampus interviews in banglore.

  9. harsh&dewansh says:

    the package for 2008 batch is 2.6 lakhs

  10. Anonymous Employee says:

    Salary and benifits are good in syntel but slightly less than others , but good benifits compared to others and it distributed a variable pay of 90% during Mar 2008 , Where TCS has cut the variable pay and got back from employees, Advantage of midsize company, excellent growth oppurtunity in Syntel. Wherever you are it is you who has to perform well to get good salaray. In Syntel they recognize best. It is my first company and still im with it .. All the best !

  11. pseudo_technokrat says:

    hi m from nit allahabad …wat does a new joinee noramally takes home as first month salary????

  12. technotes_nyc says:

    dear freshers, do u think urself as a son/daughter of bill gates or what? everyone knows that how an engineer/mca passes out from any univ/college (except IIT/Roorkey) in india irrespective of govt or private colleges. we r getting freshers in team who doesn’t even know simple algorithms or any basic database concepts and so much poor in communication but everyone is dreaming abt lumpsum packages (3.5+) as a fresher..poor fellows…come join with us..we will squeeze ur balls and u’ll see the sweetness of packages then.. concentrate on ur basics before thinking abt money…start ur career with small company and learn basic things..and then u ll see the difference in ur own career… money, onsite, promotion all will be easy things in ur life then ..

  13. anuradha says:

    Syntel fact need to be reviewed.
    “Thing are not the same as they seems….”

    There are better link to get better review of syntel.

    “Onsite opportunities at syntel” : TRUE
    other point advised: FALSE

  14. anonymous says:

    i am working for 2 years earning only 2.75 lakh per annumm and still i dint get onsite opportunities. Politics will dance like anything in some teams of Syntel. And the syntel HR policies are not good , the notice period is 3 months. so if you got any job in wipro or tcs u have to inform work for 3 months and leave. else the experience certificate will not be provided. Regarding knowledge development, it just very little. My starting salary was 2.4(fyi). So please decide properly when applying a job in syntel

  15. Whats there in name says:

    Syntel in non ethical.Poor Standards.

    The management is not upto the mark.

    Salary is not upto the Industry stds.

    Its a good company to start with, but as a lateral
    avoid joining it.

  16. Jay says:

    Syntel is blacklisted company…Don’t go there…You have to survive for 3 Months notice period….Very bad HR policy…

  17. Jay says:

    frank, India, says: a company weak on moral and professional ethics cannot do it better. A company where employees are treated no better than prisoners, appraisals and growth are only just fancy words thrown in the HR presentations to lure people into falling in the trap. This is a place where first they will “force” a person to commit mistakes and in the end, reprimand him for that. Full of hypocrite and chauvinist managers at every level of team with a deep belief in totalitarianism, capitalism and dictatorship as against a democracy where employees are taken care of and heard. In every respect, Syntel is a company which is a nightmare for someone to start their career with. One can only survive here if they join at a senior level or not at all. The HR has absoluletly no human skills, they dont even have proper recruitment skills, they hire someone with a skillset X for doing job A and then assign them to do a job B requiring skill Y, and they dont even train them for new skill but expect “productivity” and “expertise” under unrealistic timelines. Resignation and leaving this company is like trying to escape from Abu Ghraib or Gunatanamo Bay prisons, the notice period is insanely long: 3 months and they will try every which way to hold someone back for that long, even if it means the person looses the new opportunity he was about to get. They would make him suffer in the same hell for as long as they could without even compensating the person for the loss. In 2009, Syntel laid off more than 1200 people over a period of just 2-3 months which was extremely crazy and they always deny that figure and resort to “poor performers have to be laid off which were just 50” kind of cover ups, let me ask you, i personally saw more than 500 people walking out of the campus with their termination letters in hand, how do you justify that? were all of them poor performers? I think, Syntel needs to do correct math here, there is a lot of difference between “just 50” and “just 500”.

  18. Bilal Khan says:

    In other companies, if for example, they have a notice period of 2 months, we can still leave if we give 2 months salary as compensation. Is there any such provision in Syntel ?

  19. Sarvesh says:

    I have ths same question as Bilal.
    and also i want to ask that, i have got an offer from syntel. i have 2.7 years of experience. and syntel is offering me just 3.5pa? is it the same package they offer to around 2.7years experienced guy? any idea? someone from syntel?

    • Charu Singh says:

      no, as a fresher they are offering nearly 3.0 lakh package.You have 2.7 years experience your package should be high.

  20. vimal says:

    i got selected in campus interview conducted by syntel,am waiting for 1+ yrs ,no response at all from syntel.They even gave the offer letter.It is worth waiting further……………?

  21. CurrentSyntEmployee says:

    It’s not worth it. They’ll suck you dry till you start sweating blood

  22. Ram says:

    hi friends
    i got Indent letter in syntel walk-in on 27 th march in Hyderabad, i got a letter regarding submission of Documents , i already submit the Documents by hand in Hyderabad on 7-4-2010, i mail to Hr so many times, but there is no response , could u please suggest me .


  23. Harsh Shah says:

    Hi guys.

    I m selected in syntel. I have an experience of 2.8 years. They are giving me a decent package of 4.2 lacs per annum.
    I have heard that Syntel’s Onsite package is very less
    In TCS or Infosis the onsite package is around $3500-$4000 per month.

    Can anyone gimme an idea about the onsite package of syntel.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what is the package for 2011 freshers

  25. sarita says:

    is there any job security in syntel n what is their salary package?is it a branded company

  26. manoj kumar m says:

    wat might be the package for 2011 batch

  27. Paras Gera says:

    Hi all,
    I was shortlisted from online test of syntel. I am B.Tech. Could you guys please tell me if these guys would place in the programmer post or is that they would place me in their KPO????

    Please reply soon guys. I am really confused these days about this syntel opportunity.

  28. Nishank says:

    i have same question as paras… and is their any kind of bond ?

    • rajeevshanmukh says:

      yep yep drz a 2yr bond..n nishank wn hav u been selected??

      • saurabh kukreja says:

        hey rajeev
        are you working with syntel …means i wanna know how you all this about bond and pakage…or if u are also a fresher 2011 batch then have u got this info from ur tpo.

    • Charu Singh says:

      i am also selected by syntel but still not received the offer letter or letter of intent can anyone tell me will they give it or not……….

  29. mamta says:

    pls tell abt th einhand salary that freshers of 2011 btch will get

  30. Rohan says:

    I am also frm 2011 batch.. got placed wid syntel, bt haven’t received the offer letter as of now… has anybody from 2011 batch received it… Kindly let me know!!

    • aman says:

      i also belong to 2011 placed wid syntel last month only bt have not received any offer letter..a bit worried..i think none of us who hv been selected in 2011 has received call or offer letter…if u hv any info regarding these kindly forward

      • saurabh kukreja says:

        i was also selected in 2011 batch and yet not recieved any letter…and does any one have any info regarding job profile…will it be the kpo typz or programmer and if programming which technology will they be giving us the training

    • Charu Singh says:

      I am also frm 2011 batch.. got placed wid syntel on 31st january 2011, bt haven’t received the offer letter as of now… has anybody from 2011 batch received it… Kindly let me know!! my

  31. ashish goyal says:

    i also belong to 2011 placed wid syntel last month only bt have not received any offer letter..a bit worried..i think none of us who hv been selected in 2011 has received call or offer letter…if u hv any info regarding these kindly forward…..

    • anurag says:

      Well as of now most of us have got the confirmation letter from SYNTEL but we are still not sure that when the joining letter will be provided. I was also selected in SYNTEL 2011 batch but seeing the conditions of 2008 batch i think we should try in other companies too.
      And not only this much, reading the above posts makes more disappointed.I just hope nothing of that sort happens to our batch upon joining.

  32. Sagar says:

    It’s ok to find new opportunity… but think about the bond made by other companies.. if u got selected in other company and suddenly joining of the syntel come withing few days.. so what will u do.. so think over it..

    I think join company which do not have any bond in future.. or compare with the company if u realy get good opportunity then go ahead otherwise have some patience to good one… i.e. Systel…

  33. Anonymous says:

    is SYNTEL a blacklisted company?if yes then why?will i get value for my experience for working in SYNTEL if i opt for other companies in the future?

  34. Anonymous says:

    i gt selectd n 2012 syntel campus drive i heard many things abt syntel nd many advised me nt to join the company shld i wait

  35. Pulkit says:

    i get selected in 2012 syntel campus drive….its been almost 2 months and i have not got any response ( LOI,offer letter) from their side. Also i am selected in HEXAWARE. Now the problem is what to do. should i wait for syntel coz in hexaware they are providing me package of 2.5 also there is a 3 year bond 😦

  36. jp says:

    what the hell … when they will end our joining process 2011 batch…. it really frustrats us waiting for the call….

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