The old daddy of Indian IT companies where Narayan Murthy learnt the tricks of the trade was left behind when the liberalized Indian economy gave rise to likes of Infy and Wipro. True, its difficult to change when you are big. One another fact is Patni’s over dependence on a single client GE. GE still counts for a bulk of its revenue. The future is bright for IT companies and so for Patni.
Krishnanand Shenai takes us through the review of Patni.
Salary, Satisfaction with salary and quality of work: Patni pays a salary of 1.68 to fresh engineers. Salary is and shall be always below par than industry standards. There’s lots of Quantity and Quality of work for any employee, wont sit on Bench for long time.
Career growth and onsite opportunities: Career growth depends upon BU (Business Unit). Good if you are in COE (Center of Excellence), since less number of people. Bad if you are in a large Project. Onsite opportunities, depends upon your relation with your PM (Project Manager). A bit biased.
Brand Value: Market value is good, not too great. Non-IT people do feel PATNI is a huge company. IT guys know what’s the real truth
How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? Work Environment is good. PC and other facilities are ok type not too great. Communication between department/BU is below average. Ball game is played out here
Work pressure/Work – life balance: Work pressure and life balance depends upon your project. But work in GE is bad. Should strictly not work for GE.
What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Don’t know exactly! But I guess it’s a mix bag.
Job security: Job security is 100% percent
Some positives and negatives of the company
Positives: Transportation is available at any point of time.
Negatives: Admin/Security guys are selfish/arrogant. Salary is below par.
Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? : Strictly no to freshers, But experienced people can try their luck


One Response to Patni

  1. farook says:

    “But work in GE is bad. Should strictly not work for GE.”

    why have you said that work in GE is bad.

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