Review on HP by Bijyendra Kumar
Brand Value: Has a great brand name. A Fortune 11 company and the largest (sales wise) IT company with revenues of $100 billion +. First company of silicon valley, CA.

Career growth and onsite opportunities?
Provides ample scope for career growth across different verticals Technical, managerial (production) , marketing , Planning etc. less onsite compared to Indian service IT giants.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department?
Conducive work environment. Frustration levels are low which is key to the harmonious inter and intra team communications.

Work pressure/Work – life balance.
Work and life cannot be balanced better than this.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work.
Salary at par with all tier I MNC (IBM ISL , TI , Philips ,Oracle) quality of work varies from project to project but generally good.

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent?
Product : (STSD) 95% of the total (worldwide)
Services : (GDIC) less than 5% of the total

Job security. can’t say.

Some positives and negatives of the company.

positives : work culture.
negatives : No long term onsite.

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?
yes , to those who have family commitments and need to stay in India most of the time. Those who like Innovations.

No , to those who need long term onsites and like to loaded with work always.


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  1. Uma says:

    Is there a bond for HP?

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