IBM has seen the computer industry grow from Mainframes to what we see today, IBM Global Services is a part of IBM, which provides outsourced services to other companies.
Its total employee strength all over the world is around 3.25 lakh if all divisions are included. In India IBM ISL is IBM Software Labs, and IBM AMS is Application Management Services. IBM ASM has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, and Kolkata. This review is for IBM AMS.

Fresher Salary: Fresher Salary is 2.75 to 3.1 lakhs per annum for fresh engineers, depending on degree (B.Tech/M.Tech)/college. Salary growths in this company are not very good ones; it may be as low as 10% salary growth.

Career Growth/Onsite Assignments: IBM does believe in growth for an individual if he/she deserves it. Your skill set definitely counts and also the work that you put in. People move up the ladder if they posses the right kind of skills and attitude. It is a wonderful company to work for.
Onsite opportunities are surely less than that at TC, Infosys. But people do and stay at onsite locations.

Training: IBM gives training for things like SQL/ Unix depending on your requirement. It has vast repository of training resources where you can avail ON DEMAND TRAINING.

Work Environment: Some policies are good; if you are working in afternoon shift you will get compensated for that, its not like Infy where they will suck blood out of you.

Brand Value/Respect: IBM has a good brand value, almost everyone knows about this company, respect is more than it actually deserves.

Work Life Balance: Depending on project deadlines, or go alive of a module there may be some days of work pressure but overall its cool.

Job Security: IBM does fire employees if there is any false information shown in the resume.

Co-workers competence: Not at all good, some of the old employees also don’t know anything about technical things; I don’t understand how they were recruited.

Bond: IBM does not have any bond for employment.

Facilities: IBM has decent facilities for employees; the development centers are nice ones and have all the needed facilities.


5 Responses to IBM

  1. Manpreet says:

    good review about IBM…
    i got placed in IBM, and there were few things mentioned in the review that i didnt know….
    nice work

  2. Manpreet says:

    good review about IBM…
    i got placed in IBM, and there were few things mentioned in the review that i didnt know….
    nice work

  3. Girish says:

    The worst review i ve seen , all false info ….. IBM is nothing in the software field …. it just stands high with its brand name of servers and hardwares and databases …. thats it …. nothing in this review is true …. even there is my friend working in IBM , so i know wats there inside …. read the first review which seems to be nearly true

  4. vanith says:

    realy its true company

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