Satyam is one of the biggest Indian software companies with more than 30,000 employees; it is just a bit behind the trio of TCS, Infosys and Wipro. There has been news that Satyam would be bought over by IBM Global services as IBM aims to move its employee strength in India beyond the one-lakh mark. Apart from software services outsourcing it also does some engineering design work; these jobs are for mechanical guys.

Salary: Satyam gives a fresher salary of around 2.25 lakhs. The company has definitely improved its pay structure in the recent past, though still not comparable with the best in the industry. Salary hikes are according to confirmation rating after one year.

Career Growth: There are good onsite opportunities, the average time it takes to go onsite is around 18-24 months. Performance does count; you will client interview before going onsite and your rapport with delivery manager will prove to be boon for you. Satyam has many mainframe projects and also projects in Oracle Apps and SAP; it has trained professionals in this area. The mainframe projects have long-term onsite opportunities. But you may have to sign a bond when you are sent onsite.

Training: Entry-level Technical Programmer (ELTP) is what trainees are called, After completion of training you may be put into other training depending on requirement. I would say good training opportunity lies in dot net.

Work Environment: You can be on bench for a long time, and you donโ€™t have to come to office, you can just roam around and see money being deposited to your bank account. And once you get work depending on your project it can be cool or late night work too.
I have seen people talking in regional languages in meetings also, may be it happens with other companies in India also, but one does feel bad if he is unable to understand what is going in official boardroom meetings also. The attitude of many employees could be like babus sitting in government PSUs. This is inherent to Satyam, people forming groups based on their region, politics is expected to be there at everyplace, but HR should have more power to discourage these tendencies.

Brand Value: Satyam enjoys a good brand value, but there would be many in IT industry who donโ€™t see it as professional company, it does not have any big centers in North India, and majority of the employees are from South India.

Work Life Balance: Work pressure is less; some projects in Banglore on embedded systems/vlsi design may have more work.

Job Security: Job is secured, bond means job is secured for 2 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

Co-workers competence: Not good, they do hire some very average guys.

Bond: Satyam has employment bond of 2 years for fresh engineers, it has taken few employees to court for breaking the bond.

Facilities: Facilities are okay, it has around 14 centers in Hyderabad alone, there is no big single campus like Infy, its all scattered around.


25 Responses to Satyam

  1. ark says:

    hey satyam is growing now very fast..and is going better in work culture..
    salary s 2.55p.a

  2. Swapnil says:

    What is the scope for Mechanical Guys in SATYAM?

  3. Swapnil says:

    What is the scope for Mechanical Guys in SATYAM?

  4. praveen jatav says:

    wat is the scope for mechanical guys with MBA-marketing in satyam

  5. pavan says:

    satyam pay is not 2.25 it has 3 pay structures for freshers,3.53 lpa.

  6. Mahesh says:

    What is onsite salaries for Relationship Manager in Satyam , Wipro etc service provider companies ,any one can reply ?

  7. what is the scope for mba marketing guys in SATYAM

  8. Sunil Kumar says:

    Satyam is a company which is growing in the world wide market. The salary structure has improved a great deal from what it was a few years back. Mechanical guys do have a very good scope here. I would say it has got the best scope for mechanical guys among all IT companies.

  9. ex-satyamite says:

    very good for regional ppl… if u are a not regional you are a waste (thats the attitude)
    management biased towards region

  10. sujatha says:

    Satyam is becoming really un professional, it has a bond of 2 yrs for every fresher and if by any reasons the person did not stay in company for 2 yrs they ask to pay 2 laks and reasons can be marriage and need to fly with there hubby….

    this is really un professional, i do not understand what is that they will get in retaining people who are not intrested to work …. because of the above reasons…


  11. Pavan Mysore says:

    Hi All,
    I would like to settle the scores with all those who feel so as above mentioned.
    I have been working with satyam for the past 20 months, i feel it is an amazing place to work, let me tell you folks here that i am not an andhraite or a telugu speaking guy. I am a kannadiga from Bangalore. My top management is very approchable so much so that i have even discussed technicaal issues with them. With so less experience i am given oppurchunity to visit the clients and discuss “Buisness” with them. So i feel it totally depends on you as to what to make for your career. And my pay is 3.53 LPA and i am expecting a 35-40% hike any time now. So thats as good as it can get in a service company.
    And to reply to sujata i have the following view:
    Do you understand what a “BOND” means? Its an agreement between you and the company that you will stay here for two years hence it is absolutely not unprofessional. Infact had you mentioned in the bond that you would get married so i may break the bond? No right! Thats because at that point of time getting the job was more important to you. Understand your commitment. And by the way i have seen a number of people getting to go before completion of bond without any issues with the company. Its all the way you have handled it, so its you who is to blame. And company wants you to stay coz it has invested in you. And it knows how to get work done. If you have joined the job and now have no intrest in working then its 100% your lack of commitment in life towards your career. Sorry if i am rude but this is the absolute fact.

  12. Kamal says:

    Hi Pavan,
    It is nice to see ur comments and really u have spokent the facts too. In this context, I have a doubt …… Wat should be preferred in the following scenario?
    If U get a Government job with equal pay but u need to work in rural areas for much of ur lifetime….where u would not have any more exposure….
    and other option is U r into Satyam with 2 years bond and are into Oracle Apps….
    Then wat should be preferredddddd..Please reply as early as possible as it is matter of life and death to someone.

  13. nsujoy says:

    depends on what you want, whether you want Money,comfortable and luxury in life or want to serve the people in rural areas?

  14. Emi says:

    Hi Pavan,

    I appreciate the way you support your company.Now i would like to ask you only one question.How about your appraisal,if you have got any as per your expectations? or, atleast if you ‘were’ aware of what is goin on with the appraisal process this year in your company? Please reply ASAP so that even we satyamites want to know how your company supports its employees.

    BTW, Good question Kamal.

  15. praveen says:

    hai i think satyam is very good company…. i offer this comapny only..

  16. unknow says:

    do you still beleive in satyam?

  17. Dinesh Kumar Dadwal says:

    Respected Sir,
    My self Dinesh Kumar Dadwal I am fresher i have done my from u.c.o.e,patiala and i have interest in computers so if there is any vacancies in ur company then please call me or mail me.
    contact no. 09988733493
    Email id.

  18. Rahul Jetwani says:

    Satyam is Doomed after it was brought by Tech M. No future More than 9000 on virtual bench with only basic pay and still appox 5000 people on bench from the development side. The company was running on Bond money received from the freshers was used to inflate profits.

  19. Susmita says:

    Satyam is a bullsh*t company. It is on its knees and is all set to fall down. The mahindras are very bad at managing an IT company and thats why it will fall. As an employee I am not satisfied with M.Satyam

  20. Pavan says:

    Hi Susmita,

    So what do you have to say of satyam now ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The company is still doing great!
    People are the strength of any IT Organization and not
    the CEO alone, i agree it was taken for a ride!
    But that will not make the company bullshit!
    BTW, may i know where you are working? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am sure it aint Google or M$?


  21. ramesh says:

    Satyam is a fraud company…….They are using the freshers…..They are asking a bond for 3 lakhs and for 24 months. This is very awkward. Also people are in benches only….They dont improve there is no proper appraisal…Also if workers get any good chance in other companies the management is holding the people with bonds…..

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