Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with more than 123,000 people in 48 countries. It is a big company with total revenue being around 19 billion US Dollar.

Salary: Accenture gives a fresher salary of 2.7 lakhs per annum.
Onsite Opportunities: Onsite opportunities are project dependent. If the project manager feels you’ve worked long enough and that the onsite team cannot do with you, you’ll be there, may be for 1-2 yrs. Or else if there is a training that the project manager wants you to do and if this training is available only in onsite, they’ll send you. Accenture has a presence of about 1.5 lakh employees around the world, so they unlike Infy don’t need many people to visit their onsite locations from India; therefore onsite opportunities are somewhat less here.

Training: Well, frankly speaking, training as in Classroom training is only for 2 months. One month training is going to be a refresher in C, C++, SQL, etc. Then the people here will allot you to some technology. The second month of training is on that technology (Java, .NET, Peoplesoft or Testing). New domains may come up, but not too probable as of now. After this training, you’re going to be shadow locked (as in allocated to a project, but you will not be financially charged to the client. You’ll be charged to IDC). After 3 months, if the project still needs you, then you’re hard locked (i.e. now you are financially charged to the client). During classroom training, you wouldn’t need help from your seniors and during shadow lock period you’re not going to do anything in the absence of seniors.
Work Environment: Accenture has a favorable work environment; people have fun while working here.
Brand Value: Accenture globally is known as a pure consulting company, the kind of outsourcing work it does in India contributes less than 2 percent to its overall revenue. In fact Infosys always aims to be like Accenture.
Work Life Balance: Accenture gives flexible office timings. The office culture is open and a person gets reward for the work he does.
Job Security: Accenture provides real good job security, never mess with their policies and you are safe.Co-workers competence: About average, doesn’t hire geeks anyway, and job doesn’t need great technical skills also.Bond: Bond is an agreement between u and the company stating that you’d work with Accenture for a minimum period or else pay compensation to the company towards your training and allied expenditure. Now, UR asked to sign a bond only when you nearly complete the training. Depending on your technology, the bond amount may vary. For example the bond amount for Java is 50,000/- whereas for a hot skill like Peoplesoft, it’s 1,00,000/-. The bond duration is for one year.
Facilities: It promotes a concept called as GPTW (Great Place To Work). You have a Wellness Room (In house Clinic), Gym, Recreation Room (for Indoor Games), etc. We even have a Movies Club here that shows Movies occasionally (now I don’t think any other company can do this). More over Accenture takes care of Security and Safety. In short it makes you feel at home 🙂


41 Responses to Accenture

  1. Accenturian says:


    I don’t agree that Accenture pays Rs. 2.7 lacs per annum for freshers. Accenture is a pathetic payer. It pays BPO fresher employees somewhere close to Rs. 1.2 lacs per annum.

  2. rahul says:

    1.2 even a 4th grade gets more than that. They offered 2.75 as basic pay + 30k as other incentive this year in daiict

  3. Yogesh Kumar says:

    Hi i want to join Accenture as Fresher.
    I have good knowlege of Oracle Apps(11i) in Finance Module.

  4. Premraj.R says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    Im Premraj done MBA(systems & marketing) and worked as a Unit Manager in ICICI Prudential for 1.2 years later completed SAP-SD now im looking job which is related to SAP anywhere with 6 months of exp.kindly suggest me a good idea.

    91 9841183537

  5. Girish says:

    Accenture definitely does well

  6. Anto Prem Paul says:


    I am a fresher 2007 batch passout. I have undegone training in SAP ABAP, looking for suitable openings.

    Plz help me in getting Fresher job.

  7. Girish says:

    Mr. Rahul and Accenturian ! for ur information ….. this page was uploaded few months ago ….. and in those days they take only Be and experienced ….. they get a better pay …. even im a fresher …. i also get 1.8 …. which is in par with the market standard …. and then … dont just say 1.2 lak for a BPO , it depends upon the work ….

  8. Accenture_TL says:

    Accenture is pathetic in terms of executing projects so it eventually puts people (who work on those projects) into trouble. You get frustrated and leave. Also Som of its Centers (like Pune) does not have competent leaders nor technical people. Overall you will not have job satisfaction in accenture.

  9. Rahul says:


    I have been with Accenture for more than 4 years now and I never thought of leaving this company. The best part of Accenture is that you feel like owning this company, if you are a good employee.
    Salary hikes are very good for good performers (40% +) and even for not-so-good performers the hike is approx 15% which is better than any other company’s hike for their good performers.

  10. rajiv ranjan says:

    hi accenture,

    myself rajiv working as a tech trainer since 7.5 years with india’s top IT skill set is comp hardware,electronics,microprocessor,adv networking,mcsa,CCNA.

  11. Non_Indian says:

    Gosh, why dont you speak Urduh? I kinda dont like your english. No offense, hehehe.

  12. Chandra Prakash says:


    How is accenture analytics work culture, really want a real understanding, is it flexible, do u have to stay at office for 8-9 hours for sure even if u have wrapped up ur work

  13. gowda.. says:

    how are HR ladies at accenture? are they very tensed up always…?

  14. anand says:

    myself anand from vizag. i am an b-tech(eee) graduate and i have an offer from accenture idc as assosiate software eng. (3 lakh pa). and on the other hand i have an mtech seat(in elelctrical emg) in iit delhi.what will be better option.
    please reply

  15. vicky singh says:

    hi.I m working in Accenture in bang”lore it is really good n i am Topper of the company ;I am the best in performance n other skill too.I got submit award,& many other awards .I m working as calling cum tech support but i want to be fully tech support .So that i may show my more good performance in future which in m interested

  16. priya says:

    hello i wud lik 2 know whether there is a hike salary..heard 3.6 as package it true

  17. Satish says:

    hi ..
    myself satish from final year AIT , Pune.. i am frm EnTC background and placed in accenture..
    i wanna knoe the work environment for non IT/COMP branches people in accenture…

  18. nsujoy says:

    work environment is same for both IT and non IT people, there is no heavy technical work, mostly there are maintenance projects.

  19. DINESH says:

    HI GUYS…………….

    this is dinesh a BTech mechanical student studying at sastra university who got placed in accenture on 8-6-2008

    i want to know how i will be starting my career in accenture and about the job security of the non IT guys there and about the starting pay right from the training period and my offered package is 3.2 lakhs per annum

  20. Sudhakar says:


    I got placed in accenture on 19/08/07. And still i didn’t get any call letter from them. can anyone tell me when they’ll send the call letter. b’coz i’m eager to go to work.. if anyone knew pls rply me

  21. GN KARTHIK says:

    For all those who are writing about Accenture – I have spent 4 years with Accenture and before that, another 4 years with GE capital – To tell you the truth, ACCENTURE is a company you would LOVE to work with – I still miss the company though am not with it now; its a place where people and work come together as a FAMILY; completely professional and LEARNING is at its best; I have learnt what i could not learn in 6 years in just 2 years time frame in ACCENTURE – multiple portfolios, ever supporting managers, employee friendly atmosphere; 110% job satisfaction; you could NEVER ASK FOR MORE –

    For those who want to join, dont think twice – You are heading the right direction
    For those who want to leave, think 10000 times – you are not going to get such an environment again outside –

  22. Accenture is a religion, a cult, a sect.

  23. Girish says:

    Hi Rahul or GN Karthik,

    I have only one question if Accenture gave you 110% why u left Accenture.

    Accenture has higest attrition rate and is top hire and fire company.

    about 50% of college passout (ASE) leave company in span of 2 years.

    So think twice before you join accenture.

    • GN Karthik says:

      Leaving and joining is part and parcel of life – not everyone leaves for money.. and i have never mentiond that accenture has given us a 110% hike.. everyone has their reasons for leaving a company but no offence, in my case – it is clearly for the designation that i left. anyday, i would love to join back accenture and work for it again. This is the same reason i even gave to HR during my clearance process…. I have always loved to work in Accenture and i will continue to do so someday

  24. NOCOMMENTS says:

    Trust me guys.. things are same everywhere…

    they all serve the same dish in a different bowl.. few fools fall to the bowl and others to the shit in it (ofcourse untill they realize it)..

    most of them dont even realise this difference and adopt themselves to the envionment just praising it for the unknown facts…

  25. rajat says:

    hii…this is rajat..i m being offered a package of 3 lacs by accenture and a package of 3.2 lacs by infy..which one is better to join as a fresher..i would b looking to do my mba 2-3 yrs. hence..

  26. sumita says:

    hii i had a query i am in a confusion of whther to join with accenture or infosys as some say infosys is better others say only trianing of infosys is good but after tht infosys isnt tht good whereas accenture is better.
    Please would be grateful if someone who really knows infact hv worked as a trainee in any of these companies could suggest
    Joining of infosys is on 21st june
    Joining of Accenture will be given after semester results are announced
    i hv just given my last sem papers

  27. anoynmous says:


    Not sure of Infy but pls think before u join Accenture as a fresher …they ll keep u on bench for some months ..and u ll loose interest in the job by tat time..i am in accenture for 3 years now and was on bench for one whole a project after i completed 1 year ..

    One thing that is common in accenture is relocation..they ll put u in a project in a city which ur not comfortable with ..for ex..for north indians they put in chennai and for south indians they put in mumbai and delhi…

    Its all ur luck to get a project soon..if u get a good project soon then u ll learn or else u ll go mad sitting on bench..

    So join Accenture at ur own risk…good luck !!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Accenturians !!
    I got placed as an Associate Software Engineer this month (6th june, 2010)..we are told that the joining month would be either october or december. Can some one please help me with the doubt in my mind, that may be i never get the call.
    We are not told about the training location. We just have the offer letters in hand.
    What do i do?
    Plus, i am an ECE engineer, and the only language that i am aware of is “C”….i have time, what do i do that would benefit me in the org.

  29. nsujoy says:

    Don’t worry much you will learn everything in training.

  30. Sir i m a fresher engg. Passout in 2010 bt i hav back papers in engg. I want a job do u help me to give a job

  31. Ishan says:

    hey.. just joined acc. as an ASE…completed stream training in.NET.. am posted in pune.. any idea how is it in pune?? wat kind of projects come here in pune?? is Pune better or gurgaon or banglore??

  32. sam says:

    hey guys, very good discussion learned a lot, i got selected To Accenture on 25th sept 2010 @pune, nw waiting for DOJ bt i heard many times in these 2/3 months that @ accenture 90% chances are of getting testing profile, is that so, plz somebody answer!

  33. Gaurav says:

    helo frns,
    I m in final yr btech(mechanicl).jst want to knw ,does acenture provide job security for btech graduats?d startng salary ofrd for btech freshr s 3 lakh per wt s d salary range,i mean hw much does d salary increase ovr years for a btech graduate

  34. pardha says:

    can someone please tell me where accenture will place me for training i am a fresher from andhra pradesh.

  35. nits says:

    hi im placed in accenture and in the offer letter its said that the tentative joining would be in october but for my friend its in september..Is that so..??

  36. salma says:

    hi i got selected in accenture may be in next week i may get doj also but i am poor in learning so please guide me what should i had to learn before entering into the company so that i would clear all my training tests like GFT etc and also who had previous papers of GFT or Training test papers plz send me
    thank you in advance

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