What a Tech-Startup expects from YOU?

*Be a developer and not a programmer: People work in small groups, sometimes it may be just 1 person, with sole responsibility of the task. So always think like a developer not just like a coder/programmer.
*Be ready to work on multiple languages / technologies: It will throw many opportunities for you to expand your skills. U will lean many things in very small time. So be open minded.
*Be a self starter: Its more work with limited resources, so u have ample opportunity to show your passion for work.

*Be ambitious: If its your choice to work for a startup, it shows your ambitious. So keep dreaming higher and higher!!!
*Be passionate and a risk taker: Risk is life and life is risk. So its all about taking calculated risks.
*Be a go-getter: So, pull up your socks and implement the functionalities yourself. Don’t just wait for everything to be done by the co-founders, know that they are already always over-burdened with work.
*Be helpful and caring: People in start-ups are generally closely bonded with each other. So being helpful in nature is surely a great plus.
*Flexibility is the key: Things are pretty flexible and so if u a great time manager, U will be a clear winner.

Client/User Focus:
*Think about your users – Please, please, please! Start dreaming about your potential users.
*Dog-food your product – Oh yes, big time! Always be the first users of your product.
*Show the road-map of your product to your users – So they know what to expect in the future. That will keep them curious and keep coming back to your product.

Company/Work Culture:
*You r the boss: There is almost always an unlimited scope for improving / changing things around you. Just think about sth new, discuss this with people around u and start implementing it. Again, owning the implementation is important! The power of being able to define the culture at my work-place according to the way I want it to be is the single most important thing that keeps me (personally) motivated.
*Helping others and building relations: Always remember one thing – a small company does not implement all that corporate stuff that a big company is known for. So, it is necessary to bond really well with your colleagues – not just for work but also outside it. The idea of working in a small company is to be able to change the world, to change the way things are done conventionally. And, it is really important to be absolutely comfortable in the group where everybody is working for the same.
*Be ready to compromise on facilities/benefits: In the early days, Its not wise to build a word class infrastructure and be ready for disaster. So they might pay handsomely but may not having a facility like Google/Microsoft. This again depends upon person to person if u love luxury then surely this is not a place for u. It requires little bit of entrepreneurial thinking.

And what else you think is IMPORTANT for a start-up. U fulfill their expectation and be ready for big rewards. It may be some times so big, u never had imagined before. More risk More return. Any comment always welcome.


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