Oracle is one of the biggest software companies in world, the name Oracle is almost synonymous with database, but Oracle is into many other product categories. Oracle Application Group, which makes products (business suite) like Oracle Finance, HRMS has a development center in Hyderabad. The center started doing work related to Oracle Forms and now is into product development using Oracle Application Framework (a tool which writes code in Java, much like VB does).
We caught up with one Oracle guy to know more about Oracle. The followings are based on input from folks we know in Oracle

Salary: 5/5.5 lakhs per annum. Oracle is one of the top paymasters; it pays extremely well at the fresher level. The salaries are different for computer and non-computer science students. It used to pay higher salary for students from top engineering colleges, now it has stopped visiting some of the top IITs because of higher attrition level of students from these colleges. Oracle Hiring Strategy places strong importance on technical skills, it is based on the simple philosophy that if a student is interested in computer science he would have a strong knowledge of technical concepts and therefore would be happy with the work.

The salary growth is also good at Oracle; it has been giving 6 monthly salary hikes and bonus. Appraisals and career growth depend on the team, there are time-based promotions and in some cases depending on manager and performance of employee promotion can be given before the stipulated time.

Training: Oracle gives a boot camp training for 3 weeks, it may not be very beneficial but you always have reference material and google to solve your technical issues.

Work Environment: Oracle gives flexible work hours to its employees and often the deadlines are based on discretion of employees. Manager to employee communication is average; an employee may not need to talk to his manager on regular basis once he is assigned some work, so does not necessarily develop a very good rapport with the manager. One good thing is Oracle provides all facilities, which the employee needs, he may work from home if he wants, the company sponsors laptop and Internet facility.

Brand Value: Oracle is one of the most known brands in India as well as abroad and enjoys a good will at the college campuses because of the salary it pays.

Work Load: Workload in Oracle is reasonable and in some cases lower then other companies. Pressure can be more sometimes because of the nature of product development work.

Job Security: It did shelve few employees in the past but as the step didn’t go down well with the employees, the company has decided not to fire anyone in India Development Center.

Job Profile: Job profile is not so great, work becomes monotonous after a while, and an employee gets typecasted in a role. Not much technical work is there, the domain is restricted to Oracle Framework, which is of no use outside Oracle. For people in functional roles, like say ‘Oracle Finance’ skill enhancement is more.

Co-worker competence: All cannot be geniuses, its average.

Role of HR: HR is not very active; it is less enthusiastic when it comes to taking initiatives.

Onsite Opportunities: No

Bond for employees: No

Overall: Oracle is great if salary is the only consideration, but not so great when it comes to work quality.


One Response to Oracle

  1. Friend says:

    This person has almost praised the company till the end except about CTC and monthly salary and at the end, he is telling “work quality is not good!!”. What kind of review is this? Completely centered around money!!! I agree that money matters, but does it matter so highly?
    I just got recruited last month and I will see what he really meant in future. I just know about my CTC but not any details about it. The only thing is, I must be really lucky to get into such a good company being a fresher.

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