Designer Buildings, Resort like campus, the inside of an Infosys campus is truly an international experience. Even the roads and grass are taken utmost care of, once me with a group of friends were walking on the campus lawn when some construction work was going on, a small cluster of grass was careful dug and kept aside so that it can be replaced after the maintenance work is over. My friend quipped if they cared for employees the way they care for grass, it would be the biggest gift one could have from Infy. In a big company like Infy you are nothing more than a number and its common to be treated like a computer. Like a Desktop you can be on desk (bench intended) for months or be working for 24 hours at a stretch.
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Fresher Salary:2.7 lakhs per annum. Infy is not a good paymaster; in fact it has earned a bad name because of low salaries, a friend of a mine when leaving the company was told by a project manager that “Yeh company to khoon choos leti hain”.
Career Growth/Onsite Assignments:Yes, good opportunities exist, if you are lucky you will get an onsite assignment within 2 years, though with the increasing number of employees nothing is sure, the decision to send a person onsite is random and does not necessarily depend on a person’s performance (I have even heard about regionalism playing an important role).

Training: Infosys gives mandatory training to fresh engineers which is a major plus point if you want to learn about computer science technology. The training period is 2 months for computer science guys(i.e only generic training), for stream specific training another 2 months are there, but it is about a year long for those going to Finacle Projects. Its a different matter very little of that is going to be actually used for example ‘Open Systems’ is one stream which has very little relevance in the kind of projects Infosys has. Infy has mostly migration, maintenance and testing kind of projects ( see link for more). Mainframe is old technology but still in use, so cant comment on how useful it is. Enterprise Solutions has training on various modules from different vendors (SAP, Oracle). It gives more of functional knowledge. This is really important thing to appreciate in a services company like Infy more than technical skills, it is functional knowledge that matters. And that is why i write the training is not really that useful. I would appreciate it more if they give free internet access to employees so that they can google out solutions to technical problems.
Work Environment: Work environment depends a lot on individual projects and project managers. Speaking of inter department communication, I will give you an example once I had to get a software installed on my computer by CCD (Computer Maintenance Department), the way the department people responded to me was very much similar to what you can expect from a government office in Bihar. Even communication between IBUs(Independent Business Units) and DC (Development Centers) is in a sorry state of affair. I was transferred from Bhubaneswar DC to Pune DC but after reaching Pune DC I was told, “We didn’t know you were coming, We don’t want you!!”.
Brand Value/Respect:One of the most renowned brands in India, especially because of performance in stock market. If you meet a person who does not belong to IT industry he would think you are working for the top most IT company.
Work Life Balance: Again depends a lot on the project you are in, but given the initiative which was started by NRN when I was in Infy “On Time Initiative ”, wherein the time when an employee was coming and leaving was noted and the average time was calculated for the whole organization, I would say the top management does believe in maintaining a balance. HR also plays a active role in celebrating employee week and other events, but again at times project deadlines dont allow employees to be a part of all the fun.

Job Security: If Job Security is the question, Infosys would get 200 out of 100, this was probably the only company which didn’t shed employees during the 2000 US economy slowdown. Unless you are doing something unethical you don’t stand a chance of being thrown out, and off course if your performance is not very poor.
Founders of company: Founders Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani are among the most well-known business leaders of the company. Other founders if not that popular are still playing in crores. I believe its because of the founders that Infosys has a transparent nature when it comes to appraisals and salary hikes, but i doubt how much the middle management values these ethics.
Co-workers competence: I wouldn’t rate Infy high on this some employees are rather poor and what they have is working knowledge of English and Zero technical skills.

Bond:Infosys signs fresh engineers for a year long bond.

Facilities: Facilities are excellent, there are facilties for gym, sports and other activities but these resources are strained because they are inadequate in proportion to the number of employees, but one thing which deserves mention is Infosys toilets which are better than most 5-star hotels can boast off.

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43 Responses to Infosys

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good one.. I am also an Infoscion for the past 3 years ad still being one. Trying to get out as soon as possible. The politics and kind of Work I am doing.. is almost shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good one.. I am also an Infoscion for the past 3 years ad still being one. Trying to get out as soon as possible. The politics and kind of Work I am doing.. is almost shit.

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  4. SC says:

    I worked for infosys from 1999-2000 in the IS (MIS department). It was pretty shit with loads of deparmental politics and low pay. The work was pretty shit and outdated in those years. Internet access for restricted to senior members of the team and the communication was really bad. Any software which needed to be installed took ages…I had by then decided enough was enough and moved out of infosys. Its just the hype in the name which drive people giving a wow factor but the fact is what is said here. Not work the effort to join this sluggish conglomerate which will become a big white elephant with less income and more expenses in the coming future. The facilities are good apart from that I give it a 3 on a scale of 10. There are better smaller companies out there who will value you as an individual rather than this big elephant where you will called and referred by a ID/number.Hope this helps those who are just planning to join the company in the near future -JUST BEWARE…

  5. Anshuman says:

    Hi I work here and I am really frustrated here, this company sucks. If you want some Govt job then its ok , not good , just ok . SALARY is like shit , Work Sucks , And nothing is good here
    All that happens is
    ****DOCUMENTATION ****

  6. Deeps says:

    I quit Infy last yr after completing 3 yrs over there working in the most horrible IBU, Finacle..such a shit IBU..I was into product maintenance(Powered by Ctrl-C Driven by Ctrl-V).nearly 80% Indian clients and one can guess where the onsite would be…Really disdain this rubbish IBU when compared to others like BCMD, RETL etc..(most of my friends in those r long term onsite as of now)

  7. Deeps says:

    Adding to the above, joining Infy may b gud (if ur lucky enuf to b put into the best IBU of ur choice)except for this junk Finacle IBU..They have Finacle specific training for freshers during the training period, which guarantees u’ll b put into the same IBU and then make u get frustrated.

  8. ABC says:

    Hey guys..

    I have an offer from Infosys and IBM global services,and am very,very confused between the two.Graduated in June ’07,and got a joining date in november for IBM and Infosys.However,IBM has postponed its date to the end of december and Im worried that its too late.Kindly advise on what to join,Im very worried!!

  9. priyanka says:

    i have got a joining in infosys and tcs?? please let me know where to join… m 07 passout…in computer science and engg….infi joining in dec and tcs in jan? where to join?

  10. Anonymous says:

    is it true dat finacle traininglasts for a year?

  11. Anonymous says:

    is it true dat finacle training last for a year??

  12. Deeps says:

    I dont think finacle training wud last for a yr.Mostly it wud b arnd 6 months.Thats the max figure.Finacle is shit!!!.Guess wat the first batch which had finacle training @ mysore had all creams frm IIT, NIT, PSG etc 2 yrs back..Now more than 60% quit ..Others are dying to get out of that shit.That explains the f***ing experience one can have with Finacle…I hope that IBU shut downs forever.

  13. Deeps says:

    Never think twice to join TCS over Infosys.Infosys sucks!!!!…primarily becos of their IBU concept..u r put in an IBU( Some r kinda good..some r almost shit like Finacle).U’ll b put in an IBU and will never ever able to get out of it esp if its finacle.Slowly u’ll realise ur career is getting ruined as u dont get to do anything new throughout. Prefer TCS always as here u get project flexibility…Its a lot more employee friendly when it comes to project allocation.Infosys’ only attraction is their fancy campus and facilities offered like Gym, hair cuttting saloon, food courts blah blah…work really sucks there.

  14. Hi,
    M MCA plz hav any Vacancy in this company thn contact me Mb#9876932246

  15. kaushik says:

    I will b joining infi this yr.really confused seeing these posts.apart form heigher edu what r da oppertunities after 3years in infy.

  16. Anon says:

    About the salary issue, I bet the problem is very real. Low wages, nice toilets, well trimmed lawns and flowers, nice DCs but that’s just eye-candy. Would you believe they still use decades-old software like GraphTalk(god knows what the shit this is), VB2, VB3 and VB4. What a waste of time and effort… Think about your future twice since you may be posted anywhere in any dept, any project not worth a penny 😦

  17. ankue says:

    which company should be joined by a fresher if one have got placed in infosys and accenture…..

  18. ... says:

    when would b the next off campus test conducted by infy in 2008-2009????plz reply

  19. asd says:

    good material for fresher

  20. vidyarthy says:

    Hai guys,

    Glad to write to you. I just want favor from you. I need some info. regarding the Finacle & whereabouts of its training institutes. Basically, I am a bank(Bank of India) employee and intend to do Finacle and join a consulting company (that implements Core Banking) on the basis of my functional experience.

    whomesoever it may concern, plz respond.

    lots of regards,

  21. Anonymous says:

    Infy is sh*t. I hate the job. I cant believe I gave up a great company to come here. I never regret anything in life, but this is the one thing i do. My manager is a complete imcompetent guy, who just walks around with a stupid face, thinking he is the founder. He has no idea of my capability, my drive, my personal life – nothing.

  22. HR says:

    As an HR, I’m giving you insider view. The company not only sucks in the work allocation part…but the office politics is so dirty that you won’t even believe it. And if you think that going to the higher-ups will save the problem (since we have the darn open-door policy) – let me tell you – you’re in for some serious disillusionment. The top brass doesnt care. I know of serious cases where law has been broken. We’re an IT company and talk about Intellectual Property Rights and we share 1 SAP id and password with 12 different team members. I just wish some SAP employee checks this comment out. We’re robbing you guys man.

  23. michael s says:

    I was an infosys employee based in UK. I am a USA citizen and hold a USA passport. The first project I was sent on was in Houston in USA and it was fine. I had good times. I was trying to come back to UK at the end of it, and was told that I do not have proper clearance. I was sent back to NY.

    Infosys global visa team applied for a certificate of sponsorship and told me to apply with that number through the UK consulate in NY. I did. Apparently Infosys visa team doesnt know what the hell is going on and I was rejected becasue I did not have enough supporting documentation. They didnt even know that you cant apply for the second time with the same COS number. I had to find out by myself. They are completely useless.

    The whole time I was on the project in Houston, I was paying out of my own pocket. One of the claims got rejected because tehy said that they didnt have the receipt for the hotel. Its still not paid, because the roject code got closed and i cant submit any claims against it. I am out 300GBP.

    I was sent to a project in the south for 2 months. I completed it most recently to glowing reviews from both the client and Infosys management. Nevermind the corporate politics insode Infosys about retention of numbers and pay.

    On 17th of April I returned from the project to NYC and had a conference call with UK HR who told me that they have terminated my contract effective 31st of March.

    I will not be paid for the 17 days that I worked for them, plus 2 months worth of reimbursement claims.

    Total – I am out over 5000GBP and they are not going to pay.

    I am contacting employment lawyer. Let s see what they have to say about that!

    Regarding the salary – Everyone is supposed to be paid on 26th of every month. There hasnt been one month in my entire 6 months of employement that I was paid on time. It was always at least 1 week late.

    At one of the town halls, the engagement manager said that he wants to see positive feedback from the client about the work that we do. One of the guys on the account said that we receive that feedback all the time – we work hard, tirelessly and with quality. The engagement manager laughed and said that he want something more concrete….

    My computer had a problem. Apparently my BIOS id did not match the one that was in the global system for me. The result – i could not use my email. I called every week and they told me to do different stuff every week. Still not working. 3 months later.

    Their medical claim system is a joke.

    Bottom line – dont work for this company.

  24. Lakshmikanth Vadavalli says:

    I hope these guys meet the same fate as Satyam 🙂
    Wish them all the WORST 🙂

    Ex-Infoscion (2003-2007)

  25. frusti says:

    hi guys, i left infy just two monyhs back, i have broken the year bond, will i get into any legal trouble, i mean any court cases n all. please help me out.

    • virat says:

      forget about it dude,
      In India bonded labor is a crime. If infy tries to handle you legally, they will dig their own pit.

      • Anonymous says:

        hey am getting constant calls from Hr asking to report back to work or els pay bond money, wat to do guys am totally lost.

  26. gem12 says:


    me too in the same state.. left infy after 5 months of training.. ie i broke the bond telling tat i ve some family problems.. how much ll i ve to pay approximately… or can i jus not pay and ignore them??

  27. krishna says:

    In 2009 infy laid off more than 4500 people on the basis of training. the test were deliberately made tougher. The mysore campushad seen two suicides.

    This mass exit wasorchestrated and not in a bulk manner. Evryday an avg of 15 freshers lost thier jobs. please remeber that thesepeople hada8 months delay in the date of joining

  28. rocky says:

    hello,iam engg(e$ce)did web designing,sap abap,recently did certified ethical hacking,computer security,internet security,mastery in tcp/ip packet analysis,mastery in security tools,penetration an vulnerability testing frm usa(american university)iam searching for a job on this fields but not yet lucky,they say 2lakh,4lakh vacancy but iam not getting a single call.the ? is y….

  29. Mukesh says:


    Not so professional – Infosys Chennai

    Dexter on August 1, 2010 — 13 Comments

    (This is a user contributed article -if you have any questions please leave a comment. Similar articles on Indian IT industry are welcome)

    I am writing this here not to create any confusion among employees or to defame Infosys organization created by great minds like “Mr.Narayana moorthy”. I just want to stop the unethical and unprofessional practices followed in Mcity CCD department. I don’t want anyone to suffer anymore in that department.

    I am an Engineering graduate with more than 80% from a reputed Chennai engineering college [Anna University]. I got placed in Infosys through on-campus interview. I felt so happy when I got selected. It was dream coming true for me. My days at Mysore training was so great except that extended training which we had to undergo due to recession. I completed all the streams successfully [generic, OS, mainframe] with CGPA more than 4.9. When we were eagerly waiting for our posting, HR informed us that we were put into CCD department. We were all shocked to death. We opposed their decision but nothing worked. After wasting our 7 months time in training, quitting was not a good option. HR told us that CCD would not be worse like we were all thinking. Then we underwent CCD training in Mysore and some of us got posted in Chennai – Mahindra city.

    The First weirdest thing was when we had to call the CCD head “Sir”. Even if anyone calls him by his name, he would give them an odd look “How dare you to call me by name? You know who I am?” I don’t understand why we were told in my ILI classes that we should not use “Sir” and “Madam” in corporate environment. So then is CCD not a part of Infosys? Is it run by some local company? Please give the ILI sessions to this gentle man.

    When we were introduced to our senior CCD employees, first thing they asked us “Why did you join this department? We are all trying to escape from this place.” We thought they were complaining about CCD department as there is no career progression. Later we realized they were referring to our Head and resource team Lead. I thought politics was common and if we work and exhibit our talents well, we could survive here.

    The first assignment we were given was we had to go to all the user places and collect the employee details [employee ID, employee number and project code] , cubicle details and other s/w information. Note: Total capacity of Chennai, Mcity DC is more than 10,000 and it s still increasing steadily]. If they really want this information, it can be retrieved by many easy methods. There is no need to go in personal and do it. Employee details can be easily retrieved from database system or from active directory by running a simple query in less than one minute.

    Our CCD head and resource team lead blindly denied all our good suggestions as they were keen on sending us to collect these details as if they were no other work there to assign to us. And moreover cubicle details have to be collected by facility persons or H/W asset management team [resource team]. Another way is, if you drop a mail to all PM Mcity distribution list for employee details and cubicle details working in their project, they will get it and will provide it to you. But what is the need that we, engineers who graduated with more than 80 % in reputed engineering college and got CGPA more than 4.9 should go and collect these details. These details [cubicle details] can be collected by even a 3rd class school student.

    My CCD head and resource team Lead called this as a new initiative. [Here resource team lead means not human resource team [HR], laptop/desktop assets managing person.] Though she is not our manager, she thinks that she is our manager and if we don’t do her work assigned by her, you are totally done, she will go to any level to dump you. These practices are fully supported by our CCD Head. There is no limit for anything here. No one thinks and use their brain here.

    Finally we went to user’ [employees] places and started collecting the details. This work went for more than a month. While my other batch mates who got into other units were coding, we were collecting the cubicle details. We spoke to our Head that we would need change unit transfer as we were not interested in collecting user and cubicle details. He shouted at us and denied our request. Even at one point we planned to quit as a mass, but it didn’t go well. So we went to user’ [employees] place and collected the details.

    In the first 6 months, we didn’t do anything good except calling employees on their extension and collecting their cubicle details. They gave us some work like account locking and other small s/w installations etc. After 6 months, they came up again with new initiative “port detail collection”. It is the worst of all. We have to go to user’s place and bend down the desk and collect port number located near the power plug point. The fun part is we were again asked to collect user and cubicle details as the data was expired over a time. Yes, these details change every day. Is this the feasible solution to maintain user details? If Infosys leaders don’t know how to maintain their employee details feasibly, then how are they going to maintain their client accounts? Are they going to send employees to their client places and collect their details manually?

    The ultimate comedy is they called this as initiativeJ. Nice initiative!! You know for initiatives there is good rating in appraisals. They put this task as a great initiative done in Mcity CCD department and get good appraisals. When we put that in our appraisal as initiative, my head said this was not good work and we got nothing in appraisal. J
    We were totally embarrassed many times when we went to users’ place and collected cubicle and port details. They would treat as like facility people and every time we would want to say to them “we are also employees of Infosys who finished engineering and Mysore training with good percentage but we were unlucky and so got this bad department by fate. Otherwise we would be working like you only”.

    Ok. These and all are some nonsense things happening. I don’t want to write everything here as it would take another 20 pages. You may wonder how people work here. Actually nobody wants to work here and everyone wants to leave this place ASAP. Every month Mcity ccd people quit Infosys. The Sole reason is they cannot tolerate stupidity of MCity CCD head and resource team Lead who is B.Sc Nutritionist graduate and she is unofficial manager of Mcity CCD department. Even my PM would afraid to talk to her as she has strongly laid her foundation here.

    I can hear people saying it is common everywhere. Yes. It is common everywhere. But there should be some limit for everything. There is no professionalism and work ethics here. They are running their own empire here. Some time they behave like college senior and rag other junior employees. We really feel like we are working for some local dada[Rowdy] gang.

    As I could not tolerate them anymore, I started searching for a job and got one too.
    So I am quitting infy – my great Infosys.
    While you people complain that you didn’t get onsite opportunity or CRR1 or for put you into different technology, just look into our case. How pathetic it is! We were treated like facility people. I really feel bad that I could not do anything about these unethical and unprofessional practices.

    Though Infosys’s slogan is powered by Intellect and Driven by Values, in reality is it true?
    HR and other higher officials are not doing anything about this. They simply sit in their chair and close their eyes and create the policies. They always think about the ways to impress their boss and never think or look into employees’ issues.
    Infosys survive only by its brand name. They say something and do something totally different.
    If there is only requirement for facility, why did HR recruit us? They could have recruited 10 th completed guys. Why did they recruit engineering graduates with good marks?
    Infosys is not powered by Intellect but by brainless HRs and driven by power hungry Heads.

    P.S: If you think, I am trying to catch attention or spamming here; you can ask anyone who joined Mcity CCD department recently in the past one year and verify the above information.
    P.S.S: We are not supposed to sit and read newspaper in Lobby area because we are in internal support. What about other employees? They are also in support only but for external client so can they read newspaper in lobby area? J
    And we are not supposed to drink our tea/coffee in work place as our Mcity CCD head don’t like it.
    P.S.S.S: The incidents mentioned above are 100% true

    Think twice before joining this company

  30. i am join infosis i am complited aero egg and b sc math

  31. Pratik Parmar says:

    I took a friend roaming around the picturesque Infosys campus. As we strolled around the Ground Floors of the different buildings, he wasn’t able to contain his amazement at the cleanliness, and the efforts at maintenance and said, “Man, this place is so clean”. To this, I remarked, “Yes, that’s because at Infosys, they make it a point to keep no garbage at the lower levels.”

    The problem lies with an unscrupulous Leadership(senior levels in the IBU) that constitutes of sub-standard people with low IQ levels, zero foresight, an utter lack of respect for the work being done by the very Engineers/teams who report to them, and most importantly, a self-centered agenda, fulfillment of which relies on one fact – the ability to lie with a straight face. I cannot comment on the top leadership because I have hardly interacted with it; I only hope that they practice what they preach.

    I am an ex-Infoscion, do not belong to CCD but a IBU called IMS, and can vouch for innumerable instances when the Delivery Managers and BU Heads have put chameleons to shame. The style of the Infy mid-level management is simple : When they want something, they can go to any extent to get it. If you are critical to a project, they will coax, coerce or bribe – whatever it takes. Promotion, on-site opportunities, location or BU changes – you will get everything brother; but only tomorrow, go and work today. As you must have guessed, tomorrow never comes.

    Having generated annual savings of $50000 and over 2000 man hours for a client-a Client on the Fortune Top 10 list, which saw the Client go out of its way and shower recognition, I was in expectation of fulfillment of a handful of promises made by my Senior Manager. Ignored and appalled, when I reached the Delivery Manager, he blurted in his wonderful Hinglish, “I don’t know you! I know Mr.XYZ. Infosys is a big company, it cannot look after everybody.” I put my papers immediately, following which the Client pressured BU Head came flying in. “We are not letting you go. Whatever you want, it is done. We can have you on an On-Site Assignment in 8 weeks.” – the 8 weeks turned into 8 months, and I rechristened Infosys as Painfosys! I finally heaved a sigh of relief when I got out of the Company!

    Scant respect for its people and performers has seen Painfosys hit all-time lows when it comes to employee satisfaction. No wonder, the move to award people with major hikes following a year without one, even when Infosys was laughing merrily to the Bank has seen attrition skyrocket – people moved out with a higher package and a higher Hike. They have yet again, failed to realise that nobody works at Infosys for money. It takes just the first month’s Salary Slip to realise it.

    Shortchanging employees is a practice at Painfosys, and “Survival of the unfittest” is a rule. I only hope that the prestigious Engineering Institutes of this country ban it from hiring their top talent, because while they don’t deserve it, to do what they do, they don’t need it in the first place.

  32. noor says:

    hi ‘m noor
    i got an offer to join infy
    my joining date is mar 14 2011
    after checking out all these comments ‘m really worried i don’t know wat to do now whether to join diz company r nt
    wen i consulted some infoscion dey told me dat itz a good company to work n asked not to drop this offer
    can anybody help out plz

  33. Janardan says:

    Infosys really is a bad company to work with. Loads of dirty rotten politics. All the managers over there are non technical guys, who doesnt know on what you are working on. they rarely recognize the employees who does the job. Most of the time appreciation goes to employees if they say, i am quitting the job. Appreciation is a technique used by the company to retain employees.

    • Mukkie says:

      you are wrong janardan. i work for infosys. i sit idle without doing any work. the only technology i know is microsoft outlook. i snatch the credit of work done by others. i don’t know why my managers appreciate me. but still they appreciate me because iam the senior most person in project. i dont say that i quit job. but still i get appreciations

  34. Anonymous says:

    i am about to join infy next year… can anyone tell me if i break the bond after the training and how much money i need to pay them??

  35. Balaji says:

    Hi everybody,

    I joined infosys on march 28 2011 in ccd.I completed my tech,I got my training in mysore which is a goden period for everyone of us in our training.

    later i and three of my batchmates got bhubaneswar as post location,i went there and worked for three months and the job is not to much expected.installing softwares,solving the req of user,allocation of systems for user in project,printer service etc…

    I dont like the job,location and bhubaneswar. and my mother has some medical problems.stating that i applied for transfer.but HR people told me to wait and it will take more than eight months as there are a long queue of people waiting for transfer and i also join that queue.

    I have a bond for one year which will complete on july 14 2012.but the pay was good for me.i cant tolerate there and bcoz of my moms health and i had to see her frequently.

    i came for a holiday on october end and am in leave for a month.i cant be there so i decided to search for any job out and all my relatives and friends say dont pay up bond amount as its not by law something.

    my que is now if i leave without paying,will there be any trouble by NASSCOM or something.pls help me with this issue…..

  36. manisha says:

    i left infosys after completing my training…i never joined the company ….how much i have to pay??/

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