Are all ratings farce?

When i see “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” topping TRP ratings i can understand there would be a large number of women who watch this and so it can really be a winner all the way even if no one i know likes the Saas Bahu Sagas. Films like KANK can be top grossers in US and films like Gadar can be superhits in the UP and Bihar belt, people with varying tastes can justify all anomalies. But how does the ET-Hewitt survey which is a prominent one name the companies which i hear so much bad about as the toppers. Some companies which are right at the top surprise me most. I have heard about their unethical “Pay and get job” recruitment policy, the training sessions which nothing more than formality. May be survey ratings are filled by “SENIOR EMPLOYEES ONLY” (or by bribed candidates), they have been with the company for a long period so out of emotions they rate their company as the best. And ideally how can a IT company be compared with a consumer goods services. And if you really want to know about the worst things may be they should ask ex-employees. I really really doubt the credibility of these surveys, they look like paid advertisements to me. I have once filled such a survey (offcourse i gave the worst rating i could) but still the company showed up in Top 5. But its nowhere to be seen this year, so this is a dynamic thing, a good company can become bad in months, it does not depend on company policies after all, it depends on the people they surveyed or the company which paid money to show up in the Top 25.


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