Fresher Salary

What is average salary for fresh software engineers? Well depends on your college/degree, salaries can vary from private colleges to NITs/BITs/IITs with the highest range being for IITs (offcourse!!). Do IITians work better than other guys? Well in some cases, may be not because they are capable of, but to prove that they are better. Nature of work in software companies does not give ample scope to those with more gray cells.
Salary also varies from non-computer science to computer science, MCA to B.Tech to M.Tech. The following figures give an indication of the fresh engineer salary; there is no way to compare the exact in-hand salary as the salary component also varies from company to company. If you take into account the purchasing power parity, a high salary in Mumbai may not be equal to a much lower salary in Hyderabad.

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201 Responses to Fresher Salary

  1. sarat chandra says:

    thanx for the information….

  2. sarat chandra says:

    hey u have mentioned that the salaries are not the same…i mean in hyderabad they r less…is it really so???i heard the salaries are almost same at all the places..cud u jus inform me abt dis…my email is…

    waiting for u response….thank u

  3. deepak says:

    can u please tell me the salary hike in virtusa.. ??? i’m a fresher n was said tat i’ll get 2.4 p.a

  4. deepak says:

    can u please tell me the salary hike in virtusa.. ??? i’m a fresher n was said tat i’ll get 2.4 p.a.,.. my email id is

  5. Anonymous says:

    is there some way i can get to know what topics or subjects zs associates covers in their tech apti papers??

  6. ashish says:

    can yu tell me package of atos origin as a fresher

  7. DEEPAK says:

    it will be great if u can send me the info about the subject / question pattern of the IT soft./companies on my e mail id.:

  8. nsujoy says:

    Salaries are fine…but how u can gather other salaries which is not in the list…but nice work

  9. sonu says:

    we r paid 2.2 in the training period and 2.95 there after in L and T infotech

    • aditya singh says:

      wats the inhand salary in training and after.

      • hello says:

        csc 3.25
        hcl 3.25
        birlasoft 3.10
        cts 3.05
        accenture 3.0
        patni 3.0
        hexaware 2.5 dont join
        sasken 2.85
        syntel 2.85

      • shoaib says:

        csc 3.25
        hcl 3.25
        birlasoft 3.10
        cts 3.05
        accenture 3.0
        patni 3.0
        hexaware 2.5 dont join
        sasken 2.85
        syntel 2.85

        this r salaries offered for 2011 passouts and our few friends are placed in these companies.

  10. ashish says:

    for zs associates,paper consist of six question,
    3 management ques,2 apti and 1 from di……..
    very easy
    after that gd ,case study,interview….
    they only take who speaks very fluent english……..
    package 6.5


  11. ashish says:

    can anyone tell me how is atos origin…
    its package on hand
    and about job profile & work culture
    pls reply…..:)

  12. mizanur says:

    can u tell me about salary hike in tech mahindra

  13. pavan says:

    Mphasis (An EDS Company)– Salary of fresher– 2 lakhs

  14. Gaurav says:

    for 2008 passouts, salary offered is
    perot 2.8
    iflex 2.4

  15. Aricent Recruit 2007 Batch says:

    Aricent (Flextronics) salary is 3.5 LPA (for both 2007 and 2008 batches)

    Its NOT recommendable as company is facing crunch situation in the market, hence job security is currently, not much.

    They also postponed 2007 batch joining till Feb – Mar ’08 (No confirmed date given yet, so they may postpone further), after giving CONFIRMED joining to BOTH oncampus and offcampus recruits from 10th Sep to 12th Nov.

    One can check “Aricent 2007″ community for the verification of facts!!

  16. Aricent Recruit 2007 Batch says:

    I mean the Orkut community by the name of “Aricent 2007″

    Besides, I can not afford to reveal my identity for obvious reasons… (I hope the moderators understand my situation)

  17. Revitalax says:

    Deloitte 4.1 at SGSITS Indore

  18. gaurav says:

    hello everone…i wanted to know the exact package offered in TCS for 2008 freshers…actually we have been said 3.15 lacs but heard from other colleges that they were offered 3.65 lacs…what is the true story hiding all behind…

  19. Kumar says:

    can you please tell me how is career growth in caritor which is keane now.
    How is the salary hike

  20. kumar says:

    my Email id is
    I want to know about the career growth in caritor which is keane now..

  21. neeraj says:

    hi everyone
    can neone posts the package of TATA MOTORS
    both whats its CTC n whats the take home salary?

  22. natarajan says:

    i am work in core comany in lost 4 years but atpresent i will be study for sap mm or oracle scm,which is the best courses.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hello everone…i wanted to know the exact package offered in TCS for 2008 freshers…actually we have been said 3.15 lacs but heard from other colleges that they were offered 3.65 lacs…what is the true story hiding all behind…
    my id s

  24. devashis says:

    satyam is giving 2.53 2 private engg coll,3.1 to gov coll,3.25 to nit, i flex is 2.2 pa

  25. ravi says:

    satyam’s salary is 3.05 lpa not 2.25 as mentioned

  26. subhamita says:

    satyam 2007 salary–2.53-3.53….3 packages availavle 2.53,3.03,3.53

  27. arvind says:

    what about hexaware’s new salary..
    update it man

  28. death says:

    variable pay package is shit….

  29. rajan says:

    can any plz tell me the package of thoro good and how to prepare for its campus.

  30. Karthik says:

    2007 – Vellore Institute of Technology

    TCS = 2.7 (PG) 2.4 (UG)
    CTS = 2.4
    Infosys = 2.7
    Wipro = 2.4
    Patni = 2.2
    Satyam = 3.53
    Oracle = 5.8
    Honeywell = 3.67
    Cybernet = 1.6
    Hexaware = 2.2
    Carritor = 2.0
    and I dont rem other companies


    most of the companies in the above list are paying more than 3 lakhs

    In addition

    Microsoft = 9.12
    Integra = 6
    Informatica = 5.5
    Oracle – 6
    GE = Dont rem , but good
    Computer Associates = > 5
    Honeywell = around 4

    I forget the entire list , but its a good package for 2008 . average is 4

  31. saransh says:

    L&T infotech new salary is 2.2 lakh

  32. sharath says:

    hi everybody…..

    wat is the pay for celstream this year? any idea how the company is for working??

  33. murali says:

    after finishing the final long does it take to join l&t infotech.i have been placed in l&t infotech in my final year it finishes at june.
    please mail me.

  34. sikriwal says:

    PWC is now paying 4.5 Lacs INR to Freshers along with a bonus of 20%. That amounts to a CTC of 5.4 Lacs INR p.a.

  35. plz send mail for placements of 2008 batch(

  36. glenda says:

    i’ve got placed in l&T.. will u tell me wts d package during training n after traing period..?? n where they put 4 trainig also.??. n i’m currently doing my final yr.. my course will get over by may 2008.. wen i’ve to join after dat…??mail me @

  37. prakash says:

    never join caritor/keane they stopped the promotion for all the employee quarter when all other player in industry are ofering much higher package company is doing horrible and no growth

  38. prakash says:

    I mean Caritor/Kean didnt give promotion this quarter to any employee and there is major problem going around for this

  39. subir says:

    Patni is offering 2.69(CTC)for B.Tech,2007 batch

  40. ASHISH KATYAL says:

    What is hike in TCS after one year . .for 2006 batch btech computer science

  41. ashok says:

    Also plz keep infm regarding the IIIT’s also

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hi, No one should join Deloitte tax as the pay package is bad and also the working hours are 12-15hours per day – I am speaking of tax only

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hi, No one should join Deloitte tax as the pay package is bad and also the working hours are 12-15hours per day – I am speaking of tax only

  44. Venkatesh says:

    MphasiS an EDS company package for freshers is 3 lakhs per annum from 2007

  45. Varun says:

    Mphasis is a very good Company to be with

  46. sanam says:

    hi…plzzz let me know the salary of TeraData in bangalore for freshers…..

  47. Deepak Ingwale says:

    Hi everybody

    I have offer from Both CTS and TCS.

    CTS my package is 2.5 + Rs.20000/- Incentive

    TCS not declared yet.


  48. abhay says:

    I have been placed in Satyam and the pay package was not revealed.. the Hr said that the previous year pay package was 3.4 and is going to be revised… by how much was not sure… Is it that the current pay package may decrese? What is the current trend for the frshers?
    please help me on this my mail id is I m from B.I.T Mesra, doing M.C.A.

  49. Ranjini says: in my final year B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology.As i amin a deemed university ther is not much of placement oppurtunities here.Could you please tell me about the offcampus drive for 2008 batcf for all the companies..esp big ones which are evidently the only ones to accept biotech students…pl help me desperate about a job..looking forward!!!thank u!!!

  50. Ranjini says:

    pl help me out!!!

  51. rohit jindal says:


    well guys i hav a offer letter of Torry Harris
    They are offering 3.0 lac annually


  52. rathnakar says:

    hi guys..what abt L & T Infotech..i hve placed in that as well as Infosys which to prefer both are offering same package 2.2 here.

  53. pradep kumar says:


    Career Objective:

    Seeking a challenging position in an organization, that offers professional growth and provides a platform for exposing my skills and abilities.

    • Self confidence
    • Adaptable to any kind of environment
    • Positive attitude and enthusiasm in team work
    • Willingness to learn

    Academic details: details:

    Qualification Institution University / Board Year Of Passing Aggregate Percentage

    B.TECH(E.I.E) Narayana Engineering. College, Nellore J.N.T.U,
    Hyderabad, AP 2008

    Intermediate Prestige Junior. College, Nellore Board of Intermediate Education, AP 2004 85.6
    SSC /
    10th class Saint Paul’s E.M. School, Kovur Board of Secondary Education, AP 2002 73.4



    Core Subjects : Transducers in Instrumentation and Process Control Instrumentation


    1. Won second prize in Cricket Tournament
    2. Volunteer in college annual day function

    Personal details:

    Full Name : Pradeep Kumar Reddy Pellakuru

    Date of Birth : 31-05-1987

    Sex : Male

    Father’s Name : Bhaskar Reddy Pellakuru

    Mother’s name : Kameswaramma Pellakuru

    Marital Status : Single

    Nationality : Indian

    Languages Known : Telugu and English


    1. Playing Cricket
    2. Watching Movies
    3. Listening to Music

    Permanent Address :
    P. Pradeep Kumar Reddy
    S/o.P. Bhaskar Reddy,
    Santhi Nagar-2,
    Andhra Pradesh,
    Declaration :

    I here by declare that all the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



  54. Allwyn says:

    hi guys..what abt L & T Infotech..i hve placed in that … wats the salary package there for 2008 freshers

  55. vinni says:

    i have capgemini as fresher it gives between 2.5 to 2.8 during training and then increase to 3.4

  56. Ankur says:

    SASKEN offered a CTC of 5.1 lakh per annum in IT-BHU where take home is 39,000 per annum

  57. Ankur says:

    also i cant find Net App. in your list

    it is offering 11.4 lakh per annum

  58. Ankur says:

    SASKEN offered a CTC of 5.1 lakh per annum in IT-BHU where take home is 39,000 per month

  59. priyanka says:

    can anybody suggest me which compnay is better???? amongst tcs and infosys?????????????
    i got joining in both… but m unable to decide…

  60. nusin says:

    Infosys and TCS are equally good/bad. TCS is a bigger company registering bigger profits than Infosys. Infosys on the other hand spends more on marketing and branding and hence is more popular. Workwise both are same. Difficult to find good work in both. To make money you need to go onsite in both the companies.

  61. Kavita says:


    My cousin has completed his enginneering and has got fresher jobs in Capegemini and Convergys. He is not able to decide to join which company. I would appreciate if anyone is working in these companies can give us some suggestions. Please send your suggestions to Thanks

  62. chaitanya says:

    hi friends i can’t find cisco in ur list they r giving 7.1 lac 4 ug and 9 lac 4 p.g in my coll(o.u.c.e), can i knw about the salary of computer assosciates for 2008 freshers

  63. sweety says:

    cisco pay is not 4 it is 8.97 laks per annum…as far as i know…

  64. thewarrior says:

    patni pay is 3 lpa

  65. Gaurav Aggarwal, D-124, Campus, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra says:

    Sir, I am in M.Tech. Computer Sotware in Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in III semester and want to 6 months training from Ist week of January 2008. Kindly allow me the same.
    My biodata is given below. I will be highly thankful to you.
    Yours faithfully
    Gaurav aggarwal


    D-124, University campus,
    Kurukshetra University,
    Kurukshetra-136119 (Haryana)
    Phone: 01744-238933
    Mob.: 098961-56719


    To become an integral part of an esteemed organization which gives me an opportunity to learn besides contributing towards its growth.


    M Tech Computer science

    B. Tech – Instrumentation

    Department of Computer Science and Applications
    Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
    1st Year 70.4%

    University Science and Instrumentation Center
    Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
    Total aggregate : 61.3%

    XII (C.B.S.E)
    2002 U.S.S. Model School, Kurukshetra University,
    Kurukshetra, 65.4%

    X (C.B.S.E.)
    2000 U.S.S. Model School, Kurukshetra University,
    Kurukshetra, 69%


    Programming Languages
    C,C++,8051, 8085

    Operating System
    Window 98, XP

    Strong Subjects

    Control system , Transducers

    Power Generation
    (July 2004 – Aug 2004)

    (July 2005 to Aug 2005)
    Took Four weeks training in H.P.G.C.L. FARIDABAD
    & make project report on Power Generation by
    Using Coal & Water
    Deptt allotted : Control and Instrumentation (C&I)
    Electrical Maintenance Department-II (E.M.D-II)
    Calibration and maintenance
    Grade Awarded : Very Good

    Successfully completed six weeks training at
    MARS Electronics, Ambala Cantt. in Manufacturing
    Engineering Kits

    Minor Project
    Major Project


    • Attended RAPCIE-06 (National Level Conference on Resent Advancement in Process Control) at Kurukshetra university Kurukshetra.
    • Got 1st prize in project making ‘LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT’ in event called SAMAR ‘06’ organized by institute of instrumentation engineering with IEEE.
    • Participated in poster making on the topic called ‘BIOMETRICS’.
    • Got a one year certificate course in ‘GERMAN’ language from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and appearing for diploma course in the same.


    • Languages: Hindi and English
    • Hobbies : Sketching, Music and traveling


    • Good aptitude
    • Compatible to changes
    • Understanding new things quickly
    • Sincerity

    Father’s Name : Sh. P.D. GUPTA
    Sex : Male
    Marital Status : Single
    Nationality : Indian
    Date of Birth : 02-10-1984

    Place : Kurukshetra (GAURAV AGGARWAL)

    Date :______________

  66. Arun says:

    Hai Friends

    Am arun , doing my final year BBM in Coimbatore , by seeing your posts i was very eager , i attented 5 to 10 Corprate companies in off campus , ibut they rejection is on basis of communication , can u tell me guys and gals , hw to prepare for this.. plz

  67. ragini gupta says:

    sir i want to know that after getting experience of 2 yr in s/w field ,how much can i expect from any company ,and if i got the job in syntel then will it be better to go for job or to go for mtech as i have cleared gate also

  68. nsujoy says:

    it is better to go for job, rather than M.Tech, there is not much value in M.Tech CS unless done from IIT B or some top college,
    salary after 2 years depends on the skill you are working could be from 4 to 6 (if you join Syntel and then jump/stay there)

  69. amit says:

    hey cd u pls send me d placmnt paper fr ZS assocites..its urgent

  70. birendra says:

    i m 6th sem student of GIET,gunupur…….
    plz send me placement paper of INFOSYS and TCS……..

  71. birendra says:

    i m 6th sem student of GIET,gunupur…….
    plz send me placement paper of INFOSYS and TCS……..
    my Eid is”

  72. nityanand says:

    can you give me salary details of Nxp (Philips) salary

  73. Anonymous says:

    The Dloitte is now offering Rs.2.1p.a for a MBA fresher. The above mentioned figure of 3lakhs is wrong.

  74. Manoj Kumar Gupta says:

    Manoj Kumar Gupta
    Mobile: 09820430850, office- 022-30400940
    Current Address : Building no.1, Flat-G-2, Bhramand Phase-5, Dharmachapada
    Thane, Maharastra.

    Objective To learn new technologies, gaining experience and perform well for the development of an organization with discipline, be integral and in honesty.

    Degree Institution/university Year %
    • B.E (Hons.) in computing Staffordshire University(U.K.) 2006 62%
    • Intermediate (U.P. Board) M.B.I. College, Varanasi 2001 56%
    • Matriculation (U.P. Board) U.P. College, Varanasi 1999 64%


     Fields: Web Designing, Multimedia, Programming
     Languages: C, C#, Java, ASP, JSP, HTML, PHP, VB, WAP
     Databases: SQL Server, MS-Access, My-SQL, ORACLE
     Operating Systems: Windows
     Multimedia software: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Photoshop

    Employment Summary:
    CURRENT CTC: 1.5 lakh
    EXPECTED CTC: 2.25 lakh

    Galpha Labs, Mumbai, working as Web Developer.
    (Jan 2007 to till date)

    Project underway:

    Role Coding, Testing,
    Technology ASP, JAVA Script, Sql server
    Company Galpha Labs
    Role Coding, Testing,
    Technology HTML, ASP, Sql server
    Company Galpha Labs
    Role Designer, Developer
    Technology HTML, ASP, JAVA Script, Sql server
    Company Alkem Laboratories


    • Some good projects is been developed during academic session
    • Registered a software firm named Softech Enterprises in order to gain experience by developing real world solutions to the clients
    • Regional level in Drawing and Painting and won many prizes.
    • Coordinated International Conference in APIIT SD INDIA in year 2005

    Multimedia: A Multimedia Project For UTTAR PRADESH TOURISM
    This is an animated system on tourism places of UTTAR PRADESH.
    Technologies used: Macromedia director, MS Paint, Photoshop.

    APIIT SD INDIA website
    A website is developed for APIIT SD INDIA.
    Technologies used: ASP, JAVA Script, HTML
    Database: MS Access

    Softech Enterprises: Website for Hawk Enterprise
    A website was developed for Hawk Enterprise (Panipat), a consultancy company. This was a static website developed to promote the services of Hawk enterprise. The website was very attractive and Macromedia Flash was used to design it.
    Technologies used: HTML, Flash, VB Script

    Softech Enterprises: Inventory Management System
    This application was developed for Super Choice Ltd (New Delhi), a manufacturer of buttons from sea shell. The software helped in keeping track of their inventory and also recorded their daily sales.
    Programming language: Visual Basic
    Database: MS Access

    Final year project: Internet Banking System
    This system will be helping all the bank customers. In this system customers can go for online transactions, online cheques orders, can mail to bank manager and viewing balance in the account.
    Technologies used: JAVA, JSP, html,
    Database: My-Sql

    Personal Details Date of Birth : 27Th February 1984
    Father Name : Mr. Jaipal Prasad.
    Marital Status : Unmarried.
    Gender : Male.
    Language known: Hindi, English

  75. Anonymous says:

    Can u give me the package offered by infosys to 2008 BE graduates

  76. Anonymous says:

    Can u give me the package offered by infosys to 2008 BE graduates ?????

  77. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    Can u tell me the package offered by infosys to 2008 batch ???

  78. arpita says:

    Respected sir,
    I m a student of 6th sem,computer science branch.Now I m studying in orissa.i have 65.2% in 12th,76% in c.g.p.a is 7.94 upto 4th semester.i have 2years gap after my +2.i was preparing 4 entrance examination.sir,I m elligble or not for infosys campus recruitment.please,reply me very e_mail id is
    Thank u.

  79. nsujoy says:

    Infosys recruitment depends on Date of birth as far as i know, so if your date of birth does not make you older than 25/26 years you should have a chance, but check with some one else too.

    • AishVarya says:

      “Infosys selection is based on DOB”—Thats discrimination….No wonder Indian companies SUCK— BIG TIME….
      some of the Stupid things INDIAN companies ask for

      current CTC—- asking someones salary is totally unacceptable..Do we ask the female HR’s AGE during the interview?
      DOB—Is one’s talent inversely proportional to DOB.WTF
      10th std, 12th std—-WTF is this>>Do you need LKG, UKG and playschool too? Is graduation or PG not enuf

  80. mukesh says:

    can u tell me honeywell freshers salary

  81. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    Hi Arpit,

    You are eligible for the infosys campus recruitment, so there is nothing to worry. If you are not able to get chance in campus recruitment. You can apply directly also once you complete your B.Tech. But you will get only one chance in 9 month. So prepare well for the written bcoz interview is not a problem.

  82. Arpit Garg says:

    Sasken offered 5k this year in IITG. You can update that

    • navneet says:

      hello arpit

      can u tell me more about the working environment of sasken or giv me contact of any of your friend in sasken

      i am selected in sasken at 3.15lpa

      i want to know the take home salary too

  83. Arpit Garg says:

    Patni (PCS) offered 3.5k this year in IITG

  84. Arpit Garg says:

    oracle offered 8-10.5k this year in IITG. your figure is much lower

  85. nandana.b.g says:

    hello sir,
    iam nandana form bangalore doing b.e final year in computer science AND HAVE AGGREGATE OF 60.5%.I dont have too many placement facilities in our college.Most of the talented students are not getting oppurtunities.plzzz kindly help us by giving all the information about off campus oppurtunities,i have completed CCNA and .NET trainings also.kindly help us .this is request to all the companies.

  86. nandana.b.g says:

    I have aggregate of 63% in tenth and studied in CBSE school and 63% in 2nd puc.kindlyy help me sir

  87. Amrita University says:

    All the facts and figures you show here are very less when compared to those offered in Amrita
    In amrita tcs offers 3.3
    infi 3.6
    aricent 5+ and there are many more changes

    I believe that companies divide institutes into 3 levels
    level 1 -> iits
    level 2 -> nits and some top universities like BIT,Amrita,VIT etc
    level 3 -> normal

    And the salary varies between these levels

  88. Dhinesh says:

    Hai, i am a VIT alumini. Last year TCS itself took 700 students from VIT.
    I don’t know y!! But it occurs to me that VIT to now paying attention to the quality of the placements. They only take care of the quantity of the placements.
    I think the quality of the placements now happening in VIT is really poor when compared to other institutes in tamil nadu like PSG & Amrita

  89. NITIN ARYA says:


    .i av got selected in l&t infotech too.

    my degree will get completed in 2009

    but i m havin some doubts regarding this . I’ll be very thankful to u if u help in this matter.

    actually i m from electronics & communication branch n av these doubts.

    1. Is the training for CS-IT & non CS-IT is same or different?

    2. which r d languages i need to hav command on?(as being from EC i know some about only c/c++)

    3. is there any bond?

    4. is the training rigorous?

    thanx in advance

    reply me at

    Nitin Arya

  90. bijaya says:

    what is salary package of hcl infosystem for freshers

  91. jayesh says:

    i hav been recruited (campus placement) in IDBI INTECH BANK wat is the package thr… they havnt declared us till now

  92. VIVEK says:

    i am frm iit kgp,doing masters

    this is statastics in my campus

    UG:5.8lpa gross
    PG:6.4lpa gross

    B. TECH. RS. 710533 – 793677 [ CTC ]
    M. TECH. RS. 897822 – 1024830 [ CTC ]
    GROSS B.TECH. RS 588650
    GROSS M.TECH. RS 787500


    CTC : B.TECH. RS. 581, 558 P.A.
    M.TECH. RS. 689,404 P.A.







    M.TECH. – CTC RS.800,000 / GROSS BASE : RS.480000

    I am not sure abt resyt,if anywody wants to know paypackages of any comp,plz let m know ,i will post u again


    • joyee says:

      THANKS a lot !!! can u plz tell me whether there is any chance for mtech guys to get google,microsoft job offers from iitkgp…plz ..

  93. srinivas says:

    hi all, i got an offer from campus in Infosys for joining in 2008..

    Now I hv got a letter today stating my job has been deferred till October 2008..I m absolutely clueless what to do.. the job market also doesnt seem to be too good for applying for another job.

    any suggestions would be of great help..

  94. Php Designer 2007 Professional 5.3…

    What is average salary for fresh software engineers? Well depends on your college/degree salaries ca……

  95. b-employee says:

    bentley – not very known name, pays in India as they like …

  96. Rajmozig says:

    Mphasis offers

    2.5 lak (off campus)

    3.1 to 3.3 lak per annum(depending upon ur college)

  97. PAVITHRA says:

    i’ve finished my third year b.e in e.c.e from jeppiar maamallan institute in chennai.. the first company comin to our coll for placements is wipro followed by hcl and later tcs and cts.. i’ve an aggregate of 82%.. could u pls let me know the salaries in these companies and kindly suggest which of these is the better option

  98. akhil says:

    wat will be d pay fr freher placed fr wipro dis year 2008

  99. Madhur gupta says:

    yaar…. L&T infotech is really a nice company.
    to fresher it gives 2.2 Lacs then after 1 year training it gives 2.97 lacs.
    but money is not all the things… it gives really a good work…
    its training is really great and have a good market value

  100. PAVITHRA says:

    hey guys!!! i got placed in wipro.. thanks for all the info

  101. Anjali says:

    Any idea how much have core engineering companies offered at campus for 2009 batch: Mahindra, L&T, Maruti, John Deere, Cummins, Crompton Greaves, Tata Motors

  102. ritika razdan says:

    could u tell me regarding pay package for 2009 batch who got placed in i-flex solutions,now oracle financial solutions limited.??

  103. amarjeet says:

    wat about the salaries in siemens & NXP this year????

  104. sreya says:

    Infy 2008 batch salary for B.E freshers is 3.25 lakhs p.a and for M.E is 3.75 lakhs p.a.

  105. ravi says:

    Hey can anyone tell me the latest salary in cap gemini for freshers

  106. jigar patni says:

    Curriculum vitae

    Carrier objectives:

    Looking forward for a challenging position to cover wide range of responsibilities in the field of engineering and technician where in my knowledge & skills are enhanced and appreciation and can be utilize in prospective development of organization.

    Personal Details:

    2. ADDRESS : A/62 Rajdeep Soc;
    Opp. Polo Ground,
    Near, Baroda High School;
    Bagikhana, Vadodara-390001

    3. Date of Birth : 22-11-1982
    4. Marital Status : Unmarried
    5. E-mail ID :
    6. Languages Known : Gujarati, Hindi, English, and Marathi.

    7. Educational Qualifications
    Ø Passed S.S.C. in year of 1998 with 68% with First class in School of Shreyas Vidhyalaya, Vadodara.

    Ø Passed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the year of 2003 with 59.50% with second class in MOTICHAND BHARTESH POLYTECHNIC, BELGAUM, under Department of Technical Education Banglore.

    Ø I have gained enough knowledge in computer designing software like Auto Cad & also have basic computer knowledge.

    8. Experience
    I have got following experience:
    1. I have got 2 years of experience in sabar industries, Makarpura, G.I.D.C. as a skilled technician.
    2. I am experienced in Intervest Boiler, Sardar Estate Vadodara.

    Needless to mention that should K be given an opportunity to serve in your organization, I shall carry out the duties Entrusted to me the entire satisfaction, the Management.

    I hereby certify the information given above correct to the best of my knowledge.

  107. Prashant says:

    Totally outdated figures
    BITSians are getting much more than stated for most of the companies!

  108. CISCO_YES says:

    CISCO is as good as a GOVT JOB.Pays very less in India.Not as good as Microsoft or google or NETAPS

  109. Atul says:

    Mphasis is one of the best companies to work for and is at the 9th position in software and at 4th in BPO. Its among the best to companies to start with for freshers. It does certain delay but gives confirmed joining asap not like Sapient and Wipro to cancel the employments and it has no history of firing its ppl. So go for it!

  110. Pl Sql Developer 7.1…

    What is average salary for fresh software engineers? Well depends on your college/degree salaries can vary from private colleges to NITs/BITs/IITs with the highest range being for IITs offcourse!!. Do IITians work better than other guys? Well in some…..

  111. krithika says:

    Can u tel me the starting salary for an MCA graduate(2009) at Virtusa

  112. anonymous says:

    Hi guys, take care if you are looking at your career with company Torry Harris. Think many times before you consider your offer.

  113. janga arunkkumar tejeswi says:


    my degree will get completed in 2009

    but i m havin some doubts regarding this . I’ll be very thankful to u if u help in this matter.

    actually i m from electronics & communication branch n av these doubts.

    1. Is the training for CS-IT & non CS-IT is same or different?

    2. which r d languages i need to hav command on?(as being from EC i know some about only c/c++)

    3. is there any bond?

    4. is the training rigorous?

    thanx in advance

  114. nsujoy says:

    which company are you asking about?

  115. commando says:

    i am a student of dhirubhai ambani institute of information & communication technology gandhinagar,gujrat B TECH. I WANT TO ASK VIVEK WHAT IS PACKAGE OFFERED BY MICROSOFTIN YOURS IIT

  116. rahul says:

    actually i am doing int Msc in chemistry at iiser,am i will be able to get a satisfactory job after just completing my msc. if yes then what will be my starting salary p.a???????reply me

  117. Ramya says:

    can u pls let me know the salary offered for freshher(B.E) in patni…?

  118. Niraj Kumar says:

    Anybody have any information about the joining date for 2008 batch fresher in torry harris……..plz reply if any bidy have any ibformation my email id is

  119. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know the starting salary for a fresher in satyam..?Let me know at

  120. Bhuvana says:

    I am holding offer from Torry Harris (2008 passed out). Does anyone got information about joining date.please mail me to

  121. Anonymous says:

    can you plz tell me the pay of (HCL,synfosys,Navyugainfotech,Dtlindia,Applabs…)
    for freshers(B.E)

  122. Destroyed by Mphasis says:

    Never ever think of joining Mphasis an EDS company.
    Its the worst organisation I have seen. I am working here nd I know it …
    Wo log tumhare aise G***D marenge ki samajh main nahin aayega …

  123. Anonymous says:

    I am holding offer from Torry Harris (2008 passed out). Does anyone got information about joining date

  124. Anonymous says:

    does any one who got placed in wipro from 2008 batch get the date of joining.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Texas Instruments India is no more a Great Place to Work and just fall in Good Place to Work. They dont pay severence during layoff and any employer is evaluated how it takes care of employee at bad times. I suggest you to look for other options in market before joining TI. Even existing Texas Instruments India employees should look for options if they smell like layoff, otherwise you may find yourself kicked off without severance without any reason.

  126. srint says:

    hi!! to all. i got placed in iflex- june 2008. ill be finishing my BE in may 2009. i have got my offer letter but iam yet to receive my call letter. so please do let me know when would they send the call letters in general….

  127. ADITYA says:

    U guys miss something…IIIT H which is the leading research institute in India and have collaboration with the leading IT companies.Placement of IIIT-H is highest in india (6.5 LPA) which is far better than iit’s inspite of the fact that IIIT-H is not allowing finance and Banking companies otherwise Average might be in double digit .
    IT Companies like TCS,Infosys,Satyam,Accenture etc. are not allowed by Placement cell as students are over qualified for that.
    Maximum number of recruiter by Best IT company google is from IIIT-H. Which is equals to the total number of IIT-M + IIT D + IIT M google recruiters.
    This is something that counts .

  128. Bharath says:

    Well….IIIT-H being averaged at 6.5 LPA might be true, but if you consider only the CSE/IT placements across the IITs, then one can easily observe that average for these groups would be lingering in the high sevens( 7.xx being the average salary)…thus making it better than IIIT’s placements. So Aditya, I think you just can’t compare IIIT H and other IIT’s ( IIIT-H would lose out anyway….i am sorry).

  129. Muthu says:

    I got a opportunity in samsung chennai plant… I am a BE ECE 2008 pass out… I want to know the salary range in samsung electronics..

  130. Gregarious says:

    Guys, any idea how much L&T pays to Business Analyst
    Please reply..

  131. IT Academy says:

    منحة لتعليم
    احصل على الامتحان الدولي
    رقم 640-802 مجاناً و 7 شهادات دولية
    و IT Essentials
    مع التدريب العملي على أجهزة سيسكو الأصلية
    مدربين معتمدين من سيسكو
    فقط 1500 جنيه
    العنوان : 383 ش الملك فيصل بجوار كلية التربيه الرياضية – الجيزة

    With Our Course in CCNA
    only 1500 LE.

  132. Anonymous says:

    hey im placed in aricent..n come to knw abt salary hikes ..
    is dere so plz let me knw

  133. kiran says:

    hi friends am kiran am mca 2009 passed out
    what is sap ?
    what is the future of sap ?
    how much salary for freshers in sap? and experiences people ?
    is sap best carrer to our future ?
    can we learn sap by our own in our home ?
    best websites to download free software and study material from basics ?

    please kindly provide the details of the course details and everything becuase am new to sap

    please send ur valuable suggestions to

  134. Anonymous says:

    Hi, anyone knows about the joining date of frehers(2006-2010 batch) recruited by aricent,..plz leave a reply

  135. Ritu says:

    my qualification is B.TECH (COMPUTERS)2008 pass out.
    i am ccna certified,could u tell me that what would be the package for freshers in aricent for networking profile.

    Please let me know what are the different profiles for ccna in aricent.

    Ritu Sangwan

  136. Bawa says:

    Hey Guys..these are all bloody shit reports.Reality lies somewhwere else.I did my B.Tech from Kalidas Institute of engineering in 2002 and got placed in ChampaDevi Hosieries and got an astonishing package of Rs.1580000!This is all because my bad % and interests in south indian movies.Any one in genuine need of my guidance can contact me or visit my website.
    Recite this guru-mantra atleast 1k times daily for better placements:”Bawa ki jai ho.”

  137. nsujoy says:

    Best comment i have seen in ages.

  138. Abhilash says:

    Does anyone know when these off campus recruitment for good companies will start…..? Please inform me wen you have any info regarding this….I am a 2010 passout

  139. Anonymous says:

    hi Guys i have two offers one from a Government sector which is NFL(National fertilizer limited-mini ratna)
    and other from Aricent ..PLz suggest me for which one i should go

  140. nsujoy says:

    This apple to orange comparison? Aricent and NFL would be completely different job profiles and industry as well, what is your interest in life, decide based on what are your long term interests.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Please suggest me which company to choose amongst TCS, Infosys and Mahindra Satyam. I have been selected in all of these and find it difficult to decide.

  142. Anonymous says:

    I am holding offer from Torry Harris (2008 passed out). Does anyone have any information about joining date

  143. krishna says:

    how can we know abt employee information who is working in l&t company. plss tell

  144. vikas says:

    apply for area manager

  145. Harsha says:

    Plz any body tell me da package provided by honeywell for freshers through campuses

  146. shafi says:

    I want to know about the syallabus of infy and moreover is it good to be in infy??

  147. phani says:

    Wats the salary offered by honeywell for 2010 passed outs

  148. srikant says:

    hi,myself srikant from nist,berhampur, orissa 2011 pass out btech(ece).i get selected in capgemini(3.15 CTC) & tech mahindra(3.07 LPA).which will be better to join.
    which is better based on salary & work flexibility.pls suggest me.

  149. chinu says:

    hello,i am chinmay 2011 passout in etc from silicon institute of technology,bbsr got selected through infosys & hcl tech,both paying the same package.
    would anyone suggest me, whioch will give better career opportunity & growth.

  150. megha jain says:

    hi guys..what abt L & T Infotech..i hve placed in that … wats the salary package there for 2011 freshers

    Reply as soon as possible

  151. rao says:

    I attended HTS (Honeywell Technology Solutions) interview last friday (i.e 25-02-2011). I had cleared Written test, technical and managerial round. That day they said next day they will call for HR round. But still i didnt receive any call from. Can you please any one tell me the process of honeywell and can i have hope for HR call.

  152. raju says:

    why nt 2 join hexaware????
    p;z ewply

  153. raj kumar says:

    hii every one cold any one say which is better among civil and chemical engg. now a days in IIT ?????

  154. Anonymous says:

    Raj-first study to go thru IITs and crack it then i would definately suggest you wats better in terms of branch.

  155. Anonymous says:

    hi i m 2010 passed offer Letter from Birlasoft in April 2011….did anyone get joining date? plz provide some info regarding this Doj

  156. Anonymous says:

    can i know more about the salary packages of TCS and INFOSYS

    • Sudipto Roy says:

      Salary package is the same for both the MNCs. It’s 3.25 LPA (2012 joining). However, both the companies are good in different aspects.

      1. TCS gives the post of ‘Assistant System Engineer’ to freshers, whereas, Infy gives the post of ‘System Engineer’ to its freshers.

      2. During recessions, TCS is always least affected than any other Indian MNCs, because it was a good hold on the market, throughout the globe.

      3. Infy is a fantastic learning experience.
      The training of 3 months at Mysore is just awsm, so is the Mysore campus of Infy. It is called the best corporate training institute throughout the world. The campus is equipped with everything, including multiplex, shopping mart, swimming pool, cricket ground, etc. and provides the freshers with all the needs, more than is actually needed. Being in the Mysore campus of Infy is like a ‘dream-come-true’.
      However, they conduct three tests. If a candidate is unable to pass, then, he/she is given another chance. Still failed, then thrown out straightway.

  157. Anonymous says:

    I am holding offer from L&T Infotech . Does anyone got information about joining date.please mail me to

  158. Ashvini says:

    I am holding offer from L&T Infotech (2011 passed out). Does anyone got information about joining date.please mail me to

  159. Anonymous says:

    i got placed in cognizant with 3.01lpa .i wanted to know what will be my salary after 2-3 years of joining much increment one expect

  160. B.B mohapatra says:

    i want to know tha freasher salary for tech mahindra having mca degree

  161. B.B mohapatra says:

    how can we know abt employee information who is working in tech mahindra company for 1 year & 4 months having mca degree. plss tell

  162. ashrules24 says:

    I found this blog helpful. So can you please help me with all the companies I am applicable to with 60% as aggregate. I will be a 2012 pass out student.
    Please even lemme know the details too.
    Thank You.

  163. gan says:

    i am final year B.e student selected in L & t infotech.
    As l & t is going to sell it,s subcompany L&t infotech to fujitsu, so what will be the effect on new recruitement. Will we get joining?

  164. Shadab says:

    No i m bst

  165. Ashwini sm says:

    I am working as Tester and have 2.5 ecperience. currently i am getting 3.75 PA. I will be completing 2.5 years in FEB. How much salary hike i can accept ?……Is it depends on market standard also?….

  166. sonu says:

    can anyone tell me what is the salary for keane india..?????/

  167. Anonymous says:

    Package for KEANE India offered for 2012 freshers is 2.7L

  168. murthy says:

    hello can anyone please tell me the package for ims-freshers in satyam for the year 2012

  169. says:

    Hey thanks I have been looking for lots more data regarding the topic written about here. again thanks.

  170. himanshu says:

    hey everyone, I am final year BE(ECE) student.Recently i got placed in ARICENT group which is offering 3.5lpa.
    I wanted to know what is the reputation of this company and what is the salary structure….can anyone help…??

  171. Anonymous says:

    hey what is the fresher package at value labs……..??

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